MRS. CHIKA, MY FAVOURITE TEACHER (The Fvck Tales Of My Life….18+) Part 24


I watched in fascination and softly played with
my dick. I was already so excited I knew I could
probably cum with a few strokes, but I wanted
to save my cum for one of the women I was
currently watching.
Amina kept licking at Chika’s pussy long after
Chika finished cumming. She finally lifted her
face and looked over to me. I could see Chika’s
wetness all over her face as she whispered,
“Come here.”
I quickly moved over to the bed and climbed
between Chika’s spread thighs. Amina grabbed
my hard cock, which caused me to groan, and
she guided me to Chika’s pussy. I immediately
pushed inside Chika and easily sank my entire
length into her as Amina sat up and watched.
Chika moaned again as I started fucking her as
slowly as I could manage. Amina initially just
watched but soon she reached over and began
fondling Chika’s breasts.
After all I had just seen and now as I watched
Amina caressing Chika’s breasts and I could
feel Chika’s incredibly wet pussy around me, I
lost all control. I cried out and drove myself
roughly into Chika a couple more times before
my cum exploded into her. I continued driving
into her a few more times after I started
cumming and then held myself as deeply
inside her as I could as the rest of my cum
filled her and started to ooze out of her pussy
around my dick.
It wasn’t long after I finished cumming that
Chika rolled herself over causing my dick to
slip out of her. Chika pushed Amina down on
her back and immediately dropped her mouth
to Amina’s pussy. Amina moaned and
whispered encouragement to Chika who began
to wildly suck and lick at Amina’s pussy.
Amina wrapped her long, lean legs around
Chika’s shoulders and let her arms drop to the
bed at her side.
I sat next to them on the bed and let my hands
roam across Chika’s back and Amina’s
stomach and breasts as Chika continued her
wild sucking of Amina. The women were so
completely engrossed in each other that they
seemed to take no notice of me. I didn’t mind
at all as I was going wild with lust at watching
Chika so lustfully suck Amina and I loved just
letting my hands explore their bodies.
“Ohhh, yes!” Amina cried out as her body
tightened and her orgasm started. She closed
her eyes tightly and moaned over and over as
her body shook under the power of the orgasm
brought on by Chika’s mouth. Chika licked and
sucked at Amina throughout her orgasm and
for a short time afterward.
Chika then moved up to Amina’s face and
brought her lips down onto Amina’s as they
again exchanged a deep kiss. Chika pulled
away from Amina and embraced me in a deep
kiss. Chika went back and forth kissing Amina
and I for many more minutes.
After a while the three of us all lay together on
the bed with Chika in the middle. We talked
softly about nothing in particular and Chika
alternated caressing I and Amina. This
continued for a long while as I basked in the
fact that I was laying naked in bed with two
sexy older women.
Chika’s caresses eventually became a little
more urgent and she began spending more
time fondling my dick. She rolled toward me
and began a deep, hungry kiss that clearly
signalled to me that she was ready for more
fucking. She sexily crawled over to Amina
where she briefly licked at Amina’s nipple
before meeting her in a long tongue kiss.
Chika returned to me and began to focus on
stroking and fondling my dick. Her practiced
touch eventually worked my dick hard once
again. She looked over at Amina and said,
“Don’t you just love 18 year old dicks?”
Amina smiled back and said, “I think they
could stay hard all day.”

Chika looked back to me and whispered, “I
want to watch you fuck her.” Her words took
me by surprise and I looked over at Amina.
She smiled wickedly back at me. I looked back
to Chika and she must have sensed my
surprise as she added, “Look Lenny, you can’t
just fuck me for the rest of your life. You need
to experience different women and different
styles to become a great lover.”
She then leaned down to me and we
exchanged a very soft and slow kiss as her
fingers continued to perfectly play over my
hard dick. She leaned very close to my ear and
whispered, “Besides, it would really turn me on
to watch you fuck her.”
I didn’t need any further encouragement after
hearing that and, as Chika sat up and moved
back slightly, I leaned toward Amina and met
her in a wild kiss. We hurried together and
soon my hard dick was pressing against her
lean stomach as our tongues played together.
Amina’s hand replaced Chika’s around my dick
and although her touch was very different from
Chika it was perhaps even more exciting due to
its newness and the fact that I knew Chika was
watching from just a few inches away.
Amina pushed me onto my back and she
moved over the top of me. Chika reached over
and took my dick and held it upright as Amina
started to lower herself toward me. Chika
positioned my dick at the entrance to her
pussy and then removed her hand as I started
to easily slide inside Amina’s wet pussy.
Amina sat upright over me as she started
fucking me. She used her legs to move herself
up and down on me and let her hands hang
down at her sides as she focused on our fuck.
I watched her move over me and let my hands
rub along her thighs and over her stomach as
Amina continued our fuck.
My control was great at this point due to my
earlier fucks and I enjoyed watching Amina
ride me. She fucked me like this for a long
while as Chika sat next to me and softly
rubbed her own breasts. Finally Chika couldn’t
just watch and she reached down to Amina’s
pussy. Amina continued fucking me as Chika’s
fingers started to tease and play with Amina’s
I watched closely as I could see Amina’s
excitement build until she finally came hard
with her pussy spasming wildly around my
dick. Through her orgasm Chika continued to
play with Amina’s clit and once Amina had
finished cumming Chika let her hand slide up
to Amina’s breasts.
Amina didn’t let this continue for long,
however, as she looked directly into Chika’s
eyes and said, “I need to taste you.”


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