MR IRRESISTIBLE…..(18+)…..Part 24


In the process of kissing I stretch my hand
and grab the gun lying on the floor. I
direct the gun to her face, she look frighten
by the gun. no time I finger the gun but
there was no sound, shebi gun dey make
sound when you shoot? she bite her lower
lips and land me heavy punch on my pretty
face. can someone get me mirror, she cut
my both legs from the floor. I landed
with my back and my head hitting the floor.
I groan in pain, she attacked me with
bare hands squeezing life out of my neck.
Sam’s voice stopped her from taking my
life, I cough profusely.
Sam: bro are you okay? *folding his fists*
Me: yo..u blind?
Sister Deborah is the one leading in punches
and one mind is telling me that I should
join them and fight. ofcourse I deleted
and formated the thought, five policemen
joined Sam. to subdue the witch. Call 911
and the death bodies were all taken away.
Years past I didn’t visit Baba or return
the properties of the devil who knows which
witch is lurking around, after learning
how to stop womanising in a hard way,
I work on my addiction with a sex therapist
and a psychologist. Sam. start losing weight
and the pox growing on his body, are you
thinking what am thinking, I invited him
to my office.

Me: do you know you are losing weight and having pox all over your body *he nodded* do you have a will?
Sam: will ke, I no get pikin, or you be my pikin?
Me: you know say I like that your house and eehhh… that your new car, that is all I want from you.
Sam: I no get hiv oohh.. is just infection and chicken pox due to unprotected sex.
Hiv why? Chichi return back from State. I
slept in the Airport to be the first to set
my eyes on my wife. I saw her with a little
boy, I can see the shock and surprise on
her face.
Chichi: am sorry baby *I hugged her again*
Me: you didn’t bother to come visit me in the hospital, for that 7rounds *she giggled like a school girl* nobody f–k me like my woman *I grinned*
Chichi: all you know is sex *she touch the little boy beside her on the shoulder* here is your son.
Me: my boy *I carried him* you look cute like daddy, hope you won’t be like him.
Chichi: ofcourse he won’t belike you.
Just imagine iffa I no use condom I for don
become father Abraham. with 20sons.


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