MR IRRESISTIBLE…..(18+)…..Part 21


I received a call from D.P.O that his boys
have gotten one of them, that he will tell
on the others, I know the guy will not say
anything. I return home to see many officers
chatting and joking in my mansion Jesus
Christ, hope am save with this peoole guarding
my house. that evening I picked up my
bible and car key and head to the church
at my street. The service was woow.. I gave
my life away, and even schedule to have
batptism at new year, a girl at 17years asked
the man sitting by my side to stand up for
her, I was shocked and not ready to spoil
my Christian mind, I left to another chair
when the dancing section start again.

I felt a hand on my laps, I jerk up cause
I have been subconsciously sleeping. Is
the girl again, I picked up my bible and
went outside ignoring what my d–k is telling
my head. I went to lone place to think
about my player life that has given me
so much misery and restlessness. I heard
Kizz Daniel Yeba song from a phone, I
raise my head to see the same girl backing me
shaking her a-s dangerously, Oh… daughter
of Eve, I was staring and my d–k took
control of my psycho. We start kissing
and moving into incomplete Church building,
I get hold of her huge a-s and sq££ze
life out of it, how can 17years old girl
have such big a-s,she m0an. I felt her hand
on my d–k, I groaned. raising her flair
skirt to see pantless p—y, two fingers
in her p—y. my ring emanate gentle
I removed my two fingers without explaining
anything and run, I jumped through
the window land in another street, I
taking left to go home but the ancient ring
light got brighter, I have no choice than
to take right. I ran like a mad
man till I got to a guest house to book for the
night. dialed Sambisa number.
Me: hello… hello… Sam. Sambisa, Samuel
Sam: how many people u dey call na?
Me: they want to kill me *breathing heavily*
Sam: are you in your car? *panicked*
Me: they have surrendered my car already.
Sam: send me address wherever you are, I’ll come with some officers 6am to get you.
Me: guy 6am? I go dey hell fire by that time naa. *he sighed*
Sam: so na me dey good to die for you, stay there 6am. You just interrupted me from cumming.
Line dead.
Sam is not a good friend at all, see the way
em call off the call, I asked the receptionist
the address and sent it to Sam.


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