MR IRRESISTIBLE…..(18+)…..Part 20


I rushed to my wardrobe grabbing my green
trouser and shirt, the ring light get brighter
every minute. I passed through the secret
door to my garden, the light there didn’t
help matter, I mixed with the grass. Waited
patiently for those who are going to ransack
my house. Mosquitoes sing joyfully giving
me nice bite, that is less of my worry. I
waited till the ring light gone off that
is four hours past, I checked my watch
is 3am. I walk to the security post trembling
with fear, noise coming from a room cause
of incessant banging at the door.
Me: Adamu, is that you?
Adamu & Uche: yes, we are locked inside.
Me: so you allow those small boys to lock you inside there?
A & U: *silent*
Me: make yourself comfortable, I will be back tomorrow morning.
A & U: please, sir. Let us out.
I ignored both of them and walk away,
I called my dad and D.P.O to arrange
his boys to secure my house. After eating
and ready to leave for work, I unlock
the door to see Adamu and Uche sleeping
inside the security post toilet. I didn’t
bother to wake both of them. 12noon there
was commotion at the ATM machine cause
it refused to pay some cards. I went to
the queue to talk to them cause those
who the ATM machine refused to pay refused to give way
for others that eschew cursing and fight.
Me: good afternoon all, we are sorry if it isn’t paying you, please. if the machine rejects your card do not try it again to avoid card cease.

I left there making sure security men are
piloting the affairs properly, some people
will not just understand that they are
not destined to withdrawl today, I told
Sambisa about the attack last night he
was surprised and suggested I should leave
the country. I didn’t welcome the idea
of running from my doom, I called Bright
one of the security in the Bank to get me
big Holy Bible, it is time I repent or Karma
will reinforce. the ring emanate light when
I want to leave the Bank, I rub my tempo
this people will kill me before my time.
I entered inside my car acting like I don’t
know if someone is behind me, I called
DPO to send his boys, I drive slowly allowing
them to catch up with me, they drive crazily
pass my car to block my way, I turn into
the street by my side. alerting the police
officers taking cover to attack them.
they pursue my car to the street and police
officers open attack on them. after here
na church oohh… from today henceforth
no more random sex, I give my soul to
Jesus, I pull over and prayed. 31st night
a day to burn old sin, welcoming new year
with new life.


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