MR IRRESISTIBLE…..(18+)…..Part 19


Me: Baba, is there no other option for me to be protected from my enemies.
Baba: there is but. .*but again, I exhaled* you won’t be directly protected it will only warn you against impending danger.
Me: thank you Baba.
Sam: thank you Baba.
did some incantations and hand me an
ancient ring, he warned me not to get the
ring close to water or it will become powerless
I nodded. we left their after I was mandated
to drop some notes for gods that will not
use it to buy something. it 30th of December
it won’t be a bad idea to bed a beautiful
girl, me and Sambisa head to the bar to
chill out. The girl Sambisa talked about walk up to us,
to demand for our ordered, I wasn’t disappointed
the waitress in question is very beautiful
no wonder Sambisa is drooling over her.
Waitress: good evening, sir. You are welcome to local bar, kindly place your order *with angelic voice*
Me: you.
wanted to say something but I step on
his foot, he groaned but I ignored it. The
ancient ring start emanating little light,
I ignored it and continue the conversation.
Waitress; *smiling* but am not in the order list.
Me: is you I want, can I have your time. I will talk to your manager on your behalf.
The light got brighter.
Waitress: *thinking* fine *she sit close to me*

Voice: all of you get down now!
There was gun shot, I find myself under the
table sweating profusely, I heard footsteps
approaching our table but they stop when
one of them notify them of police.
Voice1: government don land oohh…
Voice2: see f–k up!
Voice3: we no go fit carry the guy, make we push, Queen go vex for us *they left*
I didn’t move until I saw some policemen
inside the bar, Sam walk to one of the
officer thanking him, I did the same also,
I left there without looking for the necessarily
evil that would have sent me to the devil
net. my question is who is this queen.
I bath and jump on my bed, I saw myself
in a garden, standing before me is Chichi
looking at what I don’t know, I walk upto
her and touch her on her shoulder. she
turned with teary eyes and her face changed
into a beast and she shouted at me wake up.
I did instantly to see little light emanating
from the ring.
Na woow oohh…
these guys nodey smile oohh…
I for dey sleep if I no go carry this ring.


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