MR IRRESISTIBLE…..(18+)…..Part 14


I asked Uche to tag with Adamu at the gate
after delivery the food to her, I stayed
back waiting patiently for her to be done
with the meal, I went to my bedroom to
arrange cash into an envelope to give to
her after the you know you know. I return to see
her sipping from a glass of juice, you dey
form with food, that one is your wahala.
Me: so sister G *gorilla* are you a virgin?
nearly spill the content in the glass to my
floor, chaaii! I for cry oohh… but I hold
my peace so that god of tiles will fight
on my behalf, she stare at me thoughtfully
before opening her mouth to to to… chill na.
Deborah: brother Victor the bible says in 1 Timothy, likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire.
Wetin comcern this one and the question I just
asked now?
Me: I don’t understand you, can you explain better?
Deborah: it also say in Mathew, but I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in heart.
This is serious oohh. ..if I don’t act my plans
will fail woefully, I start coughing without
control, she left her seat to mine, rubbing
her hand on my laps, my hormones raged,
my d–k grow in size immediately. she stare
at my hard d–k without taking her eyes off from
it without making any move.
Deborah: I have seen a new thing today.

she gave
my hard d–k a light sq££ze, no dulling
I dive her with kiss, my hands working
miracle to her long deeper life gown(mean
no insult) we both unclad ourselves. Then
I discovered a treasure where I haven’t seen
she is really loaded with massive a-s and
boobs, her big black gown have been hiding
what she is blessed with. I unclasped her bra
holding those big melons with my hand,
sq££ze the other one roughly and sU-Ck
like a new born baby.
Deborah: an..d ooh. The of hell …will not prevail. Aahhh…!
Gate of hell for boobs sU-Cking na wooow sister!
I didn’t plan to sU-Ck her neatly shaved
p—y, I unclad myself ready to pounce on her.
Deborah: hold your peace, the Egyptian you see today, you shall see them no more *pointing at my hard d–k*
Me: aahhh.. suc..k me *she covered my d–k with her mouth*
Deborah; you have a big meat, I will chew it off *she jerk my d–k furiously*
Am I really ready to be chewed off?
she sU-Ck my d–k with expertise, I wanted to pull out cause I feel the sweetness of rushing c-m
Deborah: c-m for me baby *she sU-Ck me harder*
Me: oohh… yes! Yes! am cummiiinn… *I deposited my c-m inside her mouth*
She smiled at me and swallowed everything,
I was surprised by the act.
Deborah: we ain’t done yet.
Yet ke… am tired oohhh… the dream
has drained my strength.


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