MR IRRESISTIBLE…..(18+)…..Part 10


Me: who is that, that want to bring down my expensive door with knocks?
Adamu; sir, is me Adamu.
Me: the door is not locked, come in.
He entered the room smiling like those he
goats that have just finished eaten fresh grass,
this guy sef, is just 9am what brought
him here.
Me: can you stop showing me your brown teeth and tell me the reason, you are here this early?
Adamu; there are many girls outside.
Me; is that why you are smiling like you won lottery, see warn yourself ohhh… this is not Chidimma. I will cut off your Hausa carrot. Oya vamoose!
One thing I love about Adamu is his ability
to speak correct English mixed with thick
Hausa accent, that guy voice will just make
You smile even if your day has nothing to smile
about, both of us are glued for life. I raise
my d–k up and wage it with my boxer band
I’d not like it to misbehave during the interview,
I went outside to meet 10 beautiful clean
girls with dangerous asses and biggacious
and sweetacious boobs, ahhh… I said it
my enemies and Village People have returned
from holiday with full force to destroy
my life. is not model audition for goodness
sake na housegirl job, Nigeria and no job.

Me: good morning, girls.
Girls: good morning, sir.
Me: you are all welcomed, make yourself comfortable, you will be employed and also won’t be employed, the interview will commenced shortly, good luck.
I need to go and check what Adamu pasted
outside, am not seeing any ugly girl here oohh..
How will I survive with those sweet girls
Inside without sex, staring at the paper
I asked Adamu to paste someone have
just sellotaped the ugly from it, this sellotape
have just taken my d–k peace, I went
inside and proceed with the interview
thank my master plan, I was interviewing
with my mouth cause my head is picturing
how I will bleep them when I employed
two girls to be my housegirl, my d–k was just
getting hard for nothing, if not we are
outside I’d have b@nged one of the daughters
of Eve, I finished 10bottles of water cause
I was on heat, I must commend Nkiru and
Ejiro, both of them did well but with their
numbers with me, I don’t think I will employ
any of them, I will just go to church to ask
pastor to give me one of the prayer warrior
and devoted sister that will be my housegirl, Sambisa call came in interrupting
my thought.


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