MR HENRY, THE CAPTAIN NIGERIA – Hilarious! … (18+) … Part 5



Shola felt her heartbeat increase,
Shola: “what’s wrong?” she said to herself.
It was a feeling but felt so real. Her mind dashed to Henry. Quickly, she dialed his number,
“the number you’re trying is not available,” the service provider said.
She hissed,
“what’s wrong with them?” Was it not the number I just dialed? All dis network pipo sef,” she hissed and dialed the number again and it rang but he wasn’t picking, “why isn’t he picking now?”
She dialed the number again and that time as it rang her heart beat seemed to be louder than the call,
“Oh,oh!” she hissed again.
Blessing couldn’t hide her agitation anymore; she stopped combing the artificial wigs and asked,
Blessing: “Aunty, what’s wrong now?”
Shola had to open up,
Shola: “I’ve been trying Henry’s number but it is ringing and he isn’t picking.”
Blessing sighed, she was tempted to ask where he went to night party but that would have been over stepping her boundaries. Shola heaved too then added,
“He drove the First Lady for a meeting since yesterday. They were supposed to be back but he sent a text that they couldn’t make it yesterday and since morning I’ve been trying his number but e no dey go!” Blessing sighed, “and I’m worried that something is wrong. I just have that feeling!”
Blessing shook her hand,
Blessing: “I don’t think so. Have you tried first lady’s number?”
Shola: “Hmmm, I have like five of her numbers and no one is going!”
Blessing: “Just be patient, aunty. He’d be here before the day runs out,” as they were talking her best friend came in, Bola that was her name. She was loquacious and a rumour monger. Shola countenance changed-she wasn’t ready for her noise,
Bola came in flapping the gum in her mouth as it made a deafening sound,
Bola: “Shollie,baby!” she panted Shola on the back who looked irresponsive Shola forced out a smile.
Blessing: “Good morning, ma,” Blessing continued her work.
Bola “Ehen Ble-Ble, how na?”
Blessing: “Fine,” as she continued with her combing. Blessing didn’t like Bola for she didn’t know anything other than sending one on errand, “Ehen,Ble come and help me buy recharge card and a very chilled bottle of Coke. Abi una get for una fridge, “Blessing sighed, and she knew that was coming. Any day she came around and didn’t send Blessing on errand that her day wouldn’t be complete.
Shola looked at Blessing and shook her head,
Shola: “Don’t mind that my friend she doesn’t know anything other than sending people,” she always complained and Blessing would laugh.
Bola tried starting up a conversation with Shola but she didn’t seem interested. After so much pestering, Shola told her everything and Bola sighed and took a gulp of the chilled coke Blessing brought for her and said,
Bola: “Ehm, what if they are having a nice time?”She twitched her mouth, Shola and Blessing gaped at her.
The police officers dragged Henry into the station his face had added calories with patches everywhere. The beating received by Henry had chiseled his face to look another person. Within few hours Henry had lost his handsomeness,
Henry: “officer I swear I didn’t do anything,I swear!”
Officer cursed as he dragged him in,his name was Tunji,
Tunji: “Idiot! Your papa left nyansh! Shey na you conji dey do pass abi?”
His fellow officers waiting at the counter, five of them, threw insults at him,
“Bastard,”one of them said as he used the stick in his hand on him.
The lady among them came and gave him a punch and Henry landed on the ground,
“Animal!” she kicked him, “Rapist. Dem suppose castrate you, I swear! Bastard!” she slapped him
Henry was crying as blood trickled from the broken lips and torn patches on the face,
Tunji dragged him up,
Tunji: “Maik we go!” he dragged him into the DPO’s office who was on the phone.
It was the Chairman,
DPO: “Yes honourable. He has just being brought in. Don’t worry I’ll handle him. People like him shouldn’t be walking freely on the street, “the DPO gloated at Henry; he placed the phone on speaker,
Chairman: “Please make sure he doesn’t see the light of the day!”
DPO: “Okay sir, “the call ended and he gloated at Henry, “So you’re the criminal?”
Henry shook his head; DPO nodded too then added, “I see! Tunji take him to the guard room!”
Henry: “Please sir. I’m innocent, sir! I swear I didn’t anything!”
As he was about been dragged out the DPO said,
DPO: “So you mean Madam is lying right?” he hissed, “Tunji give him some tea to enjoy!”
Tunji smiled and dragged him.
BBEDMF Worried Businesswoman
First Lady was in a room-worried. The way her husband aides pounced on Henry broke her heart.
First Lady: “What came over me,eh?” she said.
Henry made her feel unwanted and that was an insult on her part. She wanted to make him pay but didn’t know it would end up that way. Quickly she called her closest friend, Bridget, who dashed over without wasting much time.
Bridget: “Lady Fel,howfa na?”
First Lady: “Hmmm, wahala dey ooo!”
She explained everything to Bridget, who shook her head,
Bridget: “What do you want to do?”
First lady: “I am going to confess!”
Bridget gaped at her,
Bridget: “What?”
First Lady: “Yes!”


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