MR HENRY, THE CAPTAIN NIGERIA – Hilarious! … (18+) … Part 4



Henry in a precipitous manner turned his back on her the pulsating of his heart was on arise. Sweat covered his face when her bare body clung to him,
Henry wobbling,
Henry: “M…a… I …… we…shou…”
First Lady on her toes wrapped her hands around him and whispered into his ears,
First Lady: “…Shhhh! The only talking I want you to do is when your sweet whisperings goes into my ears as you wham me really, really hard, “she kissed his ears and added, “passionately.”
He seemed to be panting,
Henry: “I need your help Oh God!” he whispered to himself.
Tears gathered in his eyes when she turned him around and they stood face to face. Her physique was stunning; the sturdy breast that danced at him didn’t tell the story of a mother of four but of a maiden. No one could believe she had ever given birth. She took his right hand and placed it on it, bite her lips and gripped the protrusion that stem from the middle of his boxers with her left hand as her right hand dived into his singlet stroking his bare chest. Henry didn’t seem to get a hold of himself- he was in a different world. He was lost in the act. Seeing that her act of seduction was working, she pushed him to the bed and mounted on him. She seemed to have mastered that act, seduction. Her lips were all over his body; she touched him in a way nobody had ever done-his body tingled. How did she know how to do that? Henry was perplexed.
Responding to the demands of his body, he kissed her back. They were twined in each other arms as they rolled from one end to the other like children playing down the hill. Asudden his mind flashed to the dream he had. He saw Shola’s face flash in tears,
Henry: “Noo! Noooo!” he pushed her away and jumped out of the bed, “I can’t do this!” she tried to pin him down but he shoved her off to a side of the bed and made for the door.
First Lady stood on then bed biting her lips,
First Lady: “Urrrghhh!” she screamed and flung herself to the bed, “hmmm, Henry you will pay for leaving me hanging.”
Henry ran into his room like one chased by evil spirits, bolted the door, rested on it panting. He dragged himself to the ground crying,
Henry: “what have I done to myself? What have I brought upon myself na?” he buried himself in his thighs.
He felt really bad-it was as if he had cheated on Shola. As he wallowed in guilt his phone and it was Shola. He looked at phone and refused to pick.
How was he going to face his madam the next day? he thought.
“I’ll put in my resignation once we get back!” he said but then how would he survive? The job had a fair salary of fifty thousand and that was quite satisfying. Even a white collar job hardly paid that amount.
He could hardly sleep throughout the night.
The blaring of his phone chased him out of sleep. He woke up with blurry sight. It was First Lady’s call,
First lady: “what’s wrong with you?” Are you being paid to sleep?” she yelled at him before he could find his voice she ended the call.
Trouble was brewing; he could perceive it like a newly cooked stew. The aroma was everywhere. He gnashed the teeth as his fore head ached. In a flash, he was dressed. Taking his bath was unimaginable, he just brushed his teeth briskly and rushed out.
She was waiting close to the car with her face flushed with anger; he looked away as her stare stung him,
Henry: “Good morning,ma!”
She hissed,
First Lady:” My friend would you open this car!” she shot at him.
He was shivering. It was hard for him to open the door,
“Don’t you know how to open the door again?”
Henry: “Sorry, ma!”
First Lady: “My friend, don’t waste my time!”
He opened the door and she hurled at her usual back seat; he ignited the engine of the car and they were on their way. He looked at her through the mirror and her stern gaze fell on him. the beat of his heart increased. What was she planning? Fear gripped him. He tried to focus on his driving but it wasn’t easy. The mind kept wondering.

Shola entered the shop. Blessing was there already cleaning. Blessing was the girl that worked for her. Most of the girls that came to work with her didn’t stay up to a month but Blessing had stayed for a year and half. Shola was over bearing a fact she was well aware but that was just the reason why the girls didn’t stay, it was just a contributing factor, a number of them couldn’t cope with the rigour of the work. Shola had many customers patronize a day so one needed to be a hard worker to cope. The last girl she had Binta got pregnant. But Blessing was very different dedicated and hard working. There was never a day she complained or grumbled about anything not even Shola’s excesses,
Shola: “Blessing abeg just bear with me you hear? You know how I can get a bit grumpy once stressed,” she’d always tell Blessing
Blessing most times would just smile,
Blessing: “I understand, aunty Shola!”
Shola would always tell Henry,
Shola: “Blessing I am scared of her. She is always smiling. The day wey she go vex eh? It’s gonna be real bad!”
Henry would laugh and say,
Henry: “Just try not to provoke her”.
Blessing was dusting the chairs when she came in,
Blessing: “Good morning,aunty Shola,” she continued cleaning.
Shola: “Morning,Blessing!” she lurched herself on a chair.
She looked grumpy, Blessing observed. She went about her cleaning. Shola looked into her phone, she hissed. Henry wasn’t picking her call and she was worried,
Shola: “why is he not picking,” she whispered.
Blessing noticed she was talking to herself and decided to ask,
Blessing: “Aunty you look worried? Anytin dey bother you?”
Shola just shook her head. She wasn’t in the mood for a chit-chat. Blessing heaved and continued working.

Henry blared the horn of the car, one of the gatemen rushed and opened the door; Chairman was about going out as they drove in. Immediately First Lady saw her husband, she jumped out of the car before Henry could properly pull the car over. And she ran to the husband crying. The aides and those around were bemused including Henry himself.
Chairman: “what’s wrong, dear?” She was in his embrace crying bitterly and pointed at Henry, who was taken aback. What was happening? He asked himself as he looked around to be sure he was being pointed at.
The Chairman gaped at him as the aides were preparing to pounce on him once given the order, their fury gazes darted at him.
Chairman: “What did you to my wife?” she was still crying without been told he walked closer; he couldn’t say a word so he shook his head,
“Speak up young man!”
He stammered,
First lady cried out,
First Lady: “he attempted to rape me!”
Chairman: “what!?”
The aides pounced on Henry who seemed to be in a reverie.


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