MR HENRY, THE CAPTAIN NIGERIA – Hilarious! … (18+) … Part 22



Bola who had being indoors since after her release decided to check on her friend,Shola. Shola has being supportive despite her emotional trauma. She had always checked on her friend. Bola couldn’t be more grateful. They had become more siblings and not just friends.
Bola picked up her phone,
Bola: “Ore mi, You dey house?”she asked Shola,
Shola who was in tears answered,
Shola: “Yes!” tried hiding the tears.
Bola was worried,
Bola: “why are you crying?”
Shola: ‘nothing!”she sobbed.
Bola: “I’m coming right away!”
Bola dropped the call and quickly left the house and in no time she was at her friend’s place. She entered the house and saw Shola all curled up in bed,
Bola: “hah. Why are you ill?”she placed her hand on her friend’s cheek. She wasn’t really running temperature.
Shola started crying,
Shola: “ It’s Henry oo! It’s Henry!”Bola hugged her,
Bola: “is he acting up?”
Shola nodded,
Shola: “Yes! Yes! Yesterday I went to plead with him but he told me off and said he has moved on and he is seeing someone else!”
Bola: “Sorry, my dear!”she hugged closely.
Shola: “I want to die! I want to die!”
Bola: “Ah ah! Quit talking like this! Let God’s will be done! Just stop crying please!”
She wiped her tears,
Shola: “But I want him back. I know I messed up. I’m sorry!”
Bola: “Don’t worry. I’ll talk to him,”she calmed her down.
Henry was at the park when he received a call from his neighbor. After being defrauded of his money and phone. Tope had given him a Nokia torch light phone that had rubber bands all around it. It looked like an object for the museum-old and dejected. He had to put it on the speaker before he could hear the person on the other end,.
Neighbor: “where are you?” the neighbor sounded agitated,
Henry: “I dey work!”
Neighbour: “Ah, there is fire on the mountain ooo!”
Henry was startled,
Henry: “what’s wrong?”
Neighbour: “ Some boys came to the house and raided your things! Thugs! Led by an old man with glasses! They swept your house! Everything!”
Henry knew that that was Prof,
Henry: “Oh my God! I am dead!”
The neighbor continued,
Nieghbour: “The man said you were lucky not to be home that we would have been mourning you by now. What did you do,eh? What have you gotten yourself into? He said he was on the lookout for you!”
Henry couldn’t take the news anymore he ended the call. What was he to do? He was confused. How would he hand over the car to Prof and not get killed? Was he to involve the police? He shook his head, someone like Prof would have his way somehow. Still in the middle of the confusion, he jumped into his car and drove,
Henry: “It’s better I go on with work. I might be lucky to make some money and maybe that would pacify Prof,”he said as he drove off, “ but why would Prof raid my house! For what na?”He hissed.
He worked for hours but he couldn’t even make up to a thousand naira. Business was generally slow that day,
Henry: “lemme go to the airport. Sometimes one or two shuttle pays very well!”
He had been there on many occasions but most times the road tax people made life unbearable for drivers especially those that do airport shuttle. On his way, a taxi flagged him down. He pounced on his breaks,
Driver: Öh, boy,owfa?”
Henry: “Fine oo! Wetin dey?”
Driver: “na my car just break down and I carry wan oyibo wey dey go Sheraton. E tok say e don dey late for e meeting.”
Henry agreed to help out and the White man, who later, identified himself as Rooney Walters, jumped into his car,
Rooney: “Please, I’d need you to drives as fast as you can! I’m late for a meeting! I’ll pay any amount”he said in his Brits accent.
Henry smiled it seemed God was finally smiling at him.
Henry pounced on the accelerator. They met traffic at Area One junction,
Rooney: “Shit! Is there any other route?”
Henry: “this is the major route,sir!”
Rooney: “Oh, Africa. What a hell of a country!”
Henry ignore his rant and quickly remembered that there’s a short cut; he maneuvered his way out of the traffic and they used the Area Ten and Eleven axis and less than thirty minutes they had gotten to their destination. The white man jumped out of the car thanking Henry and handed him five thousand naira,
“This is my card and Nigeria number. Call me. I love how you drive!”
He ran into the hotel. Henry was excited five thousand for just a drive. That was pretty unbelievable. Butterflies flew in his stomach. There was sure light at the end of the tunnel. As he drove off, he kept looking at the card and smiling. But five thousand wasn’t enough to get Prof off his back. He needed forty five thousand naira more. After working for the day. He was able to make six thousand naira. He decided to retire for the day but he couldn’t go home. The only option he had was to sleep in the car so he decided to park the car close to a filling station and sleep there. He had become a refugee. Throughout the night, he couldn’t sleep comfortably, he was busy wrestling with mosquitoes who either came for his knees or cheek. They annoyed him but there’s nothing he could do.
As early as five in the morning. He woke up and decided to clean his car so he would start work for the day. As he pulled the rug of the back seat, he found a suite case. It was black and looked expensive. It was locked,
Henry with it on his legs asked himself,
Henry: “where did this come from?” he was confused.
He tried opening it but it was locked with codes. Quickly he remembered his secondary school tricks of breaking padlocks and other form of security locks. He took two wires and pricked the side of the box with it his heart flew when it made a tweaking noise. It opened suddenly Henry was sweating. He couldn’t believe his eyes. In an abrupt manner, he closed the suite case. It was Rooney’s. It was stashed with foreign money. It was British Pound Sterling where £1 is equal to N595 today,
“See pounds oo!”Henry yelled!
He flung it in the car and walked round the car in confusion talking to himself.

Dele and his men hand cuffed Bridget. As she tried to run from the house. She was forced into the rickety Police van. She kept screaming and yelling,
Bridget: “You can’t do this to me! I want to speak to my lawyer! This is unjust!”
They drove away.


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