MR HENRY, THE CAPTAIN NIGERIA – Hilarious! … (18+) … Part 21



Bridget sat waiting for First Lady. She had come to visit her in jail. She wasn’t allowed in as visitor but trust Bridget she knew how to pull strings- the right ones.
Bridget wore a sullen face as First Lady appeared,
Bridget: “Oh,Oh! See what they have done to your face,” First Lady was sobbing as they hugged,
First Lady: “This people are demons. I see. This place is hell on earth,”she said as she sat.
Bridget: “Why would they do this to you,eh? This is unacceptable!” they held hands and placed it on the table,
First Lady heaved,
First Lady: “How are you?”
Bridget: Ï have being restless cos of you!” they looked at each other, she touched First Lady’s cheeks, “I know you aren’t happy here.”
First Lady: “I can possibly be!”
Bridget: “Have you contacted the lawyers.”
First Lady: “They are working tirelessly to see that I am out of here. That bitch implicated me.”
Bridget: “So they let her go?”
She nodded angrily,
First Lady: “Yes!”
Bridget: ”There’s no justice in this country!”
First Lady shrugged, “I can’t believe a murderer would be roaming freely on the streets. And here I am!”
Bridget: “This is pathetic! What evidence are they using against you?”
First Lady: “That I drove after him that night!”
Bridget: “You did?”
First Lady gaped at her,
First Lady: “You don’t think I killed him. Do you?”
Bridget: “No, not at all. I’m just wondering, you know you never mentioned it.”
First Lady heaved,
First Lady: “I didn’t kill John. Couldn’t have. I followed him that night yes but just to know the girl he was saying. To confirm your suspicion!”
Bridget nodded,
Bridget: “I remember that I insinuated that he might be cheating on you.”
First Lady: “He was and she had to kill him. My plan was to go the next day and beat the hell out of him not knowing she had more evil plans.”
An officer came and alerted them that their time was up,
Bridget: “I’ll come to see you, my friend! You’ll be free soon.”
First Lady nodded as they bade fare well to each other.

Henry woke up with a very nagging headache. He was woken by a bad dream. In the dream Prof appeared to him in a black hood and pulled a trigger on him,
Prof: “This is for messing with me!”
He spat on the body and left.
Henry was sweating and still recovering from the shock when he heard a knock on his door. He jerked up,
Henry: “Could that be prof?”he thought.
He became restless. Out of the blue, his stomach started rumbling. Was it due to the fear or he had sudden fallen ill? Nauseous feeling grasped him and at the same time cold rocked his body. The knock blared again.
Henry: “Help me, O’God!” he did the sign of the cross as he went to the door.
As he opened it, it was Shola. She was about leaving after knocking with no response,
Shola had a sullen face,
Shola: “Good morning dear!”
Henry nodded,
Henry: “good morning!”
Shola: “Can I at least come in?” she stared at him. After some minutes of silence, he flung the door open as she entered. He stood looking at her as she looked at him to,
“Are you still mad at me?”
Henry looked away as she knelt down, he moved away.
“Baby I’m sorry. Mike is his name but we had never seen before. I don’t wanna make any excuses for my misbehavior. But I never had intentions of seeing him,”
He smirked at her,
Henry: “And now she comes with a lie. Shola I don’t want you to mix things up. I have moved on. I’m not interested please. I can’t trust you again!”
Shola: “Please, Hen….”
Henry didn’t allow her finish,
Henry: “Just leave please!”
Shola: “So you aren’t going to hear me out?”
Henry: “what’s the new thing you want to tell me,eh? Just leave!”
She heaved, cleaned her knees and left with tears in her eyes,
“I am seeing someone else,”he said to her as she stepped outside.
She almost missed her steps. It was hard to believe that Henry had started seeing someone just some weeks later.

Dele said to the female detective,
Dele: “There’s one more arrest we need to finally close this murder case!”
Female Detective: “I thought the suspect is in our net already?”
Dele he nodded,
Dele: “She couldn’t have done it alone! Let’s not waste time. Get some men let’s go a-fishing!”
He carried his pistol and hung it on his waist as they left.
She dashed into her room, “I am not spending a minute into this house. Why would that useless detective not allow this case die. That place was an eyesore. I can’t imagine myself staying in that dirty place. I thought, they had caught the murderer already!”
She packed her raiment’s in a bag. She flung her bag opened and brought out the UK visa. She was leaving for the airport,
“UK here I come!” she smiled and ran out.


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