MR HENRY, THE CAPTAIN NIGERIA – Hilarious! … (18+) … Part 18



Bridget was in First Lady’s room,
First Lady: “Thank you for accepting to stay here with me,” it was late most of the people that came for condolence visit had departed.
Bridget wearing a sullen face,
Bridget: “You know you can always count on me.”
They remained quiet. First Lady got off the bed and brought a very big bottle of whiskey and dropped it on by the bedside and poured into two glass cups and handed one to Bridget, who gulped hers one time.
She wore a frown as the hot drink went down her system- it brunt away some pains.
“I can’t believe Chairman is dead,” tears trickled down her left eyes.
First Lady gulped hers too as her eyes turned red,
First Lady: “It’s like a dream! I can’t believe I am a widow. Do you think I am capable of murdering my own husband?”
Bridget shook her head,
Bridget: “I don’t think you’re capable of such!”
She poured the whiskey into their glasses and they gulped at the same time,
First Lady: “ I am going to make sure that girl rots in jail, I swear. I am going to make life miserable for her.”
Bridget’s heart beat increased. She was wondering what her friend’s reaction would be if she discovered that she was also sleeping with Chairman.
Bridget heaved,
First Lady: “I heard she mentioned my name while she was being tortured.”
Bridget: “what? Is she out of her mind? What did the DSS say!”
First Lady: “I told them to make her feel the pains I am feeling right now!” she held her cup fiercely. And in her mind she said, “John, I told you not to play games with me but you wouldn’t listen to me.
Bridget: “That girl is a hardened criminal. So she is still denying?”
First Lady nodded,
First Lady: “but I’ll use my connection to crush her!” she ground her teeth as she spoke.
A young man, Dele, was his name. One of the youngest detective in the country. He had just returned from a course in Israel- a federal government sponsored course. And the director of DSS wanted someone more intelligent to handle the case. He was twenty seven but with the wisdom of an older person.
Dele saluted when he entered the director’s office,
Dele: “Morn’ sah!”
Director: “Easy,”Dele dropped his hands as director showed him a seat, “You’re welcome detective Dele!”
Dele: “Thank you sir!”
Director: “Welcome back to Nigeria and congratulations for doing us proud!” he stretched his hand and Dele stood bowed and shook him.
Dele smiled,
Dele: “Thank you sir!”
Director: “There’s a case that has been quite tough and I am not satisfied of how it has being handled by your colleagues. And I want you to take over!”
Dele listened with keen interest,
Dele: “Okay, sir! What case is that sir?”
Director had a bite of the bitter Kola in his hands and rubbed his pot bell,
Director: “It’s a murder case of a local government chairman. The suspect has been in our custody.”
Dele: “His wife?”
Director opened a drawer and brought files and dropped them in front of Dele, who stared at them,
Director: “Noo, his girlfriend. He died in her apartment!” Dele nodded, “and she has been in our custody. She has been through different kind of torture- defacing situation. I personally made sure she went through pains but she still claims to be innocent. And this is the story. He visited that night and after a hot round of sex , she goes into the bathroom only to come out and find out that he was dead.”
Dele sighed,
“Now the easy suspect in this case is the girl but something doesn’t just feel right. I don’t know and that was I want you to handle this case.”
Dele nodded,
Dele: “I’ll do my best,sir!”
Director: “Please do and anything you want just let me know!”
Dele nodded,
Dele: “I’ll need little time to study what I have here,” he took the files, “Permission to fall out sir!”
Director nodded and he stepped out.

Henry came home exhausted, recalled what happened earlier in the cab before reaching home. It was a CRUCIAL FIGHT and the story went like this:
“A man in a taxi wanted to see the reaction of others, took out his phone, dialed a number, placed the phone to his ear, and said in a low tone:
Man: “Baby, I can’t come to you today because am in the same taxi with your husband. Today’s match won’t come on ok? I love you!” He ended the call
All the men in the taxi including Henry demanded: “Excuse me mister man, I want to see the number you just called? I mean right now! Show us the number right now OR….
Henry thought it was Xtranger that has been exchanging sextings with his beloved girlfriend. It wasn’t funny at all, it was hot and heated, even the driver wanted to know the number by hook or crook. Meanwhile, the man was just playing pranks with the passengers including Henry”
Henry reaching home, still wasn’t acting freely with Shola. He was still mad at her. She could feel that something was wrong but didn’t know what exactly it was. That evening she had tried bringing up a conversation,
Shola: “Baby, how about the under-wears (Panties) you promised changing for me
Henry: I will get it this weekends. He managed to say
Shola: Please do not buy all 8 pieces same colour just like you did last time
Henry: Why? Any issue if you are using same pink colour all through? I thought pink is your favourite colour? He pushed to know
Shola: Do you want people to think I don’t change pants? She tried to cheer him up cracking some jokes but Henry didn’t take it lightly
Henry: Which people? Henry was boiling inside while he gave her a perplexed look
Shola: Jealous lover, won’t I play with you again? She laughed while a little smile transformed henry’s stern face. Yet, he’s still not happy with Shola having read her sext-chats with Xtranger.
Shola: “But Baby on a more serious note…” she sat on the hand of the cushion he was on, “I’m really worried about Bola and the connection to Chairman’s death. I never could imagine she slept with him,”
Henry sighed and shrugged,
“I know she might be naughty but she isn’t a murderer,” he heaved again, “and she never told me anything. Why would she sleep with someone else in the first place! Cheating on her boyfriend. That isn’t fair now!” he gaped at her immediately she said that.
Henry stood up and left for the room.
And the next he just couldn’t pretend anymore- he had to confront her he was dying in silence.
Henry: “who is Xtranger?”
Shola knew she had being discovered and immediately she knelt down and started pleading. There was no need denying. But he had made up his mind to break up. He couldn’t love someone who has been feeding him with lies.
As he carried his bag to leave, on her knees she clung to his trouser crying,
Shola: “Baby I’m sorry. I don’t have any excuse. I am sorry for cheating on you but nothing happened between us. I had just met him once. Baby I am so sorry”
Tears stood in his eyes as she pleaded,
Henry: “I have made up my mind. I have to go!”
He left as she fell on the ground crying.


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