MR HENRY, THE CAPTAIN NIGERIA – Hilarious! … (18+) … Part 17



Shola: “Would you eat egg and noodles!” he nodded she kissed him and rose from the bed to go and make breakfast.
Henry jokingly,
Henry: “Ï have told you that early in the morning kiss without brushing can cause cancer,” she giggled.
Shola: “Really?” she dived on him and tried to kiss him but he buried his in a pillow and she tickled him, he laughed out loud and turned her over and tickle her too,
“Sorry….so…wie,So!” she kicked and fought but he kept on doing until she was exhausted. She kept on saying, “I’ll bite you! I’ll bite you!!”
He laid back on the bed gasping for breath. Should he tell her about Prof and the threat? He thoughts but shrugged the idea away. He didn’t want to get her worried.
Henry: “Would you go to the shop today?”
She nodded,
Shola: “ I thought of staying back at home to get over yesterday’s event but I’ll just go!”
He raised his head and peered into her eyes,
Henry: “ Are you sure,babes?”
She nodded, jumped up,
Shola: “Lemme go and get food ready!”
Henry sat up on the bed dragging himself out of the bed was a problem and he needed to go and take his bath. As he garner strength to go and get set for the day’s hustle. A Whatsap message dropped on Shola’s phone. He hardly preyed into her phone but he decided to and when he slide open. It was a message from the name XTRANGER ,
“Morning babe”the message read.
His heart missed a beat
He scrolled up as more messages dropped and he started reading;
Xtranger: “Heyie Chocolatey!”
Shola: “Heylo, handsome. Welcome! How long are you gonna be off shores?”
Xtranger: “Three weeks!”
Shola: “Ah, I better enjoy the moment while you’re here oo!”
Xtranger: “Lol. So was I missed?”
Shola: “ Umh, what do you think?” she sent a wink emoji,
Xtranger: “ I dunno. You tell me!”
Shola: “You were missed a lottle,”she sent a tongue-out emoji.
Xtranger: “A lottle?”
Shola: “Yes,baby!”
Henry felt his finger go numb. Was he imagining things or that was actually true? He heaved and went on,
Xtranger: “You and your choice of words eh? Lol.”
Shola: “Lol!”
Xtranger: “Come to Port Harcourt let’s see now. I really wanna see your face. Come and enjoy the big cassava!”
Shola sent a face covering emoji,
Shola: “Please, you know am I a good girl right?”
Xtranger: “we are saying the same thing! Lol”
Shola: “How big?”
Xtranger: “too make you moan with glee!”
Shola: “Now you want to make me so wet!”
Henry swiped his hands over the phone to close it. He had read too much. His heart was beating fast. Shola entered holding a tray with breakfast on it. He swallowed spit countless times. He was trying to swallow his anger, obviously- it was choking him.
Should he confront her or let it slide? He thought. He acted very cold towards,
Shola: “Baby, what’s wrong?”
Henry swallowed his spit as he swallowed the food in his mouth,
Henry: “Ehm, what?” he had lost appetite, totally.
He feigned a phone call and lied that Prof wanted to see him but the truth was that he wanted to leave her presence before he choked life out of her- her sighed was perturbing. He couldn’t believe Shola would ever do that to him. Which was he to handle, the threat or a cheating girlfriend?
He took the car keys and left- her avoided her pecking him. He couldn’t pretend- he was mad at her.
It was confirmed that Chairman was dead and Bola was taken as the prime suspect. She was in the custody of DSS as she was questioned,
Bola: “sir, I don’t know anything about Chief John’s death. I’m innocent!”
Officer: “But he was discovered dead in your apartment.”
Her lips were quivering as tears trickled down the swollen face. She had been beaten. It was just the pains of the beating that had grasped her but the Chairman’s death.
“Now the question is why did you kill him?” he stood over her resting his hand on the small table in between them.
Bola: “Officer, I swear. I know nothing about his death. Why would I kill him?Chairman was a good man. Why would I kill a man who has being good to me?”
Officer: “why won’t you kill him? When you argued with him that he wasn’t giving you attention as he was supposed to?” she shook her head, “Did you have that argument on the night he died?”
Bola was crying,
Bola: “I didn’t kill him, I swear! We had just had sex after then,”she sobbed, “I…i… went into the bathroom and when I came back . I met him died on the bed. Someone had come in to kill him. I don’t know who but it isn’t me.”
Officer: “His wife said you killed him!” Bola couldn’t say a word she was in tears the officer walked around the small room, “was it true that you had demanded for a certain amount of money and he refused to give you?” he walked behind her. She didn’t say anything she was crying and he held her by the hair and pulled her- she screamed, “answer me when I ask you a question! Do you think I am here to joke!” the fury officer looked into her eyes.
They were both sweating. Bola shook her head.
He screamed a name: “Danjuma! Come and take her away!”Bola was crying as the junior officer came and took into a guard room.
Since she was brought into custody that was the routine- she would be brought out for questioning after being beaten. And always asked the same questions. Although the night Chairman died they had forgotten to bolt the door when they entered. The crazy sex took their attentions away. She was sure that it was chairman’s wife that killed her husband. Who else would have that intention?
Henry had an awful day. Everything annoyed him for that day. He was going to end the relationship, he nodded. Why would she cheat on him? That was the lingering question on his mind.


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