MR HENRY, THE CAPTAIN NIGERIA – Hilarious! … (18+) … Part 16



Swaggar said in his harsh voice,
Swagger: “Baba Prof give us the approval make we give am sense na!” Henry quickly shut the door behind him so Shola doesn’t get to know about the situation.
Henry: “Please, Prof. I was going to come to explain things to you!”
Prof: “So after feigning gentility walking upright like one who has just be ordained with priesthood you show your true colour of being a rogue! Nonentity! Scallywag! Doofus and a mooncalf! You have disappointed your generation. Can I have my machine and liquid cash?”
Henry stuttered. Henry went ahead to narrate his ordeal to Prof and how the car’s bumper had been damaged and how he had lost the day’s earning. Anger covered the faces of his boys but Prof didn’t allow them touch Henry,
Henry: “Just give me days,sir! I’ll pay back everything!”
Prof demanded that Henry show him the car; they all went there and he showed them the damaged bumper,
Prof smirked,
Prof: “So it’s my machine that has been degenerated into a hutch?” he shook his head and re-arranged his glasses and cross belt. He grunted, “I think you should see us off!”
Henry suspected seeing them off. Was it safe going out of the compound with them? But he didn’t want to let Shola be aware of the situation and he followed them. Prof had his arms around him and chatted with him until they got to a dark corner and Prof ordered the boys to pounce on him. Swagger started the attack they punched him as two held his hands. After a few punches,
Prof: “That’s satisfactory boys! I give you just few days to get my car in order and I am collecting fifty thousand from you as compensation! Au revoir, Let’s go boys!”
Henry tried to put himself together as he headed home; the whole of his body ached and his lips was a little bit swollen. As he entered, he noticed Shola had dozed off with the remote in her hands. Quickly, he went to shower and change into something else. She jerked up having heard noises of showers,
Shola: “Is he back?”she yawned and called out, “Baby!”
Henry answered as water entered his mouth,
Henry: “I came in and saw you snoring on the couch!”she opened the door of the bathroom, he opened one of the eyes as soap covered his face, “Leave here!”he splashed a little water towards her but she gave way as the water splash in dots on the ground. She came back to the door,
Shola: “What are you hiding? What’s there that I haven’t seen eh?”
They both giggled,
Henry: “Gerrrare hie,mehn!”
She smiled,
Shola: Ï’m going please don’t come begging!”she shut the door.
In less than five minutes he was done by the time he got into the room,. Shola stood before him au naturel- he found her more attractive. she stood facing the mirror with her back from where he was entering. It was deliberate, the smile she gave took her away. She could see him walking towards her through the mirror. He grasped her from the back, and she turned with her breast rubbing against his bare chest. Suddenly the towel he had on suddenly looked as if there an undergrowth- he was quite aroused. As they wrestled to the bed with the towel giving way. He kissed her as she tilt her head to the back, the physique of her body became more highlighted. She moaned softly as he kissed her earlobes and moving down to her neck- he moaned as she had him in her hands.
They were both sweating. The days stress was giving way. He had forgotten the pains he felt.
Shola: “Have me, please! “she whispered into his ears and kissed it.
He could feel the contours of her body as he caressed her every part. It was sensational, how he felt.
Henry: “I love you, baby!”
She sprawled her legs and he positioned his buttocks then slide into her. She moaned with every thrusting. She dictated the pace-at some point it was a light race and other times it was a full blown marathon. Her moaning increased as she got her peak, she kept muttering his sweetness to him- he couldn’t hold it any longer, he let it out with a yell. And they fell apart- exhausted. It had being a famished road.
They were panting, as he felt pains on his thighs and she folded her hands in between her legs and in no time they dozed off.
Chairman flung himself on the couch, Bola standing aghast asked,
Bola: “what happened?”
Chairman gaped at her,
Chairman: “where?”
Bola: “You coming to my place this night!” she said,
Chairman sat up,
Chairman: “ Do I need to draw up a time table for seeing you?”
Bola sat on the hand of the couch,
Bola: “You know that isn’t what I mean!”
Chairman who was getting worked up asked,
Chairman: “then what do you mean? Can’t I come to see my girlfriend whenever I feel like!”
Bola:”I thought you are always careful so that wifey wouldn’t find us out. Wouldn’t this make her suspicious?” she asked.
He rubbed the back of his neck,
Chairman: “Can we forget about all these, please. I came here to have a peace of mind. I shouldn’t be facing what I ran away from right?”
She heaved,
Bola: “Alright. It’s just that I thought you were avoiding me so I’m surprised to see you!” he looked at her and smiled,
Chairman: “I can’t avoid a princess like you. Not now, not ever!” he stood and threw her arms around her waist.
Chairman: I thought I wouldn’t find light here. That’s my fear coming to your place. And the sound of that Generator alone creates lot of heats in me.
Bola: Why would you be afraid? When this is not Nigerian Embassy in Yankee
Chairman: How do you mean?
Bola: Didn’t you hear about the humour? That President Buhari was earlier today at Washington DC for Trump’s inauguration. As he was being driven to his hotel later in the day, they passed through a building with no lighting and in total darkness. He then told the driver;
President Buhari: “The Americans always talk about the electricity problem in my country, but look that building, that’s total darkness”.. The driver politely replied,
Driver: “That’s the Nigerian Embassy Sir.. they are owing Electricity bill for over few months now”. They both giggled in silly manner. Infact, Chairman couldn’t hold his own laughter. One thing he loves staying with Bola. He missed her company a lot. Bola cut in his thought..
Bola: But Chairman, don’t you think it’s risky driving late at such night?
Chairman: Angel Gabriel and Angel Michael are always with me wherever I go like MTN
Bola: Haaa.. that’s overload ooo..
Chairman: How? He was expecting another joke from Bola again
Bola: Well, there’s another this humor of Nigerian Police… “A man driving around 1:00am alone in his car, he got to a check point. The Policeman stopped him and asked for everything which he gave out. The Police had nothing to ask again, in order to charge him, guess what the police man said?”
Chairman: What? Chief was anxious to hear her next
Bola: The Policeman said “I charge you for driving alone at this time of the day, if you come get accident who’ll go tell your people”? The man replied, “I’m not alone, Jesus Christ is with me here, couple with Angel Gabriel, Angel Raphael, Angel Michael and Five Angels are with me here Sir” The man replied. The Policeman said: “All these people inside this your small car? I charge you for overloading”
Chairman and Bola couldn’t control their laughter. Chairman fell on Bola’s chest, she looked into his eyes and he into hers. This caused a sexual arousal in Bola, She was in the mood, and they kissed, headed for the room, peeling off their clothes all over the place. And in no time they were at it.
They had forgotten to lock the main door of the house.
After some minutes, they were lying with their backs on the bed staring at the ceiling, giggling and paniting,
Bola: “Baby you are getting stronger everyday. At your age you can go this long. Mehn, it’s crazy! Do I suspect you use Viagra?”
Chairman: “No, I am too old school for such. I told you I grew up in the village and we use tom take a lot of herbs for a healthy body and all. So that has kept me all these years.” They laughed.
She stood up to go and shower but he held her back and kissed her,
Bola: “Baby, I need to go shower please!” he laughed and let her go as she walked to the bathroom, he yelled,
Chairman: “That isn’t the end of the match ooo. I’’ve still got more action in me, baby!”
She giggled and said, “Please , don’t kill me for my mother oo!”
They both laughed.
Chairman laid with his eyes mildly shut as a figure walked over him and covered his nose and eyes with handkerchief. He tried kicking and fighting but he was knocked off. Bola didn’t hear any noise as she sang and splashed water in the bathroom.
As she got out of the bathroom, she walked up to him,
Bola: “Baby, what is this now?” she laughed for the pillow was on his face, “It seems you’re in for some play this night, “when she took the pillow off she started screaming as Chairman’s tongue was all out and his eyes looking bulgy.
First Lady drove into the compound and ran straight into her room and washed her hands and quickly changed into her nightie. Feeling better, she smiled,
First Lady: “John, you’d pay for making me unhappy!”
She drew out a bottle of whiskey and drank.


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