MR HENRY, THE CAPTAIN NIGERIA – Hilarious! … (18+) … Part 15



Immediately Chairman came out of the bathroom, he met his wife, who was standing with an angry countenance,
Chairman: “what’s it?” he stared at her noticing her countenance he quickly looked towards his phone maybe she might have gone through it but it looked untouched.
What was the reason for her anger? He thought.
He tried to pass but she stood in his way. She was just sighing and not saying a word,
“Let me pass,please.”
First Lady: “John! John!!” to have being called him by his name he knew there was trouble. Has she found out about his affair with her friend? He quizzed himself. He avoided looking into her eyes- there was fire in there.
“I’m freezing lemme put on something!”
She heaved and moved away but followed him as he wore a night robe,
First Lady: “ Is it true that Henry is free?”
Chairman wasn’t expecting that question. He wanted to be the one to tell her himself and not her finding out on her own. He stammered,
Chairman: “I was under too much pressure so I had to order his release, “he said then sat on the bed,
She stood before him with hands akimbo,
First Lady: “what nonsense pressure? From who? One of your numerous girlfriends?”
Guilt sprung on him and he sounded defensive,
Chairman: “what nonsense are you talking about? Have you been listening to gossip?”
First Lady hissed,
First Lady: “what nonsense gossip? I swear, I’ll kill anyone I discover you’re sleeping with! All of them!”
He stood up in anger,
Chairman: “Something is wrong with you!” he quickly changed into a polo shirt and Chinos,
First Lady: “You aren’t going anywhere! You must stay here tonight, “he held him.
Chairman: “See you’d better behave yourself oo! Don’t tempt me!”
She held him fiercely and out of anger he pushed to the ground and she fell helplessly. He hissed and took his car keys and fled out of the house. One of the policemen, his aides, called on a driver,
“I’ll be home. I want to drive alone!” he called Bola,
Bola: “Yes!”she sounded sleepy. It was eleven thirty at night
Chairman: “I’m coming to your place!”
Bola: “what?”
Chairman: “You heard me right!”
Bola: “But it’s late!”
Chairman: “I am the one paying that damn rent don’t forget!”
Bola, a stubborn person, didn’t react as she would always do. She knew something was amiss Chairman had never spoken to her in that manner before.
Bola: “Okay”.
As he left for her house, a car trailed him behind.
Henry drove quite fast; his passengers didn’t complain. Everyone was eager to get home. Prof had given him three missed calls. His heart beat had increased and it seemed as if his blood level was getting pretty high,
Henry: “Shola is my only solution here!”
His plan was to lend some cash from Shola and pay back after a few days of driving around. As he entered town Prof called him again,
Had he seen him? He thought in fear. He had to pick.
Prof: “You should be terminating business for the day I suppose!”
Henry: “I’ll be back soon!” Prof didn’t allow him finish when he ended the call.
As soon as he dropped his passengers, he sped off to Shola’s shop. By the time he got there, it was locked. He was calling her but she wasn’t picking. He was worried because. She usually didn’t close that early. It was six thirty. He stood in front of the shop confused chewing his fingers whenever he was tensed he chewed his fingers. He decided to ask anyone around if they knew her where about. Checked the shop next to hers- it was a barbing saloon called “Softwork Barbing Saloon!” the owner was called Softwork.
Henry raised the curtains. Softwork was attending to a customer,
Henry: “oga soft, how far?” they shook hands,
Softwork: “ Bros Henry I dey ooo!”
Henry: “Abeg I no see my person for her shop. E dey locked!”
Softwork sighed,
Softwork: “Dem dey station oo!”
Hnenry: “Station?” Henry was confused; what station?
Softwork: “Police station na, thief attack them and ran with money. She go report the case!”
Station? Robbery? The words kept jumbling in his mind, he threw a “thank you” and ran off.
When Shola saw him she ran to him crying, Henry put his arms around her,
Shola: “Baby, we were robbed!”she said crying.
At the police station, it was from one unnecessary process to the other.
One of the officers asked,
“You fit recognize any of them?”
Shola angrily answered,
Shola: “No!!!”she had been asked that question many times.
The officer in charge told them,
“Una fit dey go! We go call una in case of any development!”
They left for the house Shola complaining of how they had made them write report for countless times.
Shola: “There is no hope in our country’s police. They don’t even know what they are doing!”
The robbers had come in a group and wheeled away with all the money they made for that day. With the ill happening Henry couldn’t tell Shola anything even though she kept insisting to know how his day was he just kept her shut with “Fine!”
He had put his phone on silent by the time he got home when he checked his phone he saw twenty missed calls from Prof. He was confused on what to do,
Henry: “I’d go tomorrow to explain to him!”
Henry felt things are not going right well with him. He summoned courage to chase the devil outta his life and invite Jesus for redemption. He stood up to face the devil. He never saw devil in anyways but could feel it. He started a declaration of prayer war against the devil
“I don’t know where you are Devil, but I know you can hear me. You have played with my mind long enough, and you’ve had your way long enough. Now I say “No MORE”. You are done devil” Henry brought out a Bible from the cabinet, it was dusty. He raised it up and continue his declaration …
“Jesus is the Lord of this House. And that means there’s no place for you here anymore devil. So take your lies, your schemes and your accusations and get out in Jesus Name. This House is under new management, and that means you are out. I am so sick of you stealing my Joy, my Happiness, my Breakthrough. My Joy doesn’t come from you but from the Lord! Yes, it is found in Jes…
Shola had just got in to shower when he heard a brash knock on the door during the prayer session, “robbers?” she whispered.
He quickly rushed to the door so Shola wouldn’t hear and get more agitated. And when he opened the door, he was face to face with Prof and his boys.
Henry: Errmm.. eerrm.. Good day Prof…
Prof: What a parliomental garmadoism? You need to be enveloped in a bin of hogamorgah
Henry: Huuuhh???


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