MONEY OVER LOVE … (18+) … Part 7



Daddy went to take his bath, super and came to sit at the hall waiting for his wife. Junior came to sit with his father as Precious who new what she did went to bed. I came back to the room and went straight onto my knees in front of daddy.

Me: Daddy please what Precious said is not true. I don’t even know why she would say such a thing against me.

Daddy: Gentleman, I believe you have eyes and you can clearly see that am watching TV and listening to news. Put all your messages together and tomorrow at the police station you can tell the police.

I nearly had a blackout when I heard the name police.

Me: Daddy please don’t bring the police into this matter. Please call Precious and ask her if what she said was true. You can even ask Junior if what her sister said was true.

Daddy was actually angry at the time. “Are you to tell me what to do in my own house?” One thing I will want to say is that, at times, when you offend someone and you know that the person got really hurt, I will suggest you don’t force the person to accept your apology instantly. First tell the person you are sorry.

Leave the scene for the person to cool down and if possible, early morning the following day, you go to the person and apologize proper. The psychology behind it is that, at the time of the incident, the person might be in a serious emotional and psychological turbulence which by trying to apologize may rather increase their pain against you. This applies to especially people in relationships.

Dawn or early morning is always the best time to reconcile with each other.

Daddy was actually worried about what Precious said simply because he least expected that from me.

Daddy: Makafui, am really disappointed in you. Stand up and go to your room. We will deal with this issue tomorrow.

I thanked him and left to my room. My worry was that I was not sure if he has left the issue of bringing in the police. In about thirty minutes time after I entered my room, mum’s car horn blew two times. “If mummy should hear this what will be her reactions too? God please come down this evening and help me.” I said and prayed within myself. I went to open the gate and behold, Vero was in the front passenger seat with mummy. What a shock?

“Oh Makafui did you use your head on something? Your face has swollen.” Mum asked. “No mum, am okay. Just that am having some pain in my lower jaw.” I replied. “Sister Vero you are welcome.” I welcomed her but she didn’t respond. “Vero your brother is welcoming you.” Mummy noticed she didn’t respond so she prompted her. “Oh sorry, yeah thank you Makafui I hope you are fine?” She asked in order to save any other questioning from her mother. I told her I was fine and helped her to her room.

In her room.

Me: Sister please don’t mention me as the father of your pregnancy if not daddy will kill me.

Vero: Why? do you want my parents to say I’ve been playing around and does not know the owner of my pregnancy?

Me: hmm sis. Vero I understand you but you seem not to understand.

Vero: Anyway mum will be taking me to the hospital tomorrow to do a final check up to see if am pregnant so you should rather go into your room, lock the door and pray till the rest is over. Probably that could turn things around in your favour.

Me: hmm Okay.

Quietly and perplexed, I walked out into my room. It was as if my system was not reactive to rest anymore. I couldn’t sleep the whole night. I was just awaiting judgement on earth. Just as I told you earlier, daddy reported the case to mum at dawn and mum also told Dad why she came back with Vero after visiting her.

Daddy was getting more worried because he never expected Vero to get pregnant before getting married. He has a good reputation among his peers that he was a good father who was able to take care of his female children to grow to their stage with no record of promiscuity. I don’t know if I should say it was parental aggrandizement that made his children to turn into what he least expected. Mummy too got furious at me.

After doing my morning duties, daddy called for a meeting. In attendance was everybody present in the house. The meeting started with asking Vero if she was sure she was not pregnant and as usual, she said she was not pregnant so plans were made for checkup. The next was the case between myself and Precious. Hmm Precious maintained her position that I tried rapping her.

Vero: what? Makafui tried rapping you? Precious are you sure of what you are saying? ”

She was very much shocked to hear that.

Mum: my daughter don’t stress yourself. I suggest we continue with this meeting when we return from the hospital.

Daddy: but woman why can’t we deal with it now?

Mum: am sure we will have a better response when we meet at the time am suggesting.

Mummy said this because she knows the kind of person her daughter Precious is. Her mother does not trust her and her mother equally didn’t believe I could do that. So her intention was to interview her daughter well when she returns from the hospital. After the meeting, Vero called me to her room and asked me to tell her the truth if not with immediate effect she was going to expose me. I told her what her sister did. She said okay and allowed me to go. Soon they were ready to leave for the checkup. I clean the car they used but I knew doom awaits me. Precious couldn’t look into my face that day.

Daddy was also angry at me. The problem was that, at the time she was seducing me, she set her phone to video everything so later in the day she left the house to a studio in town to edit the video. She made them edit it to in such a way that they were able cut the places that showed she caused everything in order to win her case. We humans sometimes do forget that there is someone always above us taking notice of everything we do on this earth. Today you will win your case on earth but note that there is a bigger judgement awaiting us all.

Lo and behold, the pregnancy test was done and it remained positive. Right from the hospital, mum got disappointed in Vero and said she has disgraced her. In mum’s mind, it was Mustapha; Vero’s ex who impregnated her daughter illegally. Vero’s parents were aware of Mustapha as their daughters boyfriend. They got home and behold, the news was broken. “Vero is pregnant”.

“But Vero why couldn’t you wait for Mustapha to come and marry you before getting pregnant for him?” Mum asked. Dad was equally disappointed in her. Mum went to Precious in her room after she return and asked more about what she claimed happen. Precious stood firm and maintained her point. She showed the edited video to her mother and seriously, the video only showed where I slept on top of her. With such a case how could I be free from it? Her mother with bitterness in her heart came to me and said I was wicked so I wanted to spoil her daughter. Daddy asked Vero about Mustapha and Vero said it that they were no more. “So who is the pregnancy for?” Daddy asked. “Daddy please forgive me if I mention the person to you and don’t also get angry with the person. I love him. The pregnancy belonged to Makafui. ” what!!!!!! Makafui the house boy? Daddy, mum and Precious all said in a chorus. That was where the real bomb landed on daddy. He got very angry and called the police to come for me. When they came around, he gave them two charges. One was attempted rape and the second was illegally impregnating his daughter.

Vero despite was hurt that I attempted rape on her sister, she said she will never allow the police take me away. Her father commanded the police to take me and there Precious shouted “No! Please don’t take him away. I lied. ” “what! Precious you did what?” Mum asked. “Yes ma I caused everything. The video you saw was edited.” Vero also came in, “don’t take him away, I caused it. I seduced him to sleep with me. I love him dad, I want to marry him mum”. ” Will you shut up the two of you, now all of you go inside the room.” Daddy said.

” Now listen Vero, am not accepting this bustard as your husband today nor tomorrow. ” Daddy angrily said. “But what do you want her to do with the pregnancy if she doesn’t marry him?” Mum asked. “Woman stay out of this ” Daddy cautioned. This is the real beginning of Makafui’s story.


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