MONEY OVER LOVE … (18+) … Part 5



It was the call from his wife informing him that they were on their way back home. First thing after the call, he mentioned my name. I stood up in response with my hands at my back. I was feeling very nervous because there was no way I could guess what was about to come out of his mouth or what was about to happen to me. I was as scared as the soldier whose ears were slashed down by Peter’s sword.
“Oh sit down, but why are you looking so nervous within yourself?” He asked. My guilty conscience was really at work. “Nothing daddy am fine, nothing is worrying me.” I responded anxiously. Vero kept looking at my face. “How old are you now?” Daddy asked. This man’s questions were actually increasing my fear. Something was telling me to go ahead by apologizing for what I did but on a second thought, I decided to hold on. “Please I will be twenty in the next two months.” With a very sober voice I answered. “Oh that’s fine. Meaning Vero is three years older than you are. And you are two years older than Precious my daughter in school.” He said sounding very relaxed.
His attention was drawn to an issue mentioned on TV. He was actually doing two things at a time. Watching the news paper review and asking me the questions. They read a headline which was about the meeting he just returned from so it got his attention more. “Vero that was the meeting I attended over the week.” Daddy said to Vero drawing her attention also to that particular segment of the review. Vero was happy for the father and asked when he will take her with him to any of such meetings. This suggested to me that there was no cause for alarm since they had that friendly talk. If there should be any problem, I don’t think this chat could come up.
“Makafui”, daddy called again. This time I only looked into his face. “I’ve studied you over the past few days you spent with us and I could see you should be a well cultured and respectful boy. You are equally hardworking and smart. I had wanted to register you to be part of my network marketing firm but you can’t read nor write. I will enroll you on this adult education class so that you could learn the basic skills of reading and writing.
From today, you are part of this family since you complained of not having a family. “I couldn’t believe myself hearing all these pronouncements from this man. I don’t know if I was dreaming like how it happened in my village. This one was very real. I was very happy to the extent that my anxiety and nervousness got vanished.
“Daddy, hmm am lost of words. Thank you for believing in me and all the compliments you rained on me. Thank you sister Vero for finding me when I was lost. Being part of this family is more or less granting me a ticket to heaven. Am grateful.” I said with tears of joy on my face. Vero was happy for me as well. This informed me that when men disowned you, God never did so we always need to have hope for a better tomorrow if today looks very blurry.
God will always send angels in the form of men to redirect your path just like He did for Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams. So my brothers and sisters let’s continue to believe and trust in God for a better tomorrow. But we also need to work to experience what God has for us. If you sit at one place expecting Mana from heaven, then believe you me, you will remain there for very long time. The choices you make along your fight for breakthrough also counts. If you take the wrong path, be prepared to face the consequences.
I was still thanking them when mommy arrived at the gate and blew the horn of her car. I ran out to open the gate and also ushered them inside. After helping them in, I collected the key from Vero and whispered to her that I left the security phone in her room. She nodded and made a sign language telling me that she will bring it to me. I left them and went out to trim the flowers in front of the house. Vero went inside and put the phone into her purse ready to bring it to me outside. Before she could come out, daddy called the phone to ask me to wash a particular car for him. The phone rang from Vero’s purse which they all heard. “Is that not the security phone ringing form your purse?” Daddy asked her. “Yes dad, you know Makafui doesn’t know how to read. The network providers sent a message which he couldn’t read so he brought it to me to read for him. They were just asking him to subscribe to a caller tune. I was explaining it to him when you arrived at the gate so he left the phone with me.” Vero lied smartly.
I wonder where she got that well planned lines from. Daddy told her why he was calling so when she brought the phone, she delivered the message. She asked why I was nervous initially when daddy was asking me questions about me. “Sister Vero, I thought the secret has been revealed. I nearly out of fear let the cat out of the basket.” I said to her. “You nearly did what? How on earth must I report you for something I started and enjoyed badly? You are lucky you did nothing like that.” She said. She smiled and left to the room.
Two days later whilst at dinning taking breakfast with the family, Precious, their 18 years old daughter called madam. She informed her that they had vacated so first thing the following day, she will be home. Madam informed the family after the call about the content of her daughter’s call.
Father: yea Makafui, Precious is your sister in the boarding school. She will be coming home tomorrow for the Christmas holidays.
He advised that I should take good care of his children so that we could live in unity and as a family. He warned me not to disrespect any of them because he cherished them a lot. He also advised Vero and Junior to also accept me as their brother. After everything, I went to my post when Junior came to inform me that his sister, Vero sent for me. I asked Junior to be at the post for me while I check on his sister. Junior was equally a nice guy.
As usual, Vero saw me through the window that I was coming alone. I knocked but she didn’t respond. I pushed the door opened and Vero was on her bed and signalled me to come and join her in bed. “sister, everybody is around and we may have problem if we are caught.” I said to her. She ignored what I was saying and started loosing her clothes. The door was also not locked. I pounced on her and went on a one round raw journey.
Junior was feeling lonely at the post because I was not coming so he decided to come to his sister’s room. I was busy with the sister when we heard his footsteps approaching. Hurriedly, I dressed up and was pretending as if I was fixing his sister’s radio when he entered. Vero was in her bed and asked Junior to go get her water from the fridge. I left the room as soon as Junior went to take the water. I made a cross thanking God he didn’t catch us. Honestly I was enjoying my stay in that house. I had everything any man would wish for. One thing we don’t know is that we can ran but we can’t hide forever. One day the bucket will get full.
Around 10am the following morning, Precious was at the entrance in a taxi. I needed to open my eyes wider to see what I was seeing because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I swallowed saliva about ten times in a role. I thought Vero was the prettiest lady I saw but to be honest, Precious was a super beauty. Even the voice she used to respond to my welcome almost sent me into coma. Her voice was like some dance hall artist I know of. But one thing I suspected about her was that she would be a rude and a too-knowing girl. I helped her to her room and on our way to the room, she asked me who I was. I told her I was their new house help. Oh is that so? I’m lucky then. Help clean the room neatly and let me know when you are done. This lady made me do all the dirty work in her room. I swept and arranged her room. She gave me some unnecessary commands at which I almost lost my temper.
Her beauty and character doesn’t match at all. I respected her enough and did almost everything she requested for. Later in the day, a welcome dinner was made and at the dinning, their father introduced me again as one of them and laid more emphasis on the need for respect for one another.
Vero left that evening to where she do come from. Actually she works as a personal secretary to a Member of Parliament. After she left, I began admiring Precious seriously. She seems to be a different case so she doesn’t like giving me the chance to interact with her. She sees me as a mere house keeper which was far below her standard. Despite the good times I do have with her elder sister, I still got my eyes on devouring her.
Daddy was ready to buy the form for me to start my adult education class. One evening, I accidentally entered Precious’ room without knocking. I thought she was out so I went to clean her room when I saw her only in her panties. She quickly covered herself and I also went out of the room immediately.
She came out to meet me outside and said she was going to report me. I pleaded with her and told her that it was a mistake. In her presence, Vero called my line. She doesn’t sound well so I asked if she was fine. She said she was expecting her menses but it was not coming. “What! Please I will call you back.” I said and hanged up. Daddy saw me and I also saw him but I remained calmed.
“What is wrong with my sister because I heard her voice in the call you just had.” Precious asked. “Oh yeah she is the one but said she was not very fine. I wanted to inform mom about it with immediate effect.” I said. “Are you sure about this?” She asked. “Oh but why should I lie to you small madam?” I replied. She came to sit inside my security post and asked “what did you see when you opened the door on me?” I was shocked when she asked me that. “Nothing. I saw nothing please.” I answered.
“I will like to see you around 10pm in my room this evening. Don’t let anyone see you when coming. She said and went out.
Will Makafui be able to achieve his dreams in this house with the kind of life he was living? Was vero Pregnant?


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