MONEY OVER LOVE … (18+) … Part 12



“Madam please with all due respect, what you are expecting me to do will be the worse thing I will ever do in this world. I was lost when Mr Charles came to find me, this shouldn’t be the right way of paying him back. Please let’s not do this.” I begged her. “Agbanavor am actually dying inside. You leaving me alone will be more than killing me slowly. Your boss won’t know about this and I will make sure I provide all your needs including your wife’s. Just help me. Okay I will give you Ghc1000.00 as soon as we are done.” She held me by my waist whiles saying that. “Madam please I won’t do it. Leave me alone to go. If you try pushing me to the wall, I will report you to my boss and you know what that will mean.” I said to her. “Hey my friend don’t even try it. Now you have to do this or else I will shout and say you want to rape me and you equally know what that will mean.” She said back. Hmm just as my boss said, as a strong man, you will be faced with challenges, problems and setbacks but what makes the difference is how you are able to discipline yourself and overcome them. The voice that set me moving from my village also said life is full of choices, at every point in life’s journey, one has to make a choice and every choice also has its implications. Yes I needed money to be independent and also self sufficient but not through an evil means such as this. How could I sleep with my own boss’s wife?

To be honest, this challenge was too tough for me to bare. It was through the same means that sent me out of my formal house and made my in-law hate me for life. If my in-law on earth should hate me for life, what then will God in heaven do? Am even not sure I will be judged before pushed into hell fire. “Madam please you know what you want us to do is against the will of God?” I asked.

She remained silent and burst into tears. She went to sleep on her bed with her face bowed on the bed and cried more. “Madam please what is it? Why are you crying?” I asked. “Please I wish you could leave me alone inside. I want some privacy. ” she said. “Okay sorry if I’ve offended you.” I walked out of her room. You could see from my shirt that the room was warm so I was frightened what anyone that will see me coming out of the room will suspect and this was because when we entered, she didn’t switch on the air condition. Immediately I stepped out, this was Precious standing by the wall leading to madam’s room.

Me: Precious why are you standing here?

Precious: Makafui you’ve done well. But why are you sweating like this?

Me: why are you saying I’ve done well? I asked feeling guilty.

Precious: No need explaining anything. I overhead everything that went on inside. I’m only standing here to congratulate you.

Me: and what do you mean by that?

Precious: I didn’t say you did anything wrong. Don’t let your conscience deceive you. Am congratulating you on how you were able to deal with that tough Olympic tournament. I was in my room when I saw both of you going into her room so I suspected something hahaha. Oh but you’ve done well. My sister must be grateful for having you.

Me: hmm so Precious tell me why you ladies are like that? It was through this same means that I got your sister pregnant. You also tried it on me and now madam. Why?

Precious: haha are you telling me your history? Look, don’t think it is only you men that has feelings and chase after ladies. We equally have and it’s even stronger than what you guys experience. When it comes, we find our own ways and means of satisfying ourselves. So when we have any available man around, why won’t we take advantage. I understand madam, her husband feels he can just marry such a beautiful woman like that and leave her at home to suffer. He thinks body be firewood.

Me: hmm really? Then I will suggest to you that it’s not the best. You people need deliverance. Where is my boy?

Precious: He is asleep.

I walked with her to see Makafui the Junior sleeping soundly. I thanked God I didn’t push further for the abortion of the pregnancy. I went back to continue with my daily routines in the house. In the process, I thought about what just happened. If we thought what happened in that room was a secret between myself and madam but someone saw it long ago, then am sure God even saw the end before it started.

Thank God I took the right decision. Soon my wife returned from work and there was joy in the house. Madam was just not in her normal mood for the rest of the day. All she did was to join us take supper and returned to her room. Precious also played her role well by not making madam know that she was aware of what went on. The following day, on our way to alight madam at her school, she apologized for what happened. “Agbanavor, am sorry for what happened yesterday, I actually don’t know what came over me. Please forgive me.” “Oh madam, you need not to be worried. I understand you very well. I think it will be good if you could explain things to your husband about how you do miss him when he is away, I think he can readjust his schedules so that he could equally have time for you.” I said.

“Hmm my brother, you should even be asking why till now I’ve not gotten pregnant. My husband has never satisfied me for once. It is barely seven months now since we got married. You won’t understand.” She said looking very worried. “Madam I understand everything you said. I will help you overcome all your difficulties.” I said to her. “And what do you think you can do to help me?” She asked. “Don’t worry, it will be in-between me and boss.” I said to her. Soon we got to her school and I returned home. Everything in the house seemed to stabilize for some time until my boss returned from America. Per what madam was telling me in the car the other time, it seems my boss was not performing well in bed. This added to the reasons for him not staying home. Haha it could also mean madam’s libidinal energy was higher than my boss could take. I thanked God I didn’t try it for her to break my spine. On our way to inspect progress of his building project, I tried in my own way to find out if madam’s claims were true.

Me: eei boss but so soon do you know you are almost getting a year old after your wedding ceremony?

Boss: Yes oo my guy, time is flying like a bird.

Me: but till now madam is still not carrying belly. Or are you waiting to complete your building before you hit harder? Haha

Boss: hahaha bad boy, that was what you did and impregnated someone’s daughter. Hmm guy but on a more serious note you did well oo, yeah because it’s not easy impregnating a lady. I’ve been doing all I should do but the pregnancy is still not coming.

Me: oh really! Okay boss let me see how best I can help you. You know am a village boy and know more about herbs. I will get you some to be taking and I assure you that sooner or later, she will beg you to stop and the next thing you will see is pregnancy.

Boss: are you serious with what you are saying? Like I will be forever thankful to you.

I assured him. I went into some forest close to the site to search for the herbs I will use for the medicines for him. It wasn’t any big forest but it was more than a simple bush. Suddenly, I heard a voice telling me to look back. I turned and there was nothing behind me. I kept moving forward searching for the herbs. I was not finding the particular one I was looking for. I heard the voice again telling me to look back. All this while, the voice was saying I should take note of where I passed before reaching where I got to in the forest. I didn’t notice that. I got to the middle of the forest and now, I couldn’t locate my way back again. I also saw the particular herb this time around but where to pass and go back became the problem. I will come and appear at where I started in the forest.

Time was far spent so my boss became worried for me not returning. He sent his boys to come into the forest and look for me. As soon as they started their search, I fell into a trance. In the trance, I saw the image I saw back in my village before leaving, and it said to me, “My son let your sister in-law leave the house before you give the herb to your boss if not she will make you loose everything.”

I came into consciousness when I heard a loud voice mentioning my name, it was the voice of the people searching for me. I responded so they were able to trace my voice and came to rescue me. I told them I lost my way out. I apologized to my boss for keeping him waiting. He said he was rather scared something happened to me. I showed the herbs to him but didn’t tell him what went on in the forest. This time around, I ignored the voice because Precious was helping her sister. My boy too was growing well.

I dried the herb for one full week. I then asked him to use it as bitters. My number is xxxxxxxx call me let me get some of the herb for you. My boss started taking this medicine and come see things for yourself. For two and a half hours, he was still active. Just as I knew, he cancelled some of his business schedules and stayed at home. One afternoon, he sent me to the site to check something for him, his wife was gone to work, my wife also went to work. My boss’s father traveled so basically it was left with Precious, my son and my boss. Precious took advantage of the situation. She seduced my boss and because my boss has his vitality drug under his bed, he used it and serviced Precious very well.

They became secret lovers and were doing their own thing in the dark. This time around, madam was suspecting her husband against Precious. One night, Charles woke up quietly to Precious’ room. They started having affair when madam woke up and realized her husband was not beside her on the bed. She started looking for him. First she checked the wash room but Charles was not there. She decided to check the kitchen and from their room to the kitchen, you need to pass in front of my room. When she got to my entrance, she heard a loud moaning from Vero and that increased her quest to look for her husband. She went into the kitchen and still Charles wasn’t around. Something prompted her to check Precious’ room. Lo and behold, the moaning from my room was even nothing compared to the one from Precious’ room. The one Precious was giving was very loud so my boss was cautioning her to stop making noise. This was where madam nearly went mad. She pushed the door and it was locked. She knocked and Precious came out in a towel to open the door. Madam didn’t ask her anything before slapping her very loud in the face. She pushed her away from the door and entered the room. Charles quickly went to hide himself inside the wardrobe in the room.

“Where is my husband you stupid girl?” Madam asked. Before she could say additional words, Precious also replied with a heavy slap. It turned into a fight between madam and Precious. My boss realizing where the thing was getting to wouldn’t help, he came out in his boxers to separate them. Madam got more furious and took some champagne bottle on the table to break Precious’ head but luckily for her, my boss used his hands to block the bottle in the air but got a very deep cut in the end.

Precious also wanted to use another bottle on madam and this time around, because of the pain my boss was going through, he couldn’t save the bottle this time around, it landed on her heard and straight, madam went into coma. This was when Charles rushed to call me to help him. By then I was also just warming up for my next round when he came to call. I opened the door only to see him bleeding seriously. I asked what happened to him and he said it was nothing so I should help his wife. I was running towards his room when he redirected me to Precious’ room. I got in and madam was lying restlessly on the floor. Precious was standing there with the towel on and looking at her without any concern.

“Precious what is happening?” I asked. She was pointing at me with the remaining broken bottle. “Stop asking me questions if not you will receive your part of it.” She said. “What has come over you? Are you getting insane?” I asked. “You are rather getting insane.” She threw the bottle at me but I dodged it. I carried madam and was sending her into the car so that we rush her to the hospital. Come and see trouble for me. Due to anxiety, I was holding the car keys in my hand but was still looking for it in the room.

What has come over Precious? Will madam survive? What next? Let’s check from the next episode. Don’t forget to like and share your comments with us.


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