MONEY OVER LOVE … (18+) … Part 11



“I least expected this from you. Anyway it has already happened and I thank God Faustina came to save me. Let me see the list.” He stretched forth his hands and I gave it to him. He took the list and studied it very well and smiled. “Haha my guy, am sure this list is suggesting that the lady becomes your personal property after marrying her. Why should you pay your in-laws at the end of the month and fuel their car for them? Ah this is nonsense. It has no meaning. Eemm this is what we will do, you don’t need to disguise yourself as if you have turned rich. Since the ladies mother is ready to accept you, I will help you buy some of the items and tell them that was all you were able to get. Let them understand that you can’t afford paying for their fuel every month and pay them in addition. Why, are you a bank where their daughter becomes their deposit?” He said and tapped my shoulders.
I thanked him for the support and advice. He said I shouldn’t worry. He inspired me with these words “We all know that life isn’t that simple and that throughout our journey in life we might face numerous challenges, problems and setbacks. The difference between people who succeed in life and those who don’t is their ability to face life’s challenges correctly and not the absence of challenges. Agbanavor, I see you to be a strong and resilient person. And as such a person, you will get hit by setbacks and lifes’ problems just like everyone else. If I should tell you how my father started before getting where he is now, you will just open your mouth wide. For me, I will say my father provided for me so I won’t say I went through what you are going through now but my father did. Just learn how to face life’s challenges and that will help you become more successful and live a happier life.” I thanked him for such powerful words.
He said I should do the arrangements fast because he needs to travel abroad in three weeks time. He gave me the money to buy the most pressing things on the list. I went to inform Vero and her family that I was ready to do the marriage ceremony. All these while, the baby was not named but Vero kept calling him after my name Makafui. I went with some of the guys working on my bosses building to fix the date for the ceremony. You won’t believe it, Vero’s father said he forgot to add damaging fee to the list. My friends laughed uncontrollably because what the man was saying was too funny to comprehend.
This man got pieced off and asked him to go out of his house because no one can decide for him. Anyway I don’t blame him. It could be one of those symptoms of old age. This man said he wouldn’t let this marriage thing of mine disrupt his schedules for the year so he gave a date that won’t favour my boss. I pleaded for a change but he as usual refused. He just didn’t like anything about me. I used to think that it was only women that demonstrate such behaviours but my in-law changed my perception. He never allowed me to go into Vero’s room to even chat with her because he said until I marry her, I can’t go close to her.
We only planned a traditional wedding. I came to inform my boss about the date and he said I shouldn’t worry, he will reschedule some of his activities so that he makes time for me. Hmm, I always believe the saying that God is not man to lie nor are our ways his ways. Once He has written something about you, He will find ways and means of making you achieve it. Just look at how someone I know from no where has time for me whiles my own blood relations rejected me. If man rejects you, your father in heaven rejects you not. I just found myself a new family. My boss asked me to travel back to my village and invite my relatives to come and witness the ceremony for me. I told him that was not necessary because they never for once thought of looking for me to see if am still alive or dead. I told him his family and some few friends are enough for me. I did nothing like invitation cards as well. Hmm, on the day of the marriage ceremony, Vero’s father said he was not feeling very well. My friends who came to witness the program were seated, Vero’s family were also present excluding her father. This man claimed he was having stomach pain so we should give him time. He came nowhere near the venue of the ceremony neither did he go to the hospital. We waited and waited for this man to come but he wasn’t coming. His wife went into his room only to find her husband almost dying. She started shouting on top of her voice so we all thought this man was dead. I went inside to see what was going on only for me to see this man struggling to breath. I quickly asked for his car keys and rushed him to the hospital. All these while, our guests were seated waiting for us.
I told the nurses that we need his presence in the house very badly. They said we should pray his condition stabilize faster. After some few hours at the hospital, my to-be in-law regained his consciousness. He was given some energy booster and was told his family needs his presence at the house so he should go home and after the program, he should return to hospital for review. He said there was no need for him going home because what was going on in his house was not to his wish.
We pleaded with this man until he accepted to go with us. I was just sorry for my guests who came very early in the morning and was waiting till that time. Some of them couldn’t wait longer so they left. We got to the house around 4:00pm. Due to this, we need to fast tuck the program in order to finish early. One of the elderly men working on my bosses building acted as my father and my boss’s wife acted as my mother. When it got to the part of the program where we needed to present the items, my in-law asked where her daughter’s car was and also he couldn’t see the in-laws fuel allowance as well as some other funny things he wrote. Her wife who was my mother in-law came to my rescue and said I told her we will bring them later. This man said since her wife was taken decisions on his behalf, she should continue with the rest of the program. He got angry and went into his room. Everybody around started talking against this man. Vero told her that he was disgracing himself as well as she herself. Honestly, the ceremony was nothing good to write home about. We did something to represent something and after, I took my wife and son with me.
Precious accompanied us in order to help vero with babysitting. She has completed high school so was free at home. When we got home, my boss gave us additional room where Precious could stay. Two days after that scanty engagement, Precious came to me one evening whilst her sister was resting in the room. She said she was sorry for what happened between us and besides, she wasn’t in a good mental state so I should forgive her. She said it was the work of the devil. Well, the devil should stop harassing people so that they stop blaming him even if he exist.
“Precious, I have nothing against you but make sure you don’t repeat such awkward behaviour in this house. You are very much aware that this is not my house so with the little thing you do, we can be sent out.” I said to her. She thanked me and went into her room. I never allowed the opportunity given to me change my behaviour. I continued my work in the house as usual. In the morning, I will carry my boss’s wife to school and when she closed, I will still go for her. Despite her happiness being married to my boss, she still had an emotional conflict. Her problem was that her husband doesn’t have enough time for her. This is my advice to the ladies that want to marry such rich men, because they won’t want to loose their financial status, they work harder and that makes it difficult for him to stay home. So if you are married to them be prepared to enjoy living alone when he is not around. Especially those of them doing international businesses. Hardly will my boss spend a full week at home. Today he is going for this meeting, tomorrow he is traveling, tomorrow next he needed to attend a conference etc. It was due to his busy schedules that made him like me that much because I was always there for him. The love between myself and vero was also growing well and anyone that sees how we cared for each other feels like getting married. Precious was also in the house doing the babysitting. Vero gained employment at some rural bank in our area so that also increased the need for Precious to continue to stay with us. After some few months, Precious started showing her devilish part to my boss. Naturally she is beautiful and there was no two ways about that. My boss started having interest in her to the extent that he doesn’t give too much attention to his wife anymore. I realized that Precious started wearing very short skirts and dresses that exposes her sensitive parts.
Madam Faustina also noticed this and asked me to talk to her. Madam was also beginning to have interest in me because her husband doesn’t have time for her. One afternoon, madam called me from school and said she wasn’t feeling well so I should come and take her home. Vero also went to work so it was left with Precious and Makafui the Junior. My boss as usual was not around and his father also has a different flat within the same building. I went for madam and on the way, she bought some medicines to cue her headache. When we got to the house, she said she was very weak so I should carry her on my back into her room. “Madam please Precious might suspect something going on between us should she see this.” I said to her.
“Alright don’t worry. Just help me with my bag to the room.” She requested. I took the bag and followed her into the room. “Agbanavor can you read what is going on inside me?” She asked when we got into the room. “Madam please how?” I asked. “Come and let me explain to you. Come why? are you afraid of coming close to me? She asked. I walked towards her and this lady grabbed me with a hug. ” Agbanvor make sure you kill this feeling within me before leaving this room.” She said with a very romantic voice.
Will Makafui forget about his past so soon? Did Precious noticed what was going on? What next? Let’s check from the next episode. Don’t forget to like and share your comments with us.


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