MIDNIGHT SAGA…..(18+)…..Part 9


It totally didn’t come to me as a Surprise, while
we were chatting I had already noticed she was
was enjoying my company.
“Am really sorry I said, you know I just came
back today, am very tired”
I didn’t leave until I had cracked up some jokes
for her.
I arrived home about 1 hour after I got a call from
my Mum, Michael was the first person I saw, the
expression on his face indicated my Mum had
kept my arrival a secret; He was Surprised
We Shook hands like old time friends, the collision
of our palms produced a very loud sound, that
also left a little pain s£nsat!on.
Chinaza came out of her room, she must have
heard us, we hugged
“I wonder why they were giving me this royal
recognition, I had left home for school only about
1 month and 3 weeks precisely.”
My mum stood from afar, smiling. Totally thrilled
by the love her kids had for one for one another.
One Small happy family
“Are you guys going to keep standing there or
you’re going to come over to the table for
Dinner?”She asked.
We went over to the table, had Dinner.
” Chinaza was eagerly trying to keep me Update
of recent happenings in house and neighborhood”
Jeff, do you know Kate that lives across the
street? she asked.
Yes, what’s up with her?
She got impregnated.
Really? , I was only trying to give her the reaction
she needed, but I wasn’t really interested in the
“Well you should also be careful, you know you’re
becoming a big Girl now and guys have their eyes
all over you, I said, with a facial expression that
portrayed seriousness ”
I can’t do that she said, I was relieved coz the
truth is she was fast becoming very Attractive.
I later called Sandra and Amarachi and informed
them of my Safe journey.
Only Sandra seemed very happy
Amarachi’s Countenance was almost indifferent, I
guess that’s not part of the Benefits for Friends
with benefits. lol
I woke up really weak, took my bath,ate,dressed
up and was awaiting the Arrival of my Uncles.
They eventually showed up, I greeted them in the
traditional way, They were really happy to
eventually see me.
We sat at the Sitting room, just me, my Mum and
my uncles.
Mazi Obiora, who was the oldest of them all,

“The reason for this meeting isn’t far fetched, you
know my brother(my Dad) passed away and left
his plot of land behind and it has been abandoned
for 3 years now, So we came to seek your
permission to Cultivate on it in the mean time.”.
He leaned back to the Cushion after making their
intentions known.
Looked like the Idea seemed pleasant to my Mum,
like she was Glad, the Issue wasn’t a Big one
after all.
She was about giving her Consent when I Said
” Its not Gonna Happen
The Statement was unexpected, all eyes from my
four uncles and my Mum turned to my direction.
“Its not gonna happen I said again”
Not this way at least.
We’ll have to produce a written agreement, where
we can all Sign, in the presence of a Lawyer.
“Big mistakes always originate from Simple ones,
I have seen many people make mistakes Similar
to this and we wouldnt be the Victims, not today,
This isn’t the Age of Verbal Agreement.
They come to you asking for simple Favours as
this, they start cultivating, with time they forget
the fact that you did them a favour, they see it as
their right! They Stop being thankful, their Kids
also start cultivating, Before you know it.
There’s a Switch in Inheritance
My Mum seemed to like the idea and from the
look on my Uncles face, I could tell it didn’t land
My Mum bought my Suggestion, though it didn’t
really seem like a Suggestion.
I was the Man of the House anyway.
Well, they had no Choice, the family had decided.
they later left to get the documents ready.
I went back to my Room, I met Chinaza there,
she was Operating my Phone. D–n! There was
really some stuff i didn’t want disclosed.
I was welcomed with Questions
“Who is this” she asked pointing the phone to my
oh that’s my Wife I replied. it was a Pic of Sandra
“And This?” Showing me another image this time
that’s my Concubine,(A pic of Amarachi) I wasn’t
smiling all through, She was laughing.
She had probably expected me to be Untruthful.
Since it was an Android phone, I collected the
phone, long pressed the home Screen, saw the
recent Apps, she had Gone though my Messages
from A-Z,
through my Contacts too.
And who said Ladies weren’t the best Detectives?
Its Inborn
She wasn’t smart enough to cover her tracks.
Truth is, I had once or twice envisioned Sandra
as the Mother of my kids, so to a Degree I was
being Sincere.
Jeff, Get her pregnant, I love Babies. she said
with a Big Grin.
You love Babies? She nodded in reply
Why don’t you meet Kate for Coaching on how to
Make one?
She laughed and said No!
It was a Saturday, I planned to be traveling the
Following day, Sunday, to meet up with Monday
So if Anything was to happen with Linda, it had
to be today.


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