MIDNIGHT SAGA…..(18+)…..Part 8


I was like,”Is this Girl ¢razy?”
But there was neither time to think nor to get
upset, less I lose the Pleasure of the Eja¢ulation.
I spilled my Seeds into her ¢unt, all of it, till the
Very Last drop
I was tired I just fell and lay by her side, Still
breathing heftily
I managed to Voice out the 5 words i had been
dying to ask.
“What if you get Pregnant?”
Her next statement got me relieved, Very relieved.
“Am a Big Girl, I’ll take care of myself”
the best thing ave heard in a long time.
We both hit the shower, I decided to bath her,
Rubbed the Soap on her back, her skin was so
Massaged her b0s0ms a little with my Soapy
Got to her ¢unt, Rubbed some Soap around the
¢lit, She let out a Silent m.oan.
In a Snap, we were in another Round of $ex.
There I was giving her D.oggy, the Soap and
water on our Body Produced a Very Funny Sound
with each t—-t.
It was D.oggy all through, After about 15
Minutes, She was Holding unto my thighs,
Squeezing them, And kept saying she was Gonna
¢um, two minutes later she was ¢umming.
she was so tired after ¢umming, I had to Stop,
lifted her up, took her to the bed and la!d her
***I didn’t ¢um****
Later she said she would be Leaving, told me she
had a Nice time.
*****Of course she had a Nice time, Can’t say the
same for me, I didn’t Fvcking ¢um*****
I dressed up and Accompanied her.
After getting back from Accompanying Amarachi, I
picked up my phone to call Sandra,
Hey Honey,I miss you
“Don’t Honey me, you don’t miss me, if you did
you wouldn’t have the mind to go a day without
hearing my Voice” She Said.
“Oh that’s not true dear, ave just been Busy with
some things” I replied
I really had been busy. Lol
Well a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.
I Apologised, Told her some Sweet words that
made her laugh.
I Realised I havent called my Mum in a long while
Dialled her number.
Hello, the Sweetest Mum in the Universe, The
Unparalleled Queen of England, How are you
She was laughing, she couldn’t reply until after
about 2 Minutes.
am Fine my Dear she replied, you will not kill me.
***I love my Mum, A lot, and she knows it****
She Said she had also wanted to call me, that
there is a Problem, and I should Come back Home
as fast as I can.
I didn’t travel Home until the following Weekend,
Friday precisely.
I got home, Dropped my Luggage, Went round the
house, but saw nobody.
Just the Family’s Dog, I figured my Mum must be
at her Boutique, my Dad was late.
So its just a Family of 4,
Myself, My two siblings and my Mum.
my two Siblings were in School, Chinaza and
Michael, a Girl and a boy Respectively
Chinaza was in SS2 and Michael in SS3.
So I planned to Surprise my Mum at the boutique,
Took my bath, Prepared some indomie, ate and
left for her boutique.
When I got there I was Surprised, coz the Place
had been Renovated, everything was looking so
Sneaked up on my Mum and covered her Eyes
with my hands from behind.
She just Started laughing, realising there’s only
one person in the World who would tease her that
Jeffrey, My Son!
I let go soon as my Cover was blown.
Looked at her with a Big Grin, You look even
more Prettier than I remember, I Said
She Smiled, Meanwhile there was this Lady I Saw
there. Looked like my mother had employed her,
She was wearing a Jeans trouser, with a Pink
top,Very Pretty. She had been Staring at the
drama I was making with my Mum
My mum was a Smart Woman, Probably
employed her to Move Market. Lol.
The Girl was Very Endowed, Especially in
Attributes not related to Height.
My Mum Caught me Staring at her Employee,
Jeff! She said, with a Look Saying “Be careful”
She later introduced me to her Salesgirl, i found
out her name was Linda.
So Mum, Why did you Urge me to Come back
with so much haste?
Oh my Dear, There was a meeting about your
dads inheritance that was supposed to be held
with your Uncles.
But since you weren’t home, It was shifted till
your Return.
Am glad you’re here.

We kept on talking and Gisting. My Mum asked
me to wait for her.
she’ll be Going to the Market, to buy some Food
stuff, to Welcome me with my Favorite Dish.
I stayed back and had a Brief Conversation with
Linda, Found out she was a Jambite , she took
the Job to While away time and earn some,
before her Admission.
Two Customers came by, She attended to them.
Linda Later Excused herself to go to the
I was sitting, thinking whether to Call Sandra and
inform her I had arrived home, that’s when I
heard a m0an of Ecstasy, it was Very Brief, About
two seconds, then Vanished. It was coming from
the bathroom.
I tip toed towards the The Bathroom.
Peeped, and Guess what I Saw.
Linda was Watching P.orn and M.asturbating
It came to me as a Shock, Why would a Girl that
Pretty M.asturbate? When a lot of Guys will be
Beyond ready to have her.
I went back Sat on my Chair, And pretended to be
Pressing Something on my Phone.
She Came back, Went to her Desk, Picked up her
Pen and was documenting some stuff.
***Girls Can Pretend, This Girl Just finished giving
herself Multiple O.rgasms, here she is Acting like
Nothing ever happened, Girls can be Very
Devious… A girl may even have a Huge Crush on
you but You’ll never Know unless she wants you
The Environment was getting Dull, I decided to
animate it.
Ehm, What Course are you planning to study in
the University?
the question Caught her by Surprise, that she had
to make an”Eh”! Sound, Meaning I should Repeat.
I knew it would Sink in so, so I didn’t bother
Repeating it.
Pharmacy! she said.
Wow! I replied, So you wan Cure HIV?
She Laughed, and later said, she doesn’t want
the Cure for HIV to be discovered
I was Perplexed, Why not? I asked.
” If with the Possibility of HIV, there is So much
Premarital $ex in the Society, How much more
when its Cure its Discovered?”
****See Someone who just Finished Self Servicing
to P.orn****** Chai!
Well, you’re right, But…
What about the Innocent Kids that are born with
the disease? Suffering from the Mistake of their
Parents. Children with Dreams and Potentials, All
Imminently Terminated by the Viral Infection.
Besides, the Condom Factory will also Experience
a Decrease in Net Profit. I added.
She Began Laughing with Mouth Wide open.
I wasn’t even Laughing along, she stopped
laughing after about 2 Minutes.
And gave me that kind of look, like saying
“You’re Good”
We’re in June now right? Yes! she Replied.
that means you should have Written your Jamb
Examination. what was your Score?
She replied, I was impressed and couldn’t hide it.
Am Glad there’s a Brain behind that Pretty face, I
She Blushed.
You’ll Definitely Get Admission by Gods Grace.
That Statement kind of Ignited some Excitement
on her face. Thank you she Said! In a Manner
that said she meant Every Word.
Not long after that, I got a Call from my Mum,
asking me to come home. that She was done
I stood Up and Bid Linda Good bye.
She looked at me with a Sad Face and Said.
“So you’re Going to leave me here all alone?”


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