MIDNIGHT SAGA…..(18+)…..Part 44


“Rita, you know I like you, but…”
She raised her hand, towards me, and turned
her face sideways, with her eyed closed, trying
to tell me “She wasn’t ready to hear whatever I
had to say”
“You remember the first time, we met, during
the interview, when you were calling names on
a list?” I asked, not really expecting a reply
from her.
She turned her face to look at me.
“The moment I set my eyes on you, I stared for
a while, you were and still is, extremely
gorgeous, your voice very soothing, and your
affection, relieving. I think I made a very huge
mistake, I never really told you how much you
mean to me. You mean a lot to me Rita, more
than you can ever comprehend.”
Rita began smiling a little.
I reached forward and hugged her, she hugged
me back.
“Ask me what I’ll be without you, only one
word qualifies, ‘lost’ ” I said
She was laughing at this point.
I invited her in, and she lay on the bed, while I
prepared tea for both of us. it rained the
previous night, so the environment was still
I realised something really important that day.
“Showing people you care about them, is not
enough, at a point, you have to tell them.”
I was done preparing the tea, I offered her a
cup, and we drank while discussing.
“What’s really going on with you and Capon?
He seems to care a lot about you,and you’re
not returning the favour”
She kept quiet.
I didn’t bother asking again, because my
question was loud and clear, if she didn’t give
me a reply, it wasn’t because she didn’t hear
“To be honest I don’t really know, am just not
feeling it, with him. Can you believe we’ve
been together for about two years and haven’t
really gone out on a single date?”
I chose the wrong time to laugh.
“You find my predicament funny?” she asked.
“Hahaha, no am really sorry. But he loves you,
isn’t that what matters?”
She sipped from the tea.
“How many girls have you dated, or been
with?” she asked
That was a very tough question.
“Are you sure you wanna know?” I asked.
She nodded.
“It doesn’t really matter how many girls I’ve
been with, what matters is who am with, right
People are so eager to hear the truth, but the
fact is, not everyone can actually handle it.
She stared at me for some time, getting all
I knew if I had to avoid getting intimate with
her, the best place to be with her, would be
“My tea is cold, let’s grab a drink, do you
mind?” I said.
We left, my apartment, I was trying to check
on Ibro and tell him I would be going out,
when I heard m0ans coming from within. So I
We arrived a bar, Rita ordered for beer, while I
ordered for a non alcoholic drink.
“No way, Rita said, you are having beer too,
after long persuasion, I yielded.”
While we were drinking something dramatic
A man was sitting by our side.
He raised his glass of alcohol to his eye level.
“You, you’re my best friend. he said.
then kept quiet for a long while and
“This woman, In the morning, Papa Emeka, in
the afternoon, Papa Emeka, in the night Papa
Emeka, sometimes even in my dreams, Papa
Emeka. But when am with you, everywhere is
“Pheww” he said and made a gesture with his
Rita and I glanced at each other and burst
into laughter.
I wasn’t use to drinking alcohol, with soft
drinks I drink to my fill, so I think I used the
same mentality in drinking the beer. And Rita
was motivating me to drink more.
My view was becoming blurry, the next thing I
knew, I was In a dream, a woman was giving
me b.lowjob.
She licked the cap, then sq££zed my balls
while at it. I supported her head with my
After some minutes, she got on my rod, sat on
it and began riding.

She took both my hands from the side and
placed them on her b°°bs.
So I massaged them while she continued
riding and m0an!ng. She changed her position,
to the reverse cowgirl, pounding her @ss on
my d!ck.
Personally I had heard people talk about
spiritual wives and all that shii.
But if this woman, was my spiritual wife, I
wouldn’t mind, in fact that would be an
extension of my $£x life, not only Fvcking in
the physical, but even in spiritual realms.
I woke up the following morning, to the
aroma, of sauce being prepared, the aroma
was appetising.
I sat up, looking but not really seeing
Rita left the kitchen, to check on me.
She was wearing my shirt, with a pantie.
She held the stirrer in her hand.
“I always knew you would be good on bed” she
said, then licked her lips
“Wait a minute, did we….?”
“She nodded” and began laughing while
leaning on the door.
“Oh my God, Rita what have you done? I
screamed out, scratching my head in the
process, with my hand”
The previous semester, when she got drunk
and I had to take her home, I acted mature by
not taking advantage of her. Now it was her
turn, and she let her feelings for me get the
best of her…Gosh!
“How would I face Capon?
I couldn’t even imagine anyone laying his
hands on my Sandra, I might even consider
committing murder.”
Rita had been preparing spaghetti, she was
done, she brought it and we began eating.
“Rita, what happened last night was a
mistake” i said.
“I know” she said.
“And I happen to love those types of mistakes”
she added and began laughing. I was laughing
“But to be honest, it’s not funny, I mean, I
take your boyfriend as a brother, am not sure
I’ll ever forgive myself” I said.
“Don’t be too hard on yourself, Jeff, if anyone
is to blame it’s me” she said.
“Promise me it won’t happen again, please”
She began laughing again. “I cant promise you
I had lecture by 9am, I dressed up and left for
class, leaving Rita in my apartment, I
described to her where to keep the key, when
she would be leaving.
After the first lecture, I met Sandra, she was
seating in the front row.
“Hey beautiful, she turned around and saw me,
then smiled”
“Did you see my text message?” I asked.
“Yeah I did, I was too busy to reply or call
you, am sorry” she said.
“It’s alright” I replied.
She was with her friend, her friend was
pretending to be reading a book. But I was
very sure she wasn’t really reading anything.
Her ears were wide open and listening.
After lectures, that day, I was walking home, A
dark Jeep, with tinted glasses stopped right in
my front.
They opened the door, and two fierce looking
guys. looked at me for a while.


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