MIDNIGHT SAGA…..(18+)…..Part 42


I saw Amarachi sitting on a platform and
crying, bitterly.
I bent down, placed my hand to the side of his
neck, to feel his pulse. He was still alive.
I was astonished, how people in the 21st
century would stand aside, staring, while an
injured person’s life was slipping away.
“He’s alive, let’s get him to the hospital” i
screamed out.
One of the men, helped me lift Drake, while
others stopped a taxi.
Thirty minutes later, we arrived the hospital
and he was admitted.
Amarachi and I sat in the reception, she was
still crying, and I was her shoulder to lean on.
I didn’t ask her what happened, because I
think I knew already, it was probably those
malnourished thugs, who attacked me a week
For about three hours, no doctor or nurse
showed up, to keep us update on what was
going on.
Eventually, the doctor, summoned us to his
office. I recognised him, he was the same
doctor who treated Sandra, but I wasn’t sure if
he recognised me.
Amarachi and I sat in his office.
“You’re Jeffrey, right?” he asked
“Yes” I replied with a faint smile
“Is he your friend?”
“Yes sir”
He rocked his chair a little.
“He’ll survive, we are very lucky, the stab
missed his vital organs”
Amarachi, whose head had been tilted down,
raised her head in joy, glanced at me, then
hugged me tightly.
The doctor smiled a little.
“You should be able to see him, in a few
Amarachi was very happy, like I had never
seen before. She must have really loved him.
We went back to the receptionist, to kill time, I
decided to ask her about what happened.
“Drake and I were sitting, in my apartment. My
ex boyfriend, and his friends, barged in.
“He slapped me, and Drake was trying to
defend me, they pulled him out, and began
beating him up, then one of them got a knife
and stabbed him” she said and began crying.
I was boiling with rage. An idea popped up in
my head, and I liked the idea, it was almost
An hour later, a nurse came by and asked us,
to come.
We walked into the ward, I met Drake, he was
awake and looking weak.
This was the first time he and I would be
“Hi Jeff!” he said.
I glanced at Amarachi
“You know me?”
“Yeah, Amarachi talks about you, all the time”
I smiled.
“Amarachi, what have you been telling him
about me?”
“He laughed a little, like about how good you
are on bed” he said
“No way!….. Amarachi!” I screamed
“Relax, i was just kidding” he said.
He and I had only been together for only a few
minutes, but I was beginning to like him
He was a really funny guy.
I was very hungry, I decided to leave and get
something to eat.
I excused myself.

“Jeff, thanks a lot, but do you know, I was
walking through the gates of heaven, a part of
me wished you hadn’t done what you did. But
then, heaven without my Amarachi, would be
like hell” he said.
I left, the ward down the hall, still laughing.
And I thought I was charming and good with
words, only because I had not met Drake.
I went into a restaurant, ate and bought some
for Amarachi and Drake.
I went back to the hospital, to give it to them.
“I got you guys something to eat”
I said, while bringing the food out of the
“oh Jeff, you must be a mind reader, or should
I say stomach reader, I was really dying of
hunger here” Drake said
“And you didn’t say anything” Amarachi
replied him, a little upset.
“Would you blame me? I personally forgot I
was hungry, your presence makes me feel
satisfied, spirit, soul and body” he said
Amarachi and I laughed
“Thanks a lot Jeff” she said.
I left the Hospital by 7pm, very tired.
I took my bath, immediately I got home.
I walked into Ibro’s room, he was alone,
drinking beer.
“Paddy how far?” he asked
“I shook my head, to indicate, all wasn’t really
“You remember those guys that attacked me?”
i asked
“Yes, those cowards?”
“They attacked Amarachi’s boyfriend, and
stabbed him”
He dropped his bottle of beer on the stool.
Normally, he would be very upset, but he was
“What’s funny?” I asked.
He leaned forward on the cushion
“There are two types of people, wolves and
lambs. Wolves attack, lambs only attack by
survival instinct.
where do you belong?” he asked.
I didn’t reply, I was thinking and planning.
He wanted us to attack them, instead of
waiting for them to strike. But, I was trying to
be smart about the situation.
The following day, being Thursday, after
lectures, I called Dan, the guy I once helped to
toast a girl.
“He had that thug-like look, and that was
what I needed.”
He showed up, i explained my situation to
him. He owed me, and I was right about him
being a thug, he was excited, clearly.
“What do you want us to do? he asked with a
big Grin”
“Give them a memorable beating, or red card?”
“yellow card”. I replied and we both laughed
He called three of his friends, Ibro was with
us, with his machete too, making six of us.
I dialled Amarachi’s number.
“Amarachi, send me your Ex boyfriend’s
address, please don’t ask me questions”
“Jeff, what are you trying to do?”
“I told you not to ask me questions. I want to
apologise to him, and probably reason with
him” i lied.
She sent the Address, I signalled the other
We marched to his Apartment.


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