MIDNIGHT SAGA…..(18+)…..Part 27


I dialled Yemi’s Number, she didn’t pick the
call, but called two hours later.
“Hi Jeff” she said
“Mrs Endowed!”
She giggled.
“Jeff are you back home?”
“Yeah, and I was wondering if we could grab a
I personally don’t know where I get my guts
from, Yemi had to be a little older than me.
Alright, but that’ll be after am done working
for the day.
I found out she was a Secretary in an
She was going to come pick me up, by the
boutique, the boutique we no more owned.
At the arranged time, I dressed up and went
by the boutique.
While standing I heard a voice calling out
from within the boutique, I turned around.
Guess who it was; Linda.
I had no idea she was still working there,
immediately I saw her, I knew things were
about to get ugly.
I stood by the counter and had a chit-chat
with her.
Her new Boss didn’t seem to like my presence.
We had earlier arranged the meeting with
Yemi to be by 5pm.
I was with Linda for about two hours and no
one showed up.
I later told Linda I would be leaving, she wrote
down her address on a piece of paper and
slipped it into my B—m pocket.
I got home really disappointed.
“She probably forgot about the arrangement” I
“I blamed myself, what was I thinking? that I
could flirt with an independent Working class
I was really upset, I thought about calling her,
I later figured I wasn’t the one who was
suppose to do the ‘calling’
The following day, nothing happened, still no
call from her.
She later called me, by Friday Evening.
I only answered the call to listen to whatever
excuse she had to offer.
“Hello Jeff”
No reply from me.
“Am sorry Jeff”
“Jeff! Please say something”
I knew I wasn’t on her priority list and even if
I was, I had to be at the bottom.
*So i wanted to appreciate my value a bit*
“What do you want me to say, Yemi?”
*This was the first time I called her by her
“You see Yemi, I take People Seriously,
especially when they mean a lot to me”
“Am sorry, Jeff” she said again.
“Can you please come over to my house”
“After what happened last time, you think I’ll
be eager to meet you again?”
She laughed.
“But I can’t meet you today, it’s late already.
Maybe tomorrow; No promises.”
“Thank you, I’ll send the Address right away”
So we ended the call.
“Who was that?” My mum asked.
She had been standing behind me all the
Oh its a friend.
A friend? with a sceptical look on her face.
My mum wasn’t against me having girlfriends,
as she once told me.
But she made it clear, I had to introduce the
girl to her and I had to Love her.
Yemi didn’t fit in that category.
The following day, I kept my anxiety low, so
any disappointment would hurt less.

I dressed up, With my Dark blue Jeans, a new
sneaker I bought, and a Nice shirt.
I liked what I saw in the mirror.
I took a taxi, to her house. It was a big house.
I knocked on the gate, a gateman came out.
“Na you be Jeff?” he asked.
“Yes i replied”
Okay come in.
I walked passed the gate, I saw three different
cars parked in the house. wtf !
“She had visitors, or it was all hers? ” I
Yemi came out, with hands spread,
We hugged, she looked at me from head to
“You even look better than I remember” she
You look amazing too”
“Oooh” she said, with her palms pinned to her
bare chest.
A huge part of her cleavage was out.
“All these are yours?” I said pointing to the
“Yes” she replied with a smile.
“Awesome! Are we gonna keep talking
“She apologised, I walked in”
“Am not sure I’ll be able to describe how
Luxurious it looked”
One word, “Awesome!”
The gap between her class and mine, was too
much, I must confess, I began feeling a little
“You have built an empire here” i said.
“Thank you” She said with a Grin
She brought wine, we drank and had a
“To be really honest, you intimidate me”
She laughed, “How Jeff?”
“I mean you look like you got it all, You’re
very hot, you have a nice job, three cars, what
else do you need?”
“I don’t even know what you’re doing hanging
out with me, we clearly exist in different
What I said, kind of softened her, she dropped
her glass of wine, came to where I was.
Placed her hand on my cheek.
and said.
“I need a real man.”


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