I announce, as the girls stand there anxious to see how we proceed to the final event.
As I’m getting my beer I decide to just go for it. Either they’ll bare their pussies or they won’t. Either way it’s been a hell of a night already. “Ladies,” I say as I march back into the room. “Time for the final event. They appear to be a little less nervous than I expected and they are glancing at each other like they’ve cooked up something while I was in the kitchen.
“Take off the thongs,” I say.
“We’ll take off our thongs if you’ll take off your shorts,” Kristina announces while the other girls nod knowingly.
So this is what they were up to.
“It’s only fair,” Kylie adds. I look at Lauren who gives me an almost imperceptible nod. This is what I wanted anyway.
The evening has just changed course. We are no longer engaged in a simple judging who’s sexier contest but are playing “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”
“Fine with me,” I say, unbuttoning my shorts. Hell, what a trade off. I take off my shorts and I get to inspect four teenage pussies. Hell, I can’t get them off fast enough.
The girls stand motionless waiting for me to show them the prize. Slipping my shorts off, I see them smile at the bulge in my white briefs.
I sweep my eyes across their nearly Unclad teenage bodies as they lust for a view of my stiff c–k. Getting a little into the dramatics myself, I pull the elastic waistband out and slowly slide it over the head of my fully erect c–k.
A collective gasp as I drop my underwear on the ground and stand stark Unclad with my hard-on pointing right at them.
“Very nice, Brandon,” Kylie says to appreciate murmurs from the rest of the girls.
Only Lauren is not audibly responding to my nakedness, she’s just staring intently at my engorged c–k.
“Your turn,” I say, swinging my arm in their direction.
They quickly reciprocate, peeling thin strips of material from between their a-s cheeks and exposing their beautiful teenage pussies. F–k! My c–k hardens even more, if that’s possible.

Just like I thought, Kylie’s p—y is completely bald, while the other girls have varying degrees of trimmed pubic hair. Lauren’s is a cute brown triangular patch while Alex has a neatly trimmed rectangle of thick, black, curly hair. Petite Kristina has the most beautiful light blonde hair neatly trimmed around her pale pink p—y.
“What makes one p—y sexier than another?” Kristina asks, mirroring my exact thoughts.
“I’ll let you know when I’m done inspecting,” I answer because I honestly have no freaking idea!
“Here’s how we’ll do this,” I say, making it up as I go along. “One at a time, you’ll lie on the couch, leaning your back against the arm and spreading your legs.
I’ll sit between your outspread legs to conduct my inspection.” I hold my breath waiting for their objections.
“Lucky you,” Lauren says, sarcastically just as Kylie asks who’s first.
“We’ll go in the same order we’ve been going, starting with Alex,” I answer. Alex dutifully makes her way to the couch. We are all completely Unclad now and the room is thick with Sekxual tension. Every movement emits fragrant smells of arousal mixed with shades of embarrassment.
“Wait!” shouts Lauren and we all look questioningly at her. I was afraid my sister was going to pull the plug on this at some point but instead she surprises me.
“I want to see this but I have to go to the bathroom,” she laughs. “Can we take a quick break?” Everyone breathes easier. Apparently I wasn’t the only one thinking she was going to call a halt to the proceedings.
“Sure, take a break,” I respond, glad for the idea.[B] “Refresh your drinks and we’ll get started when everyone is back.”[B] I head into the kitchen to get another beer while watching the flexing of Lauren’s Sekxy a-s cheeks as she dashes down the hall to the bathroom.
F–k! Two hours ago I was dragging my a-s home after a fight with my girlfriend, with nothing on mind other than spending the night sulking in my old room. Who would have thought I’d be romping around buck-Unclad in my parents’ house with four equally Unclad teenage girls? Not to mention that one of them is my sister who is Sekxy as hell and is a major cause of my intense hard-on.


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