Okay, take five!” I tell everyone. “I need a beer.” The girls all start chatting at once as I go to the kitchen for a beer. Leaning against the counter I take a minute to catch my breath as I twist the cap off the bottle. D–n! The look on Lauren’s face… if I didn’t know better I would swear she looked just like she wanted me to kiss her. Nah. “Okay girls, on to the next event.” I call as I walk back into the living room. Maybe I should tone this down a little.
“Turn around! We’re ready to look at your lovely asses.” The girls line up with their backs to me. Okay, maybe I won’t tone it down.
What a lovely lineup of teenage flesh!
I go through a similar routine, running my hands over their bare cheeks and telling each one what I think of their a-s.
“You have an amazing a-s, Alex,” I say quietly. As my hand glides over her smooth, dark skin I can feel the firm muscles tensing in her a-s cheeks. “With your well toned muscles and fully developed curves a guy would want to do you from behind just for the view.””Even you?” she asks, looking over her shoulder.
“I’m a guy, aren’t I?” I laugh as I move over to Kristina, my c–k still hard inside my shorts.
What Kristina lacks in t–s she more than makes up for with her a-s. I’m surprised I never noticed it before. Curvaceous doesn’t even begin to describe it. I sq££ze her delectable cheeks as I tell her what I think. “You have one Sekxy a-s, Kristina,” I whisper in her ear as my hands explore every inch of her heart-shaped m—-s. “How can these round cheeks be so firm and so soft at the same time? It makes me want to bury my face in them and just nibble away.” It’s true. I have trouble tearing my hands away from her.
“Ahh, Kylie,” I take a deep breath as I move down the line. “You have an a-s made for spanking,” I say, giving her cheeks a playful smack.
“Mmm,” she m0ans seductively.
I think I may have found a pleasure point.
Round and firm, her cheeks swell just enough that they almost invite you to spank them.
“Guys will look at your a-s and fantasize their red handprint embossed on your cheeks.” I tell her as I teasingly slap her firm globes.
“Have you ever had an e—-c spanking?” I ask. She shakes her head. “When you do, you’ll know what I mean.”
I pinch the inside curve of her a-s cheek and move on to my sister.
Hesitant about touching my sister after what happened with her t–s, I give her a-s a cursory caress and tell her she has the perfect size, shape and firmness to make guys follow her anywhere just to look at it.
“No nibbling, spanking or d—-e style comments for me?” she teases. “Just looking at it?” The truth is her a-s invokes e—-c images of an energetic anal f–k but I’m not going to tell her that.
“Disappointed?” I ask, kneeling behind her as I place one hand on each of her luscious cheeks. With my fingers extended and my thumbs between her legs, I gently massage her fleshy a-s while letting my thumbs brush lightly against the thin material covering her p—y. “You have an a-s made for squeezing, Sis,” I add before she has a chance to answer.

F–k! Maybe it’s my imagination but her thong feels moist. Well, why not? I’ve been hard as a rock since we started this little game. There is no reason to believe that these girls are any less affected. But my sister?
“You all have great looking asses,” I announce as I walk back down the line, caressing each one as I pass. “But there can only be one winner and I choose this one!” I finish by grabbing Alex’s a-s cheeks and digging my fingers into her dark flesh. “Alex you have the sexiest a-s!”
“Yay!” she screams, jumping up and down as she turns around. “Thank you, Brandon!” To show her appreciation, I am rewarded with the e—-c sight of her dark brown t–s bouncing enticingly in my direction.
Throwing her arms around my neck, she kisses me hard on the lips, mashing those impressive b—–s into my bare chest. F–k!
“What’s next?” Kylie asks with a sly smile, “legs or pussies?”
“Legs,” I answer while peeling Alex’s arms from around my neck. It’s not because I wasn’t enjoying the kiss or the feel of her taut n—–s pushing into my chest, it was the glaring looks I was getting from Lauren that made me move the festivities forward.
“For this one, I’ll be not only looking at the tone and shape of your legs but feeling the smoothness. You’ll lose points for any residual stubble,” I say with a smile.


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