As I follow her down the hall to her bedroom, I’m trying to get my mind around the fact that I’m actually going to f–k my sister! My c–k has never been so f—–g hard!Lauren slips the nightie off her shoulders as she enters her room and lets it drop to the floor next to her bed. When she turns towards me I sense a hint of nervousness in her smile.
“You sure about this, Lauren?” I ask, stepping close and pulling her into my arms.
“Never been surer,” she responds, kissing me lightly on the lips.
“We’re really crossing a line,” I remind her as I brush her hair from her face.
“Oh,” she laughs, “Like showering together and oral s-x wasn’t?” She has a point. Lauren lies back on her bed, spreading her thighs invitingly and I crawl up between them. Her long p—y lips are already glistening with juice when I lower my face towards them.
“Just f–k me, Brandon,” Lauren says, pulling on me by my shoulders. “I don’t need any foreplay.” I still pause at her perfect b—–s to nibble on her n—–s before I stretch out over my sister’s welcoming body.
“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” I tell her as I lean my body up and align my hard c–k with her wide-open p—y. My c–k is a steel rod, throbbing with anticipation but I pause long enough to admire my sister’s beautiful body. She is a sight to behold; perfection personified. D–n!
My c–k literally glides into Lauren’s silky smooth p—y. She was right that she didn’t need any foreplay. Her slick p—y walls welcome my incestuous intruder with a fiery intensity that heats up my s—t, which I thought was already as hot as a fireplace poker.
“Mmmmm,” Lauren m0ans as my c–k fills her snug p—y and I push against her pubic m—d.

“You feel so good,” I whisper, our eyes locked on each other and neither of us moving as her p—y muscles compress around my c–k.
“So do you!” she responds, gripping my face in both of her hands and pulling me down for a kiss. I continue pressing my rigid c–k into her as my chest comes to rest against her taut n—–s and our mouths find each other. Wrapping her legs around me, she digs her heels into my a-s and pushes me farther inside.
Her tongue conveys her urgent passion as she arches her back to open her p—y up even more. We aren’t f—–g exactly; we’re pushing against each other like we could meld into one person. As she arches upward, I press downward like I’m trying to shove my entire body inside of her instead of just my c–k. We grind against each other as our tongues fight for space in her mouth.
We’re m0an!ng into each other’s mouth as our bodies writhe with the overwhelming intensity of our incestuous passion. With her legs around my back, I reach under and grab her a-s cheeks as I t—-t deeper into her liquefied love canal.
“F–k me, Brandon,” she gasps, breaking the kiss and rocking against my c–k. “F–k me like you own me!” she pleads.
I slide my hands up her thighs and grip her behind the knees, pushing her legs up into the air. I withdraw my c–k from her wet, velvety hole until just the head lingers between her fiery lips. Then I push her ankles down until she is almost bent in half and slam my c–k deep into her overheated p—y. F–k!
“Oh yeah!” she m0ans as I pound her p—y, crushing her c–t with my pelvic bone on each downward t—-t. I keep hammering my sister’s p—y with my swollen c–k.


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