Kristina smiles shyly as I scrutinize her almost non-existent m—-s. While the b—–s themselves are rather small the n—–s are not. They are mature, long, thick n—–s that jut out from her teen sized t–s. With nothing to heft, I grip her b—–s from the front, pressing my palms against those lovely n—–s. “Mmmm,” Kristina lets out an involuntary gasp as I move my hands in tiny circles, lightly brushing against her thick protruding n—–s.
“I love your n—–s,” I say, just above a whisper.
“A guy could feast on them forever.
They’re so wonderfully sensitive.” I add, gently increasing the pressure from my palms and eliciting another quiet murmur from Kristina. “I bet it doesn’t take much sU-Cking and nibbling to send e—-c pulses directly to your p—y. You can probably have an o—-m induced solely from those beautiful n—–s.” She emits a noticeable shiver as I pull my hands away and turn to face Kylie and her puffy n—–s.
Kylie is smiling as I study her convex ar.eolas that cap her medium sized t–s and reshape them into conical protrusions unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I bypass the fleshy part of her b—–s and go straight for the n—–s, running my finger around the are.ola and exploring the tiny bud-like n—–s almost completely recessed into the areola. I watch her face as I pinch the very tips and try to coax them out of their protective surroundings. Her expression doesn’t change until I put my fingers on either side of the puffy are.olas and tweak them gently in a half circle. She bites her lip and sU-Cks air in through her teeth.
“What are you going to say about mine?” she asks seductively as I continue to play with her unique t–s.
“I’m going to say that I have never seen anything like them, “ I tell her. “I could imagine how e—-c it would be to rub against them. You know, as you do the horizontal love dance…”

“Seriously!” Alex laughs. “The horizontal love dance? Why don’t you just say f—–g?”
“Because horizontal love dance more poetic,” Kylie answers for me. “Go on,” she nods towards me encouragingly. “What were you going to say?”
“I was going to say that when you were in that particular position, rocking back and forth, a guy could enhance his pleasure by rubbing his chest against these potent little puppies.”
“Like this?” she asks pulling me against her and rubbing her n—–s up and down my bare chest. F–k! I thought I was just blowing smoke but her n—–s feel incredible against my chest.
“Kylie!” Lauren cries. “What the f–k?”
“Afraid you’ll miss your turn, Lauren?” Kylie asks as she releases me, and steps back in line. Her n—–s seem to have popped out of their coc.oons, anxiously awaiting more attention.
“Thanks,” she says, kissing me on the cheek and pushing me towards my sister.
Now what?
I stand looking at my sister for the longest time, just staring at her perfect t–s. Her wide areolas are just a shade darker than the surrounding skin and her taut n—–s seem to be more aroused than when she first exposed them.
I know I shouldn’t be touching my sister but I can’t very well leave her out either. Lauren is blushing as she looks at me expectantly.
“Well?” she says, nodding her head towards her t–s.
“Well…” I answer. “They’re beautiful, Sis.” I say, hesitantly raising my hands and putting them on her shoulders. “Lovely shaped,” I add while I trail my fingers around her collarbone and glide them down her chest. “Perfectly round areolas,” I add while my fingers brush the outside of her b—–s. Instead of hefting them like I did with Alex, I bring my hands down around the sides and lift them gently. “Soft and pliable,” I whisper, gently caressing all around her areolas. “Sensitive n—–s.” Her breath catches as my thumbs lightly explore the distended tips. Our eyes lock on each other as my hands move around her b—–s like they have a mind of their own.
“Ahem…” Alex clears her throat to keep me from getting lost in my sister’s luscious b—–s. I drop my hands and step back, surprised by the disappointment I see in Lauren’s eyes.
“And the winner is…” I announce, trying to regain my composure. “By a very small margin, I might add…” I look from one topless girl to the next. “You all have gorgeous b—–s but the winner is…” I pause for dramatic affect and then turn and point my arm. “My sister, Lauren!”
They are each gracious and offer such wonderful comments about Lauren’s t–s that I almost expect her to make an acceptance speech


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