* “god, I needed that!” she says, turning towards me and pulling me into a tight embrace. I stop her when she starts moving her lips towards mine. “I taste like p—y,” I warn her.
“At least it’s mine,” she smiles as she moves closer and slides her tongue into my mouth. We kiss passionately and her hand slides between my legs, gently squeezing my semi-erect c–k. “Think five is the magic number?” she asks, breaking the kiss.
“I wish, Sis,” I answer honestly. “But I really think we should sleep on it. If we still want to in the morning, it will be better if I’m fully recovered. I don’t want to disappoint you our first time.”
“I can’t imagine you could disappoint me, Brandon,” she says, snuggling into my arms.
“But you rest and we’ll see what the morning brings.” I close my eyes but my mind is reeling with everything that’s happened, especially sleeping with my sister!”
I awaken once in the middle of the night when Lauren rolls over. Rolling with her, I spoon myself against her lovely a-s, my c–k nestling comfortably between her warm cheeks. I consider waking her as I loop my arm around her waist and breathe in her scent but instead I just pull her more tightly against me as I drift back to sleep.
In the morning, Lauren is gone and the welcoming smell of frying bacon hangs in the air. I hit the bathroom, brush my teeth and walk into the kitchen without getting dressed.
There is a plate of bacon sitting on the table and my sister is stirring pancake batter with her back to me. She’s wearing the Sekxy purple nightie from Friday night and my c–k responds instantly even before I realize she’s not wearing the thong or any other p@anties.
“Hey, sleepyhead,” she says as I grab a piece of bacon. “I thought you’d need your strength for what I have planned for you today,” she smiles, eyeing my hardening c–k.
“What do you have planned, Sis?” I ask as I step up behind her and caress her bare a-s cheeks.”
“Well, if fed properly, I figure you might be persuaded to show a girl a good time,” she laughs, wiggling her a-s against my hands.
“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, huh?” I ask, pulling her against me and nuzzling my c–k between her a-s cheeks.

“Brandon!” she pushes me away and pours pancake batter onto the griddle. “Eat first, then s-x,” she admonishes me playfully. “Get the drinks, okay?”
“Aww, you’re no fun,” I banter back as I open the fridge and pull out the orange juice. “But I do like how you dressed up for breakfast.”
“I like how you’re dressed… er… not dressed, too,” she says.
“What time do you expect mom and dad?” I ask as we sit down to enjoy the pancakes. My c–k has stayed perpetually hard while I’ve watched her move around the kitchen in her skimpy nighty.
“Not until late, around 8 o’clock tonight, I think,” she smiles. “Think that gives us enough time?” she asks coyly.
“For what, Sis?” I tease between bites of pancake.
“For whatever you want,” she whispers, her voice taking on a seductive tone.
“I want you,” I answer honestly, her eyes reflecting the same lustful feelings I’m having.
“What are we waiting for?” she asks, clearing the table and putting the plates in the dishwasher.


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