“Oh yeah! That’s what I want!” Alex cries as I pound her overheated p—y and Kristina attempts to spank my a-s. “That’s enough,” Kylie tells Kristina, who leans back on her haunches and watches us f–k. Kylie lightly caresses my warm a-s before slipping her hand between my legs and teasing my balls. F–k! That’s it for me.
“Ohhhh! FUUUUUUUCK! DON’T STOP!” Alex screams. “I’M… F—–G… CUMMING!” she huffs, as her p—y clamps around my c–k and I shoot her full of hot c-m. Kylie continues to fondle my balls while we jerkily ride out our orgasms.
When I finally collapse on her cushiony t–s and we both gasp for breath, Kylie’s hand is still caressing my a-s and balls. I barely notice Kristina leaving the room.
“You actually did it?” Lauren says, storming into the room ahead of Kristina. “You spanked his a-s? I was kidding,” she adds.
“I think he liked it,” Kylie says.
“Did you like it?” Alex asks. Lauren is now inspecting my a-s, running her hand over the warm surface.
“Yeww!” Lauren snaps her hand back. “You’re still inside Alex’s p—y.” I smile as I disengage my spent c–k and roll off of her.
“I should get cleaned up,” I say, sitting up and scooting off the bed.
“But did you like it,” Kristina asks, standing near the foot of the bed.
“I’ll let you know when I try to sit down,” I answer. “But yeah, it added an e—-c element to it that was very different. It took a while to get into a rhythm. Did you notice a difference, Alex?”
“Oh yeah,” she smiles. “You were pounding into me harder than I’ve been pounded. Each time I heard that slap, I knew you were plunging in deep and mashing my c–t. I came hard!”
As I sq££ze past Kristina, she touches my a-s and kisses my cheek. I turn on the shower watch the girls from the bathroom doorway.
“You guys okay, calling it a night?” Lauren asks, “I think we’re all about spent.”
“I know I’m good,” Alex says, swinging her shapely brown legs off the bed.”
“Me too,” Kylie says, approaching me with a smile.
“Thanks, Brandon,” she says, kissing me lightly on the lips. “My boyfriend gets nothing until he eats me through an o—-m like that.”
“Tell him I’m sorry to have spoiled things for him,” I smile.
“Do you mind if I stay a little while?” Kristina asks. “My parents are with yours and my sister won’t be home for a couple of hours.”
“Sure,” Lauren says, “No problem.”
I take a quick shower. How many showers is that today? I’ve lost count. As I’m toweling off, I think about it. I took a shower when I got up, after Kristina, again after Kylie and now again after Alex. D–n! No wonder I’m exhausted.
Lauren and Kristina are lying on the bed.
The other girls are already gone.
“Come here,” Lauren pats the bed between her and Kristina. “Let me see your a-s.”
“I thought you’d never ask,” I tease as I crawl up between them and lie on my stomach.

“It’s not too bad,” Lauren says as she leans over and inspects my cheeks. “Want some lotion on it to cool it down?”
“Sure,” I answer, wondering about all the attention from my sister.
“I’m sorry I suggested the spanking,” she says while squirting lotion onto her palm.
That explains it; she’s feeling guilty.
“It’s not your fault, Sis,” I assure her.
“I thought you were kidding, too.”
“Can I help?” Kristina asks from the other side of me.
“Sure,” Lauren says. “You do that cheek.” Lauren squirts lotion on Kristina’s palm and the two girls gently massage my a-s.
My c–k stiffens against the bed sheet as these two beauties take their time spreading lotion all over my cheeks.
“You know what that’s doing to me don’t you?” I ask my sister as she sq££zes my a-s cheek and her hand strays towards my balls.
“I don’t know what you mean,” she says with mock innocence while she’s lightly scraping my nutsack with her fingernails.
“This!” I say, flipping over and displaying my fully erect c–k like a flagpole.
“Oooo,” Kristina says, leaning up on her knees.
“Can I have it?”


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