I’m ready to f–k and Alex is extremely willing.
I think subconsciously, or maybe consciously who knows, that if I keep f—–g her friends, I’ll piss Lauren off enough that she’ll never want to have anything to do with me. Or maybe she’ll get jealous and change her mind about f—–g me. Either way, I’m just sort of rolling with it and naturally my c–k doesn’t really care either way. “I don’t need any preliminaries, Brandon,” Alex says, lying flat on her back and beckoning me to climb on. [/B] “I got myself off as you were f—–g Kylie in the shower.”[/B] I glance at Kylie who just shrugs.
“She wanted to know what took so long,” Kylie says unapologetically.
Kristina scoots over to give Alex more room to spread her legs. This black beauty, sandwiched between two pale nymphs has my c–k aching for release and I push thoughts of my sister out of my brain as I crawl onto the bed.
Her p—y lips are glistening from her recent self-induced o—-m and I stop to sample the sweet nectar before kissing my way up to her large, brown b—–s.
“D–n, you taste good,” I tell her as I trail kisses up her abdomen.
“Mmmm,” Alex sighs. “Just put it in me, Brandon,” she pleads.
“I will,” I answer as my tongue flicks her thick, black n—-e. “Be patient.”
“A guy who doesn’t just stick it in is rare,” Kylie says. “Just enjoy it Alex.” I had almost forgotten we had an audience. I glance at the other two girls who are watching intently as I sU-Ck on their friend’s stiff n—-e.
By the time I release her n—-e and move my lips to hers, she is m0an!ng with pleasure.
“Condom?” I ask Alex, raising my eyebrows questioningly as I break the kiss. She shakes her head.
“You showered and I’m on the pill,” she whispers. “Just put it in me.” I align my cockhead with her velvety p—y lips and slide forward as I resume our kiss. My c–k glides right into her anxious p—y, cocooning me in her warm pulsating tunnel. I stay balls-deep inside her steamy p—y enjoying the s£nsat!ons as my tongue explores her warm mouth.
Just as I’m about to withdraw and plunge in again, a hand spanks my a-s cheek.

“Who’s going to spank whom?” Kylie laughs as she slaps my other cheek. The mild pain of the smacks is mixed with a weird e—-c pleasure that I’ve never experienced. My c–k lurches forward inside Alex’s p—y as the slaps continue.
“What the f–k?” Alex asks as her p—y muscles pulsate around my thick rod.
“You like this, don’t you Brandon,” Kylie asks, as her slaps send unexpected e—-c pulses through my c–k and keep me deep inside Alex’s fiery p—y.
I don’t answer. I don’t even know what the answer is. She isn’t hitting me hard enough to really hurt but the little big of pain she is causing just enhances the pleasure. Every time I try to pull back she smacks me again and I slam forward.
“Let him pull back a little more,” Alex tells Kylie. We’re soon engaged in a weird threesome, rhythm of f—–g and smacking with my c–k about to explode.
“Let me try,” Kristina says, getting on her knees next to my a-s. Kylie backs off and let’s Kristina spank me but her spanks are ill timed and too gentle to create the same pleasure cycle. I just go with it and f–k the hell out of Alex’s p—y.


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