And your front if you’re nice to me,” I respond as I feel a familiar quiver in my c–k. “Wash me,” she says just above a whisper, as she closes her eyes. F–k! I know I’ve already crossed a line by eating Lauren but the opportunity to run my soapy hands all over her body is sending intense recovery signals to my c–k. Maybe it isn’t so safe in here after all.
I lather my palms and softly massage her shoulders before running my hands down her arms. Like a blind man learning to ‘see with his fingers’ I begin exploring my sister’s trembling body.

Beginning with her torso, my hands study the shape of her sides, how far her pelvic bones protrude and where her ribs begin.

“That tickles,” she says squirming as my finger caress her lower ribs. Not to be deterred, I move up to her full b—–s, which I briefly inspected yesterday but today I take my time to lift them, caress around the outside curves, and run my fingers down the valley between them.

“Mmmm,” Lauren softly m0ans.
“That feels nice.”
“They’re so beautiful, Sis,” I whisper as I draw circles around her areolas and lower my mouth to her n—-e.
“This is so wrong,” she says as she holds my face tightly against her b—-t.

“I know,” I answer, immediately returning to her extended n—-e. I alternate between her b—–s, sU-Ckling each n—-e as my hands explore her back.
Running my fingers down her spine, I massage the small of her back and the upper curves of her magnificent a-s as I nibble and tease her sensitive n—–s.
“God! Brandon!” she sighs, leaning into me while my hands grip her a-s cheeks and my teeth pull on her n—-e. I stand up and my fully recovered c–k is poking her stomach as my fingers trace a path along the crevice between her a-s cheeks.

“Why did you have to come home when you did?” she asks as my finger circles her a—–e.
“Why do you have to recover so fast?”

Reaching between us she adjusts my rigid c–k so it is trapped between our bodies instead of stabbing her in the stomach.

“Because you really are the sexiest,” I answer quietly, my fingers lightly massaging her perineum.
“But it’s so wrong, Brandon,” she m0ans while giving no indication that she wants me to stop.

“I know, Sis,” I answer because I have nothing else to say.
She’s right and we both know it. Showering with my sister, exploring her body, sU-Cking her t–s and whatever else we might do is totally wrong but it doesn’t mean I want to stop. “Do you want me to stop?” I ask just as my finger reaches her p—y lips.

“Huh-uh,” she shakes her head no. “I should, but I don’t.”
“Me either,” I answer, slipping the tip of my finger between her slick p—y lips. I have to bend my knees a little to reach her p—y from behind and she grinds her pubic m—d against my c–k. Our faces are even with each other and when our eyes meet she licks her lips.

I’ve never kissed my sister like this. We’re an affectionate family but it’s always just been cheek kisses between us. Expecting a gentle lip kiss, I’m surprised when her tongue slams into my mouth and her lips mash against mine. Squeezing me tightly against her, she explores my mouth and sU-Cks on my tongue, while my finger slips farther into her aroused p—y.


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