Who am I to ignore a woman’s wishes? Even if that woman is an 18-year-old friend of my sister. I pull my c–k back and align it with her anxious opening. Gently easing my cockhead between her swollen p—y lips, I hold it there without moving. “Ohhh,” she coos as she pushes back against the intruder.
I move with her so that only my cockhead remains inside her luscious p—y. “Come on! Please!” she begs.
I grip her hips with my hands and slam my c–k into her, balls deep in one quick t—-t.
“Oh! YEAH!” she cries as my balls slap against her upper thighs and my c–k stretches her open. I take long even strokes and enjoy the sight of her firm young a-s as my c–k disappears inside of her. She has both hands on the wall as I hammer my hard c–k into her fiery p—y.
“Oh… oh…oh…oh!” her m0ans punctuate the pounding I’m giving her with low rhythmic m0ans. “F–k!” she says, “I’ve needed this!”
The tension build inside my nut sack and I know I’m not going to last much longer. Kylie has one hand between her legs, working her c–t as I pummel her towards the anticipated crescendo.
“Oh F–k, Brandon! Oh yeah… I’m almost there!” Me too! I’m driving it hard, heading into the home stretch. Just when I can’t hold back any longer, Kylie pulls her hand from her c–t, braces herself against the wall and clamps her p—y muscles around my c–k. I erupt instantly, jerkily depositing several loads of hot jism inside her teenage p—y. F–k! I forgot the f—–g the condom?
I freeze, holding her perfectly still.
“Don’t stop!” Kylie grasps, “ride it out!”
“We forgot the condom!” I say, sheepishly.
“Forget it, I’m on the pill!” she says, exasperatedly. “Just keep going!” I pick up the rhythm, riding her through the final stages of her o—-m. I’m totally spent and the water is pounding on my back.
“We should wash,” I say, making no effort to disengage my c–k from her fiery p—y.
“Probably,” she agrees, continuing to lean against the shower wall.
“Brandon!” my sister yells, coming into the bathroom. “Are you going to shower all day?”
“No, I’m almost done,” I answer but she’s already pulling the shower curtain open.
“Kylie!” she screams, “What the f–k are you doing in here… well, I can see what you’re doing but…”

“I just thought I’d help him clean up…” she smiles as I pull my spent c–k from her soggy p—y, “and then he raped me,” she laughs. My sister rolls her eyes but then immediately refocuses them on limp d–k.
“You got it up again already?” Lauren asks me.
“Actually Kylie got it up again, but yeah,”
I answer.
“Well, aren’t you the s–d?” she smiles as I devour her perfect b—–s with my eyes.
“I’m done,” Kylie says, squeezing past me and stepping out of the shower. Lauren hands her a towel without taking her eyes off of me.
“Need a shower, Sis,” I offer with a wide smile.
“Seems like I should get in line if I do,” she says but her face shows all the signs of taking me up on it.
“Come on,” I offer again, “I’ll wash your back.”
“Hey, that’s my line,” Kylie jokes just before she exits the bathroom. Lauren is just looking at me, her taut n—–s betraying her arousal as she apparently is considering my offer.
“Don’t worry, I’m pretty safe for a while,”
I tell her. “Even studs like me have a recovery time.”
Lauren glances into the bedroom and then slips into the shower next to me. “Will you really wash my back?” she asks playfully. F–k yes!


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