When I mention pussies, Kristina and Lauren glance away but Kyle and Alex just smile.I stand up and walk in front of them like a commanding general inspecting the troops.
“Hmm. This is going to be hard,” I say.
“I certainly hope so,” Alex says as she shifts her eyes to my crotch.
“Quiet,” I command, teasingly. “No distracting the judges or you’ll be disqualified.”
“Sorry,” she whispers, dropping her chin to her chest in a mock pout. “Do I really distract you, Brandon?” D–n straight she does!
They all do.
“In a nice way,” I answer, as I walk past each girl staring intently at her chest.
When I get to the end, next to Alex, I stare down the line looking at the variation of protrusions from each girl.
“Look, this shouldn’t just be about size,” I say, once again taking a seat on the couch. “I can’t be expected to adequately compare your b—–s without seeing your n—–s.” This is where we find out how much fun this is going to be.
“What!” Lauren is the first to react. “That’s not the deal!” she exclaims, looking to her friends for support.
“I think he’s right,” Kylie says, reaching for the front fastener of her nightie.
“Wait!” Lauren shouts, batting Kylie’s hands away from her top. “Would you want your brother staring at your b0s0m?” she asks.
“Fine,” Alex jumps in. “You can stay dressed, such as it is, and help Brandon judge the rest of us.” Lauren looks down at her nighty, seemingly just realizing how much of her body is already exposed.
“But then I can’t win,” Lauren says, clearly weighing her options.
“Which do you choose Lauren?” I ask like the idea of the other three taking their nighties off has already been decided. This is shaping up nicely.
Kylie is the first to unfasten the clasp between her b—–s and slide the thin straps off her shoulders. My c–k springs to life as her nightie hits the floor and her eyes meet mine.
Her medium sized b—–s with their pink, puffy n—–s are on full display, awaiting my inspection.
Lauren is staring open-mouthed at her friends as one by one they follow Kylie’s lead and drop their nightie to the floor.
Alex is next, taking her time sliding the straps down her arms one at a time. Smiling broadly she adds a bit of theatrics to the unveiling of her gorgeous, dark skinned b—–s with their thick black n—–s. The surrounding areolas are smaller than expected but by no means less appealing. Mouthwatering is the only adjective that comes to mind.
Kristina seems a little more reserved, possibly because her b—–s are quite small in comparison to the other girls. “I’m not going to win this round,” she smiles.

She needn’t worry, what she lacks in size, is more than made up for by her thick protruding n—–s. D–n! She has grown up. I really want to sU-Ck on those babies. My c–k is rock hard as I turn my attention to my sister.
“What’s it going to be, Sis?” I ask. “You’re welcome to join me on the couch and help me judge these beautiful ladies’ attributes.
“Not a chance, Big Brother,” Lauren says defiantly as she unclasps her top and shrugs it off her shoulders. Holy f–k! Her t–s are perfect. Slightly smaller than Alex’s but still quite full with wide, pink areolas and gumdrop shaped n—–s.
“Line up,” I say as if none of this is bothering me in the slightest. S–t! Who wouldn’t give his left nut to have four teenage beauties lined up in front of him ready for inspection? I stand up, adjusting my c–k as I do, which doesn’t go unnoticed by any of the girls.
“Why do you get to stay dressed while we’re Unclad?” Alex asks, generating a glaring look from my sister.
“You’re not Unclad… yet,” I retort. “Do you want me to take off my shirt?”
“Yes,” three girls respond in unison.
This is too easy. I slip off my shirt to the appreciative nods from the girls. I don’t have washboard abs but I stay in shape.
“Okay, let’s get started,” I say, stepping in front of Alex and making a show of inspecting her t–s from all angles.
I take a chance and cup my hands under the dark flesh and heft her large t–s like I’m weighing melons.
“Nobody said anything about touching,” Lauren objects from the other end of the line.
“I don’t mind,” Alex says quietly, biting her lip as my thumbs lightly brush across her taut n—–s. Lauren steps back in line but she is clearly more nervous than she was before.
Wanting to give each girl some accolades and esteem builders, I start talking to Alex about my perception of her t–s.
“These are heavy little monsters aren’t they,” I ask, still fondling her milk chocolate m—-s. Alex just nods, catching her breath as my hands glide around the sides and gently caress her sensitive t–s.
“A guy would be crazy not to want to bury his face in these babies and get lost in there like a big soft pillow.” Reluctantly, I lower her b—–s back down and move over in front of Kristina


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