** “Okay,” I answer, sailing into uncharted territory… at least uncharted for me. “We’re going to take this slowly,” I explain. “I don’t want anyone getting over anxious because it’s taking too long,” I say to nods all around. “This is a new experience for me but I’m confident that the higher her arousal level the easier it will be.
That’s what I’m going to be focusing on.”“That sounds great. Can I be next?” Alex jokes.
“After me,” Kylie says as she pulls her top over her head.
“What are you doing?” I ask as she discards her bra and pulls the zipper down on her shorts.
“Showing support,” she smiles.
“That’s not all your showing,” I retort, looking to Lauren for help but her and Alex are stripping their clothes off too.
“We kind of agreed,” Lauren shrugs as she slips off her p@anties, and then hurries around the bed removing the comforter and blankets, leaving just the bottom sheet.
“We were all Unclad together last night, Brandon” Alex adds as if that has anything to do with this.
Her dark n—–s are already broadcasting her arousal and my c–k stiffens in my shorts.
“You’re right,” I answer. “I just… I guess I just didn’t expect it.” I turn back towards the bed and Kristina has already shed her clothing and is lying on the sheet, her legs modestly crossed at her ankles.
D–n! Time to stop complaining.
Three Unclad beauties are just sitting here on the bed, surrounding a Unclad virgin goddess who is waiting for me to take her virginity.

I should f—–g pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming, but then I might wake up and I certainly don’t want that. I quickly strip off my clothes, to appreciable murmurs from the spectators, and lock eyes with my sister as I crawl up next to Kristina. Lauren looks so d–n fu-Ckable; I wish she were the virgin sacrifice.
I clear that incestuous thought from my mind as I turn my attention to Kristina.
“You look so inviting,” I tell her as I pull her into my arms and resume our kiss from earlier. As our tongues dance a gentle prelude to our lovemaking, I caress her tight, round a-s and run my hands down her shapely thighs.
“Mmm,” Kristina m0ans into my mouth as my hand sq££zes her firm a-s cheek.
My c–k is mashed against her stomach and her taut n—–s are pressing into my chest as our bodies rock together.
“I’ve can’t wait to sU-Ck on your n—–s,” I tell her breaking the kiss as we both try to catch our breath. She just nods as I trail kisses down her neck. Bringing my hand up to massage her b—-t, I flick my tongue against her elongated n—-e and get rewarded with a deep, guttural m0an. sU-Cking her n—-e into my mouth, I lick it and nibble on it while my hand caresses her small, pliable b—-t.
I spend a long time sU-Ckling her b—–s, shifting back and forth between her taut n—–s as her arousal builds. Her hands are in my hair as she pulls my head tightly against her chest.
Gradually, I move my hand down her torso and comb my fingers through her blonde pubic hair. I bite her n—-e at the same time as my fingers reach her moist p—y and she lets out an audible gasp.
“That sounds good,” Kylie says, smiling at her friend.
“It is,” Kristina murmurs as I smear her slick juices all around her outer labia.
Leaving her b—–s, I kiss my way up her neck as I split her p—y lips with my middle finger.
With intentional synchronization, I slip my finger between her labia and my tongue into her mouth at the exact same time. She m0ans into my open mouth as I finger the opening of her tight love canal.
“Mmmmm,” Kristina m0ans around my tongue as I keep up my onslaught on her tender f–k hole. I catch a glance of the other girls; their faces flush with excitement as they watch their friend writhe around on the bed.


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