Mine wasn’t,” she tosses off and I’m not sure what to say. “That’s not a conversation thread I want to follow,” I say, faltering for where I do want to take this conversation.
“It will be special!” Lauren insists. “You’re obviously an experienced lover and her best friends will be there.”
“What? We’re doing this in front of everyone?”
“Not everyone,” she says, rolling her eyes. “But we were going to be there to help her with the d—o why shouldn’t we be there with a real live c–k?”
“Is that all I am in this, a live c–k? A piece of meat?” I ask with mock indignation.
“Now you’re catching on,” she laughs.
“Seriously, Brandon, you’ll do it won’t you? You’re probably the first guy who’s ever appreciated her b—–s. It meant a lot to her. It was very nice of you.”
“I wasn’t just being nice,” I explain. “I love her n—–s.”
“She gets teased a lot for being flat chested,” Lauren admits.
“Girls and guys can be so f—–g cruel,” she declares. I listen to her voice raise with indignant passion as she continues. “Her mom is even thinking of getting her implants to help her with her self-image. Do you believe that?”
“That’s crazy,” I admit. “Her b—-t are awesome but we’re getting off topic, Sis.”
“I know, I just wanted you to see how important this is to Kristina. Don’t say anything about the implants, okay?”
“Sure,” I agree. Meanwhile my mind is reeling and my c–k is swelling at the idea of a group Sekxual therapy to relieve Kristina her once in a lifetime gift. We’re almost home before either of us speaks again.
“So, you’ll do it?” Lauren asks.
I take a deep breath before I answer.

“Two conditions,” I say, holding up two fingers for emphasis. “First, I want to talk to Kristina alone to get assurances that she’s not doing this out of peer pressure.”
“Deal, what’s the other one,” Lauren says, excited that I’ve agreed and apparently willing to agree to anything.
“No pressure!” I say a little more forcefully than I meant to. “Kristina can back out anytime, before or during, without a hint of persuasion, disappointment or pressure from any of you.” Lauren smiles as we pull into our parent’s driveway.
“I knew she picked the right guy for this,” she says, leaning over to kiss my cheek.
“Thank you! We agree to all your demands. I’ll talk to Alex and Kylie while you’re talking to Kristina.”
Just before we get out of the car she adds,
“Now can we go deflower a virgin?” I laugh in spite of, or maybe because of my nervousness.
“How did it go?” Alex asks when we walk in with my stuff.
“He agreed!” Lauren says, looking at Kristina who is grinning ear to ear.
“There are a few more boxes in the car,” I announce. “I have to save my strength so you girls better get them,”
I laugh. The girls take the boxes into my bedroom and then gather in the living room anxious for the fun to begin.
“I found these in one of the boxes,” Alex says, holding up a box of condoms.
“I figured we’d need them.”
“Before we do anything,” Lauren takes charge as usual. “Brandon wants to talk to Kristina alone.


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