She was really expecting make up s-x, wasn’t she?” Lauren asks, shaking her head. “Why not?” I answer. “It’s worked every other time.”
“Would it have worked if I wasn’t along,” she asks.
“I don’t know.” I put my hand on her thigh as I smile. “With three or four gorgeous, willing females waiting at home, maybe not.” She playfully slaps my hand away with a laugh.
“I wanted to talk to you about that,” she says, turning in her seat so she’s almost facing me. I’ve been expecting this conversation ever since the b—–b last night.
“Lauren,” I say, preempting her, “you should think long and hard about how far we take things.” She unexpectedly bursts out laughing and this time I’m really not in on the joke.
“Long and hard! Just how I like it,” she says, “but that’s not what I wanted to talk about.”
“Oh,” I smile. “I guess that was kind of presumptuous of me,” I add, apologetically.
“Yeah, kind of, but not really,” she smiles. “We probably do need to have that other conversation but first I have to tell you something before we get home.”
“Okay, shoot.”

“You probably noticed that Kristina isn’t… um… very experienced,” she says, peaking my interest already.
“She seems a little more reserved than the others,” I answer.
“Well, she doesn’t have a boyfriend but seriously wants to lose her virginity,” Lauren is speaking faster, clearly not very comfortable with this conversation. “We’ve been trying to help her but there aren’t a lot of options. Sure, we could put the word out and she’d have lots of guys offering to take her out just for that,” she says, crinkling her nose to let me know what she thinks of that option. “She’d lose her virginity and gain a reputation. And let’s face it, it wouldn’t be much of a first experience either.” I decide not to comment and let her keep talking.
“That was what the sleepover and adult toy party was for,” she says as if I should be following her logic. “We were going to help Kristina lose her virginity to that rubber d—o that was stuck to the coffee table.” She laughs nervously, waiting for my reaction.
“So I interrupted more than a deep throating competition by showing up?” I acknowledge, nodding with understanding.
“Exactly!” she says. “You came home and…”
“Look Lauren, I get it,” I tell her. “I’m getting in the way of your plans.
Hey, no problem, I can crash over at Dave’s house for the night and you guys can…” She interrupts me with a jab to my shoulder again.
“No, silly!” she laughs. “You’re not in the way at all. If you’d let me finish.”
“Okay, just quit hitting me,” I joke.
“You came home and now, instead of the d—o, Kristina wants you to take her virginity!”
“What? Wait! No!” I stammer. “I’ve never done that before.”
“Neither has she,” she counters, mockingly.
“No… but… I mean… her first time?” This is unfathomable. “What if I hurt her?”
“It’s going to hurt anyway.”
“I know but… her first time should be really special don’t you think?” I ask, wondering why I’m arguing about getting to be the first c–k to slide into that tight flower-petal p—y.


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