I’m out of the shower and saying good morning to the girls just as Kelly arrives. It feels a little weird sitting around the table eating pancakes and bacon with my girlfriend and the four teenage girls I was romping around Unclad with last night.
I’m happy to see they’ve cleaned up the discarded clothing and s-x toys that littered the living room when we went to bed.Kelly is a beautiful 24-year-old woman who dresses like she’s just stepped off the cover of Vogue.
Her scarf perfectly accents her outfit and I can sense the other girls sizing her up. They look Sekxy as hell in their tight shorts and mid-drift barring tops
“So what was the problem you needed help with?” Kelly asks Lauren as she takes a bite of pancakes with no syrup.
“Just boy issues,” Lauren shrugs like it’s not big deal. I wonder if she lies this easily or if she had already come up with something when she sent the text.
“You know,” Kelly says, “you can always talk to me, Lauren. I would be willing to help too.”
“I’m not sure I can trust your judgment, Kelly,” Lauren says, “You picked my brother.” Kelly starts to stammer out an answer while the rest of us burst into laughter.
“Just kidding, Kelly,” Lauren says, touching her arm. “Thank you, I’ll keep that in mind.”
We continue with insignificant small talk through the rest of breakfast but it unsettles me that Kelly didn’t get that Lauren was kidding. When I look around the table it seems that Kelly is probably the least fun person here. The s-x is amazing. Kelly is practically a contortionist but our life outside of the bedroom consists mostly of hanging around with her boring friends or fighting with each other.
“We’re going shopping so you two can talk,” Lauren says as she gets up and starts to clear the table. Alex, Kristina and Kylie join her in the kitchen. Once they’ve filled the dishwasher, they come back in to say goodbye.
“See you later,” Lauren says, kissing me on the cheek. “Bye Kelly,” she waves.
The other girls follow suit, saying goodbye and kissing me on the cheek.
“An affectionate bunch,” Kelly says once they’ve left. If she only knew.
“Apparently,” I answer.

“I hate it when we fight, Brandon,” Kelly says reaching for my hand.
“Me too,” I answer honestly, “but we seem to do it a lot.” She nods. “Funny, I don’t even remember what we were fighting about. It always seems to be something trivial.”
“It was about Bethany,” Kelly says. “You don’t like her and she’s one of my best friends. But never mind about that right now, I wished you had come home last night,” she says in her best purr-like voice. “I was h—y for some make-up s-x,” she laughs.
F–k! She’s even given it a name. I wonder if she names the others ‘wake-up s-x’ and ‘welcome home from work-s-x’.
“Kelly,” I take her hand, “there is nothing in this world as wonderful as s-x with you.”
“Thank you,” she blushes, “I try.” She gives me one of her most seductive looks.
“Shall we take this to your bedroom?” she asks.
“No, not this time,” I respond, not really aware of what I’m saying until it comes out of my mouth.


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