* “Not at all,” I say, not as convinced as I sound. “I have to admit the offer was enticing, and I’ve never been with a black girl before. That is especially enticing.”“Well, big brother,”
she says, pressing harder against my c–k for emphasis on the big. “Maybe you’ll get your chance tomorrow.”
Tipping her head back and standing on her tiptoes, she leans up for a kiss. Our lips meet and they linger there, barely moving. I sq££ze her a-s and pull her more tightly against me as I deliberate whether to slide my tongue in her mouth.
“I love you,” she says, breaking the kiss but maintaining eye contact.
“I love you too, Sis.”
“I suppose we should go to bed,” she says but makes no effort to move out of my embrace.
“I suppose we should,” I answer, grinding my hard c–k against her and leaning down for another kiss. This time I don’t hesitate. As soon as our lips meet, my tongue starts exploring her warm mouth and I feel her melt against me. We kiss for what seems like forever but is probably only a couple of minutes. Our tongues are entwined and our bodies are moving in tandem like experienced lovers.
“Mmmm,” she murmurs when our lips finally part. “Maybe I just want to keep you for myself,” she says, reaching between us and giving my hard-on a gentle sq££ze.
“I could live with that,” I answer without even thinking about the ramifications.
“Really?” she asks, her eyes pleading for the right answer.
“Really,” I answer as I take her hand and lead her down the hallway. “Your friends are waiting,” I say, giving her a quick peck on the lips as I go into my bedroom and send her down the hall to hers.
“Good night, Brandon.”
“Good night, Sis.”
I lay awake for the longest time trying to make sense of everything that happened this evening. I can’t believe I ate four different pussies, one of them my sister’s, and got an extended b—–b from all four girls. Being with my sister like this feels weird but I’m strangely excited to see where this new aspect of our relationship takes us. With everything going through my mind, the last person I think about is Kelly.

Kelly! I grab my phone to see what Lauren texted. Scrolling through the message app, I find Lauren’s response. She told Kelly that I was sorry we fought, that I was helping Lauren deal with some things and I would see her tomorrow. She ended the message with ‘I love you’. I lay back on the bed and smiled. I love my sister.
I awake to the smell of bacon and someone getting onto the bed next to me.
“Good morning, sleepy head,” Lauren says, snuggling up next to me.
She’s fully dressed but I’m Unclad and she lets her hand trail down my chest to my abdomen.
“Good morning,” I answer, wrapping my arm around her. “How did you sleep?”
“Like a baby, once I got to sleep,” she responds, her fingers making little circles in my pubic hair.
“As you can imagine, we had to stay up talking half the night. You were the hit of the party,” she smiles. I kiss the top of her head, wondering where her hand is going next.
“Kelly called,” she says, pulling her hand back and sitting up. “I invited her for breakfast. She will be here in a few minutes.”
“You what?” I yell, swinging my legs over the edge of the bed.
“She said she needed to talk to you,” she shrugs with a big smile on her face.
“I could have gone there,” I answer as I stand up and Laurens eyes lock onto my morning hard-on.
“True, but I thought you should have home court advantage,” she says, reaching for my c–k and gently waving it back and forth. “You better take your shower and get dressed. You don’t have much time.”
I watch her Sekxy a-s in her form fitting white shorts as she exits my room.


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