Kristina sU-Cks and swallows the final few spurts like a pro as Alex pumps my s—t to drain every drop. “Keep it in your mouth,” Kylie says. “ Just gently sU-Ck on it like a lollipop,] ” she instructs. “I bet it gets hard again pretty quickly.”
“I thought we were supposed to be giving him some relief, not teasing him hard again.”
Lauren protests.
“Who said anything about teasing?” Kylie answers. “I want to f–k him!”
Wait! What? I sit up so fast that my c–k pops out of Kristen’s warm mouth. She looks startled and confused, like she’s just lost her pacifier. “Sorry,” I say, and then almost laugh at the absurdity of my apology. I scoot back down and she resumes her gentle sU-Cking on my semi-erect c–k.
I wonder if Kylie is the only one who wants to f–k me. I glance at Alex who seems as anxious to get la!d as Kylie. I can’t believe I’m going to f–k these teen beauties, especially Alex. I’ve never been with a black chick before. My c–k swells in Kristen’s mouth but before I get too far into my fantasy, cooler heads prevail.
“NO!” Lauren says and all heads turn in her direction. “We’ve gone far enough, farther actually. We’ve all been drinking, my brother has a girlfriend, you have a boyfriend,” she points at Kylie who tries but fails at looking defiant. “I think we should just call it a night.”
Before anyone has a chance to protest, she opens the door for follow up action.
“We have the whole weekend.” Looking right at Kylie she adds, “If you feel the same way tomorrow, I’m sure my brother will come back over and accommodate you. We’ve had a great time tonight,” she says then looks right at me.
“I know I have. Now let’s just go to our respective bedrooms and get a good night’s sleep.
Who knows we might look at things differently in the morning.”
“I won’t,” Kylie says.
“Me either,” Alex offers as she gets up off the floor, confirming her willingness.
“That means you can stop, Kristina,” Lauren says with a little more exasperation than I think is necessary.
“Oh,” she says, “sorry.” She slowly removes my c–k from her mouth and lays it gently against my pubic hair, patting it twice before giving it a kiss on the tip. “See you tomorrow,” she says to my nearly erect c–k as she stands and stretches.

I stand up too and each of the girls comes over to give me a hug.
“Good night, Brandon,” Kylie says as she presses her body tightly against mine. “Sleep well,” she smiles.
Alex is next and without saying a word she wraps her arms around me, mashes her large b—–s against my chest and drives her tongue straight into my mouth. I sq££ze her ample a-s cheeks as I return her kiss we’re almost humping each other before we’re done.
“Good night, Brandon,” she says, once again trailing her fingernails along the length of my c–k. F–k!
“Jees! You guys!” Lauren says as they shrug and turn towards the bedroom.
“I’m so glad you came, Brandon,” Kristina says, and then realizes what she’s said and quickly adds, “came over, I mean.” Laughing at her faux pas. “I’ve never felt anything like that.” She kisses me quickly on the lips and turns to make her exit. I grab her and pull her back into a full hug, pressing my c–k against her pubic m—d and mashing her thick n—–s against my chest.
“I’m glad I came, too, Kristina.” I tell her.
“You’ve really grown up.” Blushing she almost runs out of the living room.
“What about you, Sis?” I ask. “Are you glad I came?” I tease.
“Yes,” she says, pulling me into a full body embrace. Skin to skin with my sister is so different than anything I’ve ever experienced.
My c–k responds instantly as our bodies conform to each other and Lauren looks into my eyes. “You enjoy yourself tonight?” she asks.
“Very much. How about you?” I ask, trailing my hands down her back and lightly caressing her bare a-s cheeks.
“Mmm. Hmm,” she says, swaying against my body like we’re dancing, which has the effect of brushing her n—–s against my chest and rubbing my c–k against her stomach.
“You don’t want me to f–k your friends, do you?” I ask, as I kiss the top of her head.
“I don’t know…” she says contemplatively. “I just don’t think it is something that should be done without some consideration. I hope you didn’t mind me putting the brakes on.”


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