** “Yup, sure can,” she answers. “Fine. Go ahead!” Before I know what’s happened, Lauren has moved out of the way and Kylie is kneeling between my legs.
“I’ve wanted to do this all evening,” she says, smiling as she sU-Cks the head of my c–k into her warm mouth. Kristina is sitting on one side of my legs and Lauren on the other watching intently as Kylie pumps my c–k into her mouth, taking it deeper with each stroke.
With the other girls watching so closely, I feel more like a biology experiment than getting a great b—–b. And it is a great b—–b! My sister knew what she was doing but Kylie is the b—–b queen. She’s only at it a few minutes when I feel her loosen the muscles in her throat and my d–k slides down. She actually swallows my c–k! I can feel her swallow as the head enters her throat. F–k! I could almost shoot my load right now but Kyle is pressing my c–k deeper into her throat.
“She did it!” Kristina announces as Kylie’s lips brush against my pubic hair. D–n! She has my entire c–k in her mouth… and throat! She holds it there, glancing up at me before she starts the slow withdrawal. My c–k is about to burst, especially with the next surprise.
“Can I try it?” Kristina asks as Kylie gasps for breath. Kylie literally hands her my d–k. S–t! Am I just going to get passed down the line?
Not that I’m complaining. Any guy would sell his mother to be where I am.
“I’ve never done this,” Kristina admits as her small hand encircles my hard c–k and she feeds the head into her mouth. “Mmmmm,” she m0ans around my erection as her hand strokes the length of my saliva-coated s—t.
This girl has been watching her friends.
“Don’t try to take too much your first time,” Alex advises her. Alex has moved up to where Kristina was sitting and Kylie is over beside Lauren. Even just the head in your mouth feels great for the guy. Isn’t that right, Brandon.”

“Absolutely!” I agree as Kristina bobs her head up and down on my c–k.
“Use your tongue to lick the underside of the head,” Lauren adds her two cents and this starts feeling more like a training session than an orgy. Not that I mind. It’s quite a turn on to be a girl’s first b—–b. Makes me wonder about the state of her v—-a. Surely she can’t really be a virgin.
“Now you’ve got it,” Alex says encouragingly. “How does that feel, Brandon?”
“F—–g amazing!” I answer and Kristina’s eyes reflect what I interpret as a proud smile.
“How about now?” Alex asks seductively, as she glides her fingernails over my balls.
“D–n!” I cry as I feel my balls tighten. “I’m going to c-m!” I shout.
Kristina’s eyes get really big and she slows her movements.
“Don’t stop!” I admonish her.
“Want me to take it?” Alex asks.
“Yes, please,” Kristina answers as she slides my c–k out of her mouth and scoots over.
Alex leans down and slurps my head into her mouth while vigorously stroking my c–k. Bobbing her head up and down, she finishes me off in no time. My c–k erupts in Alex’s mouth, shooting a shitload of c-m that built up during the four girl assault. She swallows the initial burst of c-m, and then motions Kristina over to finish me off.
“You should at least taste it,” she says, pushing my frothing c–k into Kristina’s open mouth.


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