Kylie, ” I admonish her. “It’s her decision, right?” Kylie shakes her head like it’s the stupidest discussion she’s ever heard.
I turn my attention to my sister’s p—y.
She hasn’t spread her legs as wide as the others did but her p—y is still on full display. And what a d–n fine p—y it is.Although medium thickness, her labia is larger than any of the others. I didn’t see it when she was standing up but it overhangs almost twice as far as any of the other girls. S–t.
I want to sU-Ck those p—y lips into my mouth and just gnaw away at them. I know I could drive her absolutely crazy!
“Your p—y lips are to die for, Sis,” I tell her as I pinch one side between my fingers and slide them around on the slippery surface.
“Hmmm,” she murmurs as a shiver runs through her body.
“I like the way you’ve trimmed it too,” I tell her as I move to the other side of her p—y and do the same thing with her other lip.
“Let’s see how you smell,” I smile as I bend closer to her exposed p—y and take a big whiff. Holy f–k! My c–k swells at the e—-c scent of my sister’s p—y. I could get high on this stuff.
I take another big sniff as I insert my finger into her p—y to get some juice to taste.
“Just lick it once,” she says so quietly that I’m not sure that’s what she said. I look up at her and she just nods her head. If I’m only going to get one lick, I’m going to make it a good one.
I lift up her thighs and push them farther apart, exposing both her a-s and her p—y. With a thick coat of saliva on my tongue, I slowly rim her a—–e before gliding it up along that very sensitive area between her a-s and her p—y. Then, pushing it between her lips, lingering as I dive deeply into her hot love canal. sU-Cking in some of her delectable cream, I press my tongue against her c–t and swirl it around several times.
When I come up for air, Lauren is shivering with arousal. She has her eyes closed and her head back and I savor her persistent flavor inside my mouth as I await further direction.
“Again,” she finally says almost under her breath. I repeat nearly the same route only this time I sU-Ck her c–t into my mouth and push two fingers into her p—y.
“Ohhh! Mmmmm,” Lauren m0ans as I work my magic on her red hot p—y.
She’s so ready for a c—-x that no teasing is necessary; I just piston her hole with my fingers while I assault her c–t with my mouth. In short order, she is crying out her need for release.
“Brandon! D–n you! F–k you! Oh God! Right there! Oh Yeah!” She arches her back, grabs my head with both hands and nearly suffocates me as her p—y explodes in orgasmic bliss.
Her p—y gushes hot liquid honey while her body convulses in pure pleasure. I stay with her until her o—-m subsides, then pull my fingers from her still quivering hole and lick all around her wide lips.
“See, I told you,” Kylie says, stroking Lauren’s hair as she strives to catch her breath.
“You were right,” Lauren nods. “It was amazing!
“And the winner of the sexiest p—y…”
“I haven’t even caught my breath yet!”
Lauren protests. “Give me a second.”
“Okay,” I smile. “I’ll go clean up.” I linger, watching my sister’s chest heave as she catches her breath.
“Go already,” she says, shooing me away.

D–n! I just ate my sister’s p—y! Instead of feeling ashamed, I find myself wishing we were alone. I splash water on my face and stare at myself in the mirror. P—–t!
“Are we ready now?” I ask my sister when I return from the bathroom.
She just nods but returns my smile with that ‘just f—-d’ glow all over her face.
“The sexiest p—y award goes to… drum roll, please… Kristina!” Her smile is absolutely radiant. “With your rose petal p—y lips, sweet, exotic scent and feathery blonde hair, you’re going to have guys lining up to serve your every need!”
“Thanks, Brandon,” Kristina says. “But not with these t–s.” F–k! I never thought she was so self-conscious about her t–s.
“You’re wrong, Kristina,” I admonish her.
“You’ve got great t–s. I admit guys like cleavage but your n—–s are the end all of n—–s and your a-s – don’t even get me started on your a-s again, plus you have the sexiest p—y in the room. Wanna f–k?” I didn’t actually say that last part but I was thinking it. I would love to drive my hard c–k into that tight, possibly unused p—y!
“If you say so,” she smiles.
“So who wins overall?” Alex asks. Good question.
“You are all Sekxy as hell. No guy could be disappointed with any of you.” I look around at the Unclad girls, bathing in their post orgasmic radiance. S–t. I just ate out four different girls and my c–k is so hard I can barely think.
“The winner, Brandon?” Kylie prompts me.
“The sexiest girl in the room with best combination of attributes..” I pause and look at each of these Unclad beauties. “By a very narrow margin, mind you is… Lauren, my baby sister!”


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