✨Leah’s Pov✨

I turn back to him for help. I mean what was I supposed to say.

“Yes ma’am, you’re absolutely right. My husband went out yesterday with his girlfriend who he loves and left me, his fake wife at home.”

It’ll surely make the headlines tomorrow.

“I’m sure it’s a mistake.”

Javier speaks up but even I’m not convinced.

“I can connect to the projector and show everyone the picture Mr Thompson. There’s no mistake. You’ve failed to explain to this audience your connection with her. Barely twenty four hours after your wedding and you’re already cheating.”

She fired and the crowd gasps before mummurs erupts.

Javier stuttered unable to defend himself and things were going sideways.

“Umm excuse me ma’am. You have no idea to accuse my husband that way. Show those pictures and we’ll sue you for every fucking dime. For all we know, they girl might just be a deranged fan looking for attention, she might be a crazy person.”

I chuckle internally at the express opportunity to take a shot a Brie before continuing.

“That girl means nothing to Javier. I’m hundred percent certain because I know the man I married and I love him and guess what, he loves me too.”

I paused and some people were already cheering.

“Now you want to be a Desperado and look for quick fame publishing this trash, be my guest but I assure you the fame wouldn’t be a good one. You can try but you won’t break my marriage.”

I finished and the crowd is cheering, most of them applauding.

I had no idea where the confident to speak came from. It felt good to say Javier was in love with me. A lie but still it felt really good.

I laced our fingers together hoping he wouldn’t flinch or be disgusted.

Thankfully, he didn’t and pulled me closer. It felt good to inhale his cologne and be in his arms once again. So fucking good.

“Kiss her!”

Someone screamed.

He didn’t waste any time turning me to face him claiming my lips. I returned the kiss savouring the taste of his lips knowing I won’t get to do it again for a very long, long time.


Most of the crowd cooed and he pulled away.

“Ok thanks everyone for coming out here. I’ll see every single ass one of you when I come for a concert. I love you all….”

He yelled and we made our way off the stage.

“We love you too Javier Thompson.”

I heard making me smile and they were still cheering when we got to the changing too.

My eyes widened when Brie was there.

“You’re here. What if someone sees you again and…”

“Shut up!”

Javier thunders making me keep quiet.

“You kissed her…”

She whined cleaning his lips.

“I know baby, it was so disgusting. Get her lips off me.”


She says kissing him, I avert my gaze once again extremely hurt.

“That was a great save there.”

Tom commends bringing a smile to my face.

“Javier what is your problem! Someone might see you two!”

“Alright, alright. I’ll see you later baby.”

She leans in for one last quick kiss before leaving.

“I’ve cleared a path for you two. Come on, you can go home and rest.”

I offer a nod in response and we’re moving out.

The crowd cheers and most girls call out to him. He blows a kiss to most of them and I feel slightly jealous.

“Day one begins doesn’t it. Don’t get too happy. Just because you saved me doesn’t mean I give a shit about you because I don’t. Let’s get back home first, like I said a fucking living hell. Start counting the days down, you’ll pray three hundred and sixty four days come quickly. ”

He threaten and I nearly start crying.

“Why won’t he just say thank you or even smile at me for once. When he’s with his fans he becomes the Javier I know but right now I feel like I’m married to a monster or something.”

I thought sobbing lightly.


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