MARRIED TO A CELEBRITY … (18+) … Part 37



✨Leah’s Pov✨

After a while, I moved my body and got under the duvet.

“Are you awake?”

I ask and smacked myself. Who asks that?

It’s been ten minutes since he entered the room. I can’t sleep, I just shut my eyes but sleep refuses to show up.

I know he said goodnight but I still can’t sleep. I turned to the other side with a groan trying to find my spot. A comfortable spot.

“No I’m not awake.”

I heard a low response. I nearly chuckle hoping he meant that as a chuckle. Did I mention his sleepy voice was amazingly hot. It was. I don’t think I’ve met someone as perfect as Javier. I love him so much.

If only he can look at me, see me the way I see him. Treat me like his wife even though it’s fake. Maybe if I think about it hard I’ll dream of a world where Javier and I are married for real.

“Goodnight Javier.”

I mumble softly, holding the duvet tightly falling asleep almost immediately.


The sun served as my alarm clock this morning. I stressed lazily in bed finally walking up. As always, it was minutes after eight so I got right to work.

I remembered the events of last night vividly although they were very weird and strange.

As I did the morning chores, I wondered what effect those calls had on Javier.

Few days ago I told him I didn’t have a boyfriend. Yesterday, I made a call that ended with “I love you” I wonder what he must be thinking right now. It’ll be stupid of me to think he’s jealous. That’s not possible.

But then, I also don’t want him to think of me as a whore or something. A girl who sells her body out to other men. I scratched my hair slowly trying my best not to over think this. I just have to do this the best I can and hope everything goes well.

After the meal was ready, I went back to the room to wake him up. Surprisingly, the couch was empty when I got back.

The bed sheets were too and Javier was no where to be found.


I called out softly. He appeared behind me and I jumped slightly.

“You’re up early and the sheets are missing. It’s not weekend yet.”

For some reason, he avoided eye contact with me.


He called out to me for the first time. I froze as the way he called my name replayed in my head. I’ve never felt so special in my life. He said it like… Oh God, murder me already.

“You’re stained. It’s bad.”

He added, I didn’t understand at first. Then, I remembered the best sheets… and I started coughing. Thank goodness I’m not wearing bright colours but the sheets are fucking white. Oh shit.

“Oh shit!”

I yelled hoping the ground would open up and swallow me. Oh God, murder me already. How could I forget something like that. I’m so stupid, he had to take out the sheets himself.

That must have been so… Oh God, how can I ever face him. Oh God, kill me already. Take my soul. I’m yours. Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit!


He called again.

“Don’t you dare drool!”

My subconscious warned. It was so hard to listen to her right now.

Realising there’s nothing I could to top the level of embarrassment right now, I took to my heel and ran into the bathroom shutting the door behind me as I slumped to the floor.

“God no!”

I muttered burying my face in my palms.


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