MARRIED TO A CELEBRITY … (18+) … Part 36



✨Leah’s Pov✨

Now that I know of her plan, I can go around blurting out rubbish. I need to be smart, think and act smart. There’s no way I’ll help her in achieving anything.

I thought hard about how to make this go away. Give Javier an answer he can’t question even if am lying. I’m just so glad I didn’t fall for her schemes.

“Girls talk. She’s angry her man is with another woman. I’m not surprised.”

I got up from the bed to take my clothes off and get into the bathroom.

“And what did you tell her?”

“I let her rant and leave. If I talked back at her, you might have gotten mad at me or something. We’re in an okay place and I won’t let anything or anyone ruin it.”

I said clad in just tights and a strapless singlet. I grabbed my towel ready to take a bath.

“I’ll go see her tomorrow and have a really long talk. I’m sorry she harassed you. I promised Tom no one would cause you harm.”

The first part made my insides melt. I blushed hard. Then, he just had to say it was because of Tom making me feel less elated. A girl like me can only dream that one day he’ll take care of me for me. Not because of any contract or manager but because he cares about me. A girl can only dream.

I froze at the door watching Javier hold his guitar playing some strings. I watched silently and gulped hoping he would sing or something. That’s one of my goals.

*Get a private concert from Javier Thompson.

I’d hope being his wife would earn me that. I pray that one day he might actually do it. I’m sure Brie gets them all the time. Jealously was eating at me slowly. I just wish I could be her. She has Javier and I wish I could be her.

Sadly, he noticed my presence. I had to move quickly hoping he couldn’t tell I was standing there. He carefully dropped the guitar and got his towel. When he entered the bathroom, I took mine off and started getting dressed.

The night felt really young. Javier was fully clothed. I gave the maids the order to set the table so he could have dinner. I lost my appetite already so I let him lead the way. I’ll try and get something to eat tomorrow morning but not tonight.

I started thinking on what I could do to pass time away. Working isn’t an option. Javier would never let me work anymore. I’ll have to find something to keep me busy, anything at all.

My phone started ringing, it snapped me out of my trance. I grinned answering immediately.

📞 Bitch.

I cursed and heard her chuckle from the other side.

📞 At least you sound alot better. Who says clothes can buy happiness?

She joked earning a deep chuckle from me.

📞 I just wanted to call and say hi.

📞 Aww. She misses me.

I coo. She faked a puke and I chuckled once more.

📞 Well, maybe I do just a little. The house is quiet without you.

📞 Go get laid then.

📞 I’m seriously considering it.

I laughed this time.

📞 I missed you too.

I confessed.

📞 I’ll try and see you soon.

I added quickly.

📞 Alright then. I’ll leave you to your wifely duties.

📞 Oh my God!

I screeched embarrassed.

📞 Love you bitch.

📞 Love you too.

I made a kissing sound and hung up. I raised my head and once again Javier was standing there.

“Good night.”

He said in a gruffy tone and took the couch. I was too shock to move..


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