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September 18, 2020

Cool Stories 22

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MARRIED TO A CELEBRITY … (18+) … Part 33

4 min read



✨Leah’s Pov✨

My cheeks were as red as a tomato. I looked like a high school teenager who just received her first kiss. I moved backwards slowly still unable to believe what I heard from him. It sounded so sweet. He must really be sleeping to say those words to me. Still, it felt good coming from him. I feel useful for once.

Minutes later, he stood up properly and sipped the coffee slowly.

“Thanks for this.”

He appreciated softly. I nodded my head gently disposing of the cup.

“I supposed you’re going to the studio or something.”

“Yeah. The driver would be home to pick you up by at least eight pm.”

“Ohh, alright.”

I nodded my head in response.

“Is anything wrong?”


I popped the “p”

“Are you sure? Do you have plans with your boyfriend or something?”

My eyes snapped towards him. I remembered his belief about me having a lover as he called it.


“It’s fine. I understand if you two want to go out or something.”

“I don’t have a boyfriend.”

I stated. He choked on something. I’m not sure what it was but he was definately choking. I quickly rushed to his side trying to help him out.

“Are you okay?”

I whispered softly. He nodded slowly so I moved away.

“You don’t have a boyfriend?”

I couldn’t decide if it was a question or a statement with the tone he used.

“No I don’t have a boyfriend.”

I shrugged like it was a normal thing.

“How could a girl like you not have a boyfriend.”

His pitch clearly showed disbelief.

“Well, I don’t want to date anyone.”

“But you can get married to me.”

“You’re different.”

“How so? You’re not ready to date but ready to get married.”

“Like I said, you’re different.”


“You’re going to be late for work.”

I gulp trying to evade the topic.

“I can spare a few minutes. Talk.”

He says still on the couch. I exhale in defeat.

“Well for one, I’ve been imagining that I’ll get married to you. Countless times I’ve dreamt about it still. I imagined we’ll get married and live happily ever after like in the fairy tales or something. It was stupid but that’s what I wanted for the longest time.”


“Yes, you. I’ve been a crazy fan for years now Javier. I went to every concert, found out everything I could about you. I love you.”

I whispered the last part softly.

“It sounds crazy I know. Tom asked me to marry you. I barely gave it thought. I jumped at the offer and said yes. To me, it was a dream come true. So while I’m not interested in being with any guy whatsoever, I’m more than happy to be with you.”

I finished off breathing out.

“That’s…shocking. I just can’t believe you’re not with any guy or something.”

He chuckled making a deep sound at the back of his throat. I shuddered at how sexy that was. Everything about him is sexy.

“But you must have dated someone at a point.”

I looked away not understanding how I became the topic of discussion this morning.

“Yes I did.”

I respond quickly.

“Well what happened. He wasn’t great in bed or something.”

He chuckled again and I froze.

“Is that it?”

“Umm, I need to go.”

I say quickly.


“I need to go. The maids might need my help.”

I rushed out before he could respond. I don’t want to even see his reaction when he finds out I’m still a virgin. He’ll only make fun of me or something.


  • Wow😋

Read on. Find out what’s going to happen next.


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