MARRIED TO A CELEBRITY … (18+) … Part 32



✨Leah’s Pov✨

I feel strangely exposed standing in front of him like this. He’s my husband well fake husband but still, it feels extremely weird. The dress is a little revealing and it hits me that Kyla must’ve picked this dress or something. Heaven knows why.

I coughed to clear the weird air and proceeded to taking it off, I’ll check them out later. If I can’t use them, I’ll just have to return them back to the store.

“I want you to wear that tomorrow.”

Javier states right before taking his shirt off. He’s talking to me so it’s seems rude to look away but I also don’t want to ogle at his body and loose sight of his words. I take the other option. Gaze at him but avoid his shoulders or chest. That’s going to be extremely hard to do. I just have to.

“I don’t understand.”

I say truthfully. He wants me to wear the dress. Oh my God, could he want to take me out tomorrow. We’ve been talking about it frequently but I just didn’t think it’ll be happening so soon.

He raked his hands through his hair then turned away like he was nervous or something. Javier Thompson, nervous. I don’t even think those two words could be in a sentence together.

“So, my dad called.”

He blurted out still backing me. My eyes widened slightly and I paid full attention.

“It’s not business. That’s a done deal but he wants us to have dinner with him tomorrow. I can’t say no because he’s my dad and all. He insisted I bring you along so I wanted you to wear that specific dress. It’s nice.”

He trailed off. I can’t believe Javier just indirectly complimented me or something. A blush crept to my cheeks and I’m so happy he couldn’t see me right now.

“So are you up for it?”

“Well yeah. He’s your dad after all.”

His demeanor changed a little. His shoulders even tensed at the word “father” it’s obvious they have a rocky relationship. I wonder why.

“We would have to play the part excellently. My dad notices the littlest details.”

“Don’t worry. I’ve gat it covered.”

I half smile before taking the gown off completely. Javier starts setting the couch up again.

“I thought we agreed I should take the couch.”

“It’s fine.”

He responds immediately.

“Ohh, alright.”

I said and got my things to go freshen up.


I tossed and turned in bed before finally waking up. I checked the bed side clock and it was just six am. My body had gotten so used to waking up because of my shift at work. I missed my old life though. Who could’ve imagined it would all go away in the blink of an eye and I’ll be married to my celebrity idol. Who could’ve thought.

I stepped out of bed and moved to do the morning chores. I know he has a maid for everything in the house but I hated this feeling of being useless. I needed to put myself to good use.

I got to the kitchen and they were already making breakfast. I helped in the little way I can direct them the way I liked the meal to be prepared. I did my best to dust the furnitures because most of the work was already done. Finally, we gathered around setting the breakfast table. I was done Javier wouldn’t eat this morning so I decided to do something instead.

I boiled a little hot water brewing him a cup of coffee using a recipe I learnt years ago. After it was done, I took it upstairs carefully. It was almost eight am yet Javier was still sleeping soundly. I placed it on the bed side table before moving to wake him up.


He blinked his eyes slowly.

“It’s almost eight.”

I responded with a gulp. He looked so dreamy this morning.

“I got you a cup of coffee and if you’d like, I used a different recipe with the dishes, you could try them.”

His eyes twinkled staring at me obviously still sleepy.

“Are you an angel…”

He murmured seconds later.


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