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September 18, 2020

Cool Stories 22

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MARRIED TO A CELEBRITY … (18+) … Part 31

4 min read



✨Leah’s Pov✨

I prayed like never before. I even prayed that his phone would be far away from him or that he would be too busy screwing Brie to worry about picking up.
I cringed slightly at the last part but in this moment I was well willing to do anything. I heaved a sigh of relief when he didn’t call back.

“I told you he’s celebrating. He wouldn’t respond.”

I tried to toss my phone but she held it tightly.

“That’s bull Leah. You’re going to keep calling until he responds. I don’t care how long it takes. Now dial it.”

She commanded once more. I obeyed like a lap dog scared of her wrath. It was ringing once again.

“But I can’t do this Kyla. What if he thinks I only acted the way I have because I wanted the deal to be sealed first.”

“I don’t care Leah. He can’t accuse you of that. It would make him an hypocrite because he does the same with his fans. Come on girl, what’s wrong with getting a few clothes, bags and dresses. Besides, you’re going to be out with him so you need a new wardrobe. I don’t even care what you have to say, you’re doing it.”

I sighed defeatedly. The only option I had was for him not to answer.

“You better not beat around the bush. Go straight to the point. I mean it Leah.”


I mumbled. My heart skipped a beat as I heard the receiver click.


Brie’s phone came on.

“Brie, you can’t answer my phone anymore!.”

Javier snaps in the background. I with held a chuckle.


“Javier, it’s Leah.”

He breathed in relief making me roll my eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

Once again, I notice he doesn’t call my name. I just told him in case he doesn’t know.

“Umm, I was just thinking. Since we are going out soon, I need new clothes and all so I was…”

“It’s alright. I understand. Do you need the master card now?”

“M-aster card?”

I stuttered.

“Yeah. Just don’t spend above the daily limit. I’ll have the account hook you up and the pin sent to you soon. Is that all?”


I breath out, he hangs up afterwards making Kyla squirm.

“That’s the spirit. Anytime you’re feeling bad about him and that bitch, you have the answer..”

“What’s that?”

“Me of course.”

She giggled. My phone chimes Almost immediately.

“And if I’m not enough, there’s always a master card…”

She yells.

“Let’s go shopping bitch.”

She winked at me before rushing up the stairs to get changed.

We spent more than an hour. I tried to convince Kyla to let me buy her a few things but she blantly refused. I managed to sneak a few dresses in a bag, I planned to “forget” them at her place. She deserves it and much more.

The driver took us to the boutique. He just dropped her off and we were on our way home.

I stepped down from the car a little exhausted and stepped inside. The car Javier used was in the drive way. I felt a little surprised he was home this early. A part of me actually thought he would spend the night there or something.

I shrugged and tried to take the bag in myself.

“No ma’am, let me help.”

The driver offered.

“No Sir, I can do it.”

I said politely. He smiled before trying to help again. I declined and led the way in.

Javier wasn’t in the room, I asked the maids and one of them said he went to the study. I freshened up and checked the clothes I bought trying the ones I liked on.

The door knob twisted, Javier walked in. I knew it was him without even turning back. When I did, he gaze was locked on mine. His eyes were red, he seemed angry for some reason. Then, they softened and raked my body making me feel exposed.

“Tom never listens to me.”

He says smacking his lips lightly.

“Wait what?”

I ask feeling extremely confused.


  • Why was Javier angry?
  • Who understands his last statement?
  • What changes occurs in the next few days.

Read on. Find out.


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