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MARRIED TO A CELEBRITY … (18+) … Part 30



✨Leah’s Pov✨

After checking his text, I looked away. The feeling of pain and hurt had multiplied up to an extent that I almost felt like crying. It took almost everything in me not to.

I just need to go home and get some rest that’s all. Wait, I can’t go home. I’ll just get even more depressed and start crying and stuffs like that. I guess I’ll just go see Kyla. At least i can do that.

“We’re going out tomorrow.”

He states, I have to turn my head and make sure he isn’t on a call or something probably talking to Brie.

“You and I?”


He responds and gulps. Right, he has to take me out frequently. I don’t even feel enthusiastic about it.

“Could the driver drop me off at my friend’s place, I assume you have places to be. I don’t want to stay home being bored all day.”

I said plainly. His lips twitched slightly before giving the instructions to the driver.


I mumbled and looked away. I saw a hint of surprise in his demeanor but maybe I’m imagining things or something. Either way, it doesn’t matter I’ll go see Kyla who can make me happy and he can go see his girlfriend.

I closed my eyes gently careful not to let out a sob.

“We’re here.”

Javier announces. I fluttered my eyes open and unlocked the door.

“You can_”

“I’ll call the driver when I’m ready.”

I respond, spun around and walk away. I don’t miss the look on his face. Right now, I really don’t care.

I gave a soft knock at the door. Her shift should be over by now. If it’s not, I’ll just seat on her porch and wait. I don’t care how long it takes.

Thankfully, I hear the door unlock from the other side and she come out.


She asks rubbing her eye lids. I have no idea why seeing her face brings tears to my eyes but it does. I rush into her arms for the second time this week and she shuts the door before caressing my back softly.

“Hey, it’s okay. Tell me what’s wrong. Come on…”

“Nothing’s wrong. I just missed you.”

I sniffled resting my head on her laps.

“Leah, don’t lie to me.”

“I swear it. Javier and I have come to an agreement. He doesn’t hurt me anymore and all that.”

“So why are you crying huh?”

She folds her arm staring at me like my mother would.

“We signed the deal today. The reason why he needed to get married and all. He’s off to celebrate with Brie and I guess it kind of hurt.”

“Am so sorry.”

She pulled me into a really tight hug.

“It’s fine really. I decided to come here and stay with you. The house would be boring.”

I excluded the fact that I might have found Javier’s father until I was sure. I knew Kyla wouldn’t let it rest if I told her.

“So you mean Javier is stuck with you for one year.”

“I guess you can put it that way.”

I shrug lightly and moved towards the kitchen to get a glass of water.


“Yes Kyla…”

I sipped lightly knowing whatever she was gonna say would be bad as long as she started by calling my name.

“What exactly are you getting out of this marriage aside from fame and all..”

“Nothing. Being married to him is the gift I guess.”

“You’ve been in a whole pile of pain since you got married and you aren’t even getting anything. How stupid are you really?”

“What do you want me to do then?”

“For Christ sakes Leah! You’re married to the-Javier Thompson. You can get anything you want.”

“No Kyla…”

“What’s no. You’re talking that phone, calling him and asking whatever I tell you to ask.”


“No buts Leah. You’ve been stupid for far too long, now take it.”

She commanded.

“This will not end well.”

I carefully dropped the glass and took the phone dialing his number.


Read on. Find out.


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