✨Leah’s Pov✨

I stood at the door too scared to go in. I’m Javier Thompson’s biggest fan. I know him down to his favourite colour of underwear.

I know him better than the back of my hand. He always talks about how much he loves his fans on TV. Gives to the needy, he’s kind and sweet.

The man that stood in front of my minutes ago was a shell of my idol. He’s obviously not the man I love. That isn’t him.

“Aren’t you going in.”

“Umm Mr Tom…”

“Call me Tom instead.” He corrects with a light chuckle.

“Okay umm Tom, is Javier always like that or is he just having a bad day or something?”

“Darling, don’t believe every and any thing you see. It’s just an act, you’re going to be living with him. You’ll get to see the real him, I just hope you still love him afterwards.”

I’m convinced that I won’t be able to go instead after hearing this.

“Come on dear, let’s go in. We need to get you ready for the announcement and wedding.” He says and I gulp before nodding my head.

“Alright.” I respond raising my chin up.

“He’s probably just in a mood or something. It’ll go away and he will be back to the man I love.”

I reassure myself before walking in. I’m in awe of his huge the house actually is. It’s fucking beautiful.

“After the ceremony and all, I’ll introduce you to some of the maids. They’re at you Beck and call. If you need them don’t hesitate to holla” He says and I’m a little shy.

I’m used to doing everything myself so I doubt I’d be calling anyone soon.

“The make up artist would be here soon and so will the designers. Get ready, you’re about to become Mrs Leah Thompson.” He says and I nearly squeel.


At least three hours later, they’re done making me look like Barbie doll. The moment I face the mirror, I can’t recognize myself. I look like a cartoon due to the amount of make up on me.

“Great, you’re done.” Tom says and takes my hand.

“Don’t look nervous. Javier would do most of the talking and all. Just stand there and look confident, everything will be alright.” He assures me and I nod.

Javier walks downstairs and his eyes are on his phone. He looks casual but still really hot. Apparently I’m going to be wearing a gown which is already in the car. The announcement would be made and we would get married in a court later on but Javier tells everyone we already had a secret wedding so people don’t follow.

He takes one look at me before huffing lightly and going back to his phone.

“Manageable. Let’s go.”

He commands and Yanks me towards him holding my arm. I could melt at his touch right now and that cologne.

“Control yourself!” I caution as we move towards the car.

The press conference would be held at his studio.

The moment we arrive, cameras go flashing trying to take pictures and it gets even worse when he steps down holding my arm.

Everyone starts whispering and reports begin to ask questions.

“Javier! Who is she! Is there something we need to know?” They bombard him with questions. He ignores all of them and moves towards the stand.

“Okay Everyone!” He says smiling sweetly.

“I love everyone for coming out here for me. It means a lot.” He blows a kiss to the crowd making me smile. There’s the Javier I know.

“I know everyone must be curious as to who this beautiful woman is…” I blush at his words before he continues.

“Well, much to the disappointment of everyone, she’s my wife.” He pauses for them to take it all in. Surprise is the only thing visible on their faces.

“I know it’s coming as a shock to most people that I’m married but I didn’t want to make such a special ceremony an open event for all to see.”

“Awwn…” The crowd coos.

“Well, we’ll realise another statement soon but for now, I have a wedding night to enjoy.” He says and throws a wink.

“Aww….” The crowd erupts again.

“Kiss her Javier!” Someone yells and he looks surprised but clearly doesn’t show it.

“Yeah come on, kiss her…” Another yells and he turns to face me fully.

“Well then…” He trails off, cups my cheeks and presses his lips onto mine fussing them together.

“I can’t believe it! I’m kissing Javier freaking Thompson…” Once again, I’m almost fainting. My legs are shaking, he notices as he wraps his hands around my waist still kissing me….


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